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20 Things to Do in Dieng Plateau #1 Priority Holiday List

by Dika

Dieng Plateau is one of the mountainous attractions that exist in Central Java. Dieng Plateau entered into the district of Wonosobo and Banjarnegara. In addition to offering beautiful natural charm and its beauty, in this one tourist attraction you can see a variety of interesting natural phenomena.

Things to Do in Dieng Plateau

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1. Sikunir Dieng Hill 

This one place is located in Sembungan Village. From Bukit Sikunir you can see the amazing sunset view. This is one mainstay tour Dieng Plateau.

The best time to enjoy the beauty of the rising sun is when the dry season, so the sky looks clean and the sunrise look even more charming.

This is expected to occur in July-August (dry). But to enjoy the beauty of this scenery, you must come to the observation site of Sikunir Dieng Hill in the early morning, so many tourists are looking for lodging around Dieng Plateau location.

2. Merdada Lake
This lake is the largest lake in Dieng and located in the Karangtengah Village, Batur District, Banjarnegara. When viewed, this one Dieng tour looks like a caldera former eruption of a volcano that filled with water. It will be visible if we look from the heights.

You can say if this lake is the most extensive lake in Dieng. Unlike the other lake, this lake has no springs. Although it does not have an air source, it does not mean you can traverse this lake at will. The reason is that this lake has a soft mud, so when stepped on, the person who passes through the mud will fall under the mud. If so, drowning is a risk that can happen to people who cross this lake.

3. Pengilon Lake 
When you visit to Dieng and stop at Telaga Warna, it is not complete if you do not visit Telaga Pengilon which location adjacent to Telaga Warna. However, both lakes have different characteristics, although the location is close together. The Pengilon Waters have clear colorless water such as Lake Color.

For its own size, this lake has a smaller size than Telaga Warna. This lake is not as wide as Telaga Warna. Telaga Pengilon taken from the Java language.

The meaning of Lake Pengilon is a lake that can be used to reflect. It is in accordance with the character of Telaga Pengilon itself that the water is clear so that it can make a mirror.

4. Mount Prau
This place is perfect for those of you who like to hike or love nature. To climb Mount Prau takes good physical condition, so make sure you really fit and not being sick.

Although not as popular as climbing Mount Sumbing, Merapi, and Sindoro adjacent to Mount Prau, but climbing this mountain still feels great because the beautiful scenery and unique can be seen along the way.

The climbing route can pass either Dieng or Kendal. The peak of Mount Prau has an altitude of 2565 meters above sea level, shorter than other climbing routes. One of the most popular and widely used Mount Prau climbing sites is Teletubbies hill. Keep in mind the origin of the name of the hill, because the shape of the hill is similar to the hill in the children’s film Teletubbies.

5. Warna Lake 
One of Dieng tourist destination that never deserted visitors is Telaga Warna. This place is quite unique. Yes, the water in Telaga Warna can be varied when exposed to sunlight. Can be white, mauve, green, red, and blue.

Places with a height of 2,000 meters above sea level have a high sulfur content, and that’s what causes the color of the water can be alternated.Named Telaga Warna because this lake is colored. Lake that has this color is a volcanic lake whose contents are water mixed with sulfur.

Therefore, when exposed to sunlight, the lake can reflect the colorful rays caused by the mineral content. Sometimes the color of the lake can be blue and then change color to yellow or green and yellow. Telaga Warna is one of the attractions that are relied upon by Wonosobo regency. The location of the lake is on the dieng plateau. 

6. Sikidang Crater
Sikidang Crater is actually a large volcano that still have volcanic activity in it. One of them is crater-shaped. This crater is located on a flat land with an area of ​​200 square meters.

Due to its flat location, the visitors can see how beautiful the blasts of smoke from the crater come from. However, please note that the sulfur contained in the crater is so high. So for safety and security reasons, this crater is given a wooden fence.

The crater was named Sikidang because the inside seemed to be jumping up and down like a deer (kidang). Visitors should be careful when in Crater Sikidang. The smell of beerang is very sting and do not let the visitor touched the crater. For people who have asthma are prohibited to inhale the sulfur. If you really want to come here prepare a mask cover the nose and mouth.

7. Dieng Plateau Theater
The Manager of Dieng Tourism Area is seriously related to the development of Dieng Plateu become one of the preferred tourist sites in Central Java. This is evidenced by the construction of Dieng Plateu Theater which is a magnificent building where a documentary about Dieng Plateu played.

This building has a capacity of 60 seats. With a documentary that aired entitled Bumi Kahyangan Dieng Plateau with 20 minutes of play time. Anyway this one location must be visited. It would be incomplete if without watching a documentary in Dieng Plateu Theater.

The first place you should visit while in Dieng is this tourist spot. The reason is that before you go to a place of tourism that is relied upon by Dieng, you already know Dieng Plateau first through the documentary that aired here. 

8. Batu Ratapan Angin
The next place is Batu Ratapan Angin which is a cliff close to Telaga Warna. From this location, you can see the scenery of Telaga Pengilon and Telaga Warna from altitude. This place is suitable for those of you who like adventure and love nature.

To reach at this rock, visitors must climb a fairly hectic hill. Its high location will make visitors to be able to climb the hill where the rock is located. Just watch the natural panorama presented in front of the eyes, making your eyes feel reluctant to blink. Batu Ratapan is often referred to as Batu Pandang Dieng.

9. Balekambang Lake 
Telaga Balekambang is in the middle of Dieng Plateu area, next to the Arjuna Temple. Formerly the water here is very abundant but over time the water is reduced because it is widely used to irrigate agricultural land around Telaga Balekambang. Especially if it comes the dry season, this lake will recede.Beautiful Telaga Balekambang with the background of Bukit Pangonan and Mount Prau, in the vicinity there was a lot of friendly greeting of the potato farmers while visiting here.

Telaga Balekambang has a mythical story, Balekambang which means floating couch, anyone who can see a cot or bed floating here, it is said will be lucky. How to get to this lake is through the entrance to the Temple Arjuna, Setiaki Temple and also Gatotkaca Temple.

From the three temple complex you can see Telaga Balekambang. If you enter from Arjuna Temple and Setyaki Temple to the edge of the lake, temple Gatotkaca temple can be seen from above temple. But looking from above the temple is more beautiful than seeing it from close range.

10. Telaga Dringo and Telaga Menjer Lakes 
Telaga Dringo has a calm atmosphere and away from the noise. Very fun to do camping near the lake while enjoying the beautiful green hills and other panoramas around this place.

Then there is Telaga Menjer. When you travel to Dieng, do not forget to stop by to this one location. Located in the Maron Village, Garung, Wonosobo, is a natural lake formed by the eruption of Mount Pakuwaja. Interesting activities that can be done during a visit is to enjoy the beautiful lake by using a boat rental.

These two lakes have their unique beauty and beauty. Walking along this lake during the morning and also in the afternoon will give you freshness. Suitable for those of you who are looking for tranquility. There are many things to do in Dieng Plateau that you should visit before we die.

11. Sileri Crater 
Sileri Crater is the largest and most active crater in Dieng located in Kepakisan village. Although now the condition of the crater is declared safe, please note that this crater has erupted several times that occurred in 1944, 1964, 1984, 2003, and 2009.

It that has an area of 4 hectares can be reached about 15 minutes from the center of Dieng. Along the way will be accompanied by the amount of smoke because the village is a drilling village of the steam power plant.

At the location, you can take photos as much or relax in the available gazebo. Sileri comes from the Javanese language which means water leftover rice wash. The color of the water is silvery, it looks turbid as this is the leri that underlies the naming of the crater. The crater water flows into the Dolog River.

12. Sirawe Waterfall 
Curug Sirawe is one of the attractions of Dieng. Located in Bitingan, Kepakisan village, Batur District, the waterfall with a height of 80 meters is so beautiful and has a uniqueness because there is hot water and some are cold.

This waterfall has not been visited by many tourists because access is quite difficult. Yes, from Crater Sileri can be taken by vehicle and stop at a place, after that you have to walk again to reach it. But not to worry because your effort will be paid off by enjoying the charm of Curug Sirawe.

Just like when you travel to other waterfalls, you should pay attention to weather and conditions. When conditions are not supportive and also rainy you should not travel with the theme of nature. Because we never know how natural conditions are actually when the weather is not friendly. There are many things to do in Dieng Plateau that you should visit before we die.

More Attractions around Central Java

Here are other interesting places in Central Java:

1. Baturraden
Baturraden is one of the famous attractions with natural beauty and cool air. There are various places that we can explore while in Baturraden, including Pancuran Pitu and Pancuran Telu which is a hot water bath that always crowded tourist visits, Wana Wisata which is a natural forest of green and is very appropriate as a camp site, Taman Kaloka Widya Mandala is a garden animals Baturraden, and there is also a museum in which stored the skeleton of various animals typical of the archipelago.

Baturraden is located on the slopes of Mount Slamet, so no wonder if it has a fresh air and cold water resembles the water in our refrigerator. In Baturraden there is also an umbrella rental service and also a mat. Well, if the stomach starts rumbling, can taste the culinary here. One of them is rabbit satin wear lontong wrapped in banana leaves.

2. Karimunjawa National Park
Karimunjawa National Park is a protected marine nature reserve and is now known as Karimunjawa National Park. This is a favorite tourist destination in the city of Jepara. Experience in doing a sea tour that will not be forgotten when the holiday to Central Java you can feel when in Karimunjawa. If you see a beautiful beach like this, we will be reminded of the amazing beach tour in Hawaii.

Karimunjawa Beach has white sand with a beautiful long coastline. Some activities are fun to do when visiting is sunbathing, snorkeling, swimming, fishing, and so forth. Karimunjawa National Park is located approximately 83 km northwest of Jepara.

3. Teluk Penyu
Teluk Penyu is tourist object has an area of ​​about 18 hectares. Why named Teluk Penyu ? According to the story circulating in the community, there were many turtles that breed and live on this beach.

The reason is the coastal state is not too hot and far from the animal prey or turtle intruder, making it suitable for their place of life. That is because the beach is named Teluk Penyu.

Teluk Penyu Beach has a stunning natural scenery, beautiful, and also cool air. Some activities we can do here include fishing, playing soccer, and down the beach.

The existing facilities at Teluk Penyu tourist sites are children’s play area, fishing pond, mushala, fruit kiosks and typical souvenirs of Cilacap, seafood restaurants, kiosks selling fresh fish and salted fish, and so on. After visiting Teluk Penyu, do not forget to stop by the tourist location not far from this beach that is Pendem Fort and Nusa Kambangan. 

4. Panglima Besar Jendral Sudirman Monument
Monument of the Great Commander General Sudirman was established with the aim to honor the services and commemorate General Sudirman.

Actually, the General Sudirman Monument is not only in Purwokerto, but also in Nganjuk, East Java. This is because General Sudirman once guerilla and led the war in the region. However, the largest monument is also equipped with a two-story museum remains in Purwokerto.

The great General Statue of Sudirman stands firmly in the center of the monument. We know that General Sudirman has a very big share of the independence and struggle of the Indonesian Nation.

Therefore this nation wants to commemorate his services and appreciate his services in liberating the Indonesian nation by establishing the Monument Commander General Sudirman. With his stick of allegiance, the Great Commander General Sudirman looks like he is standing tall on a monument.
Address: Jalan Soeparno No. 24, Purwokerto

5. Suwuk Beach
Suwuk Beach with beautiful green hills nearby and large rocks nestle one corner of the beach, adding charm to the beauty of this tourist spot. Suwuk is a tourist destination that is always crowded beaches visited by tourists, especially when the holiday season.

The beach is not too hot because there are many rows of coconut trees along the beach. The food stalls are lined by the waterfront with a water play area for children in the form of bathing and swimming pools are also available here.

Who want to walk along the beach while riding a horse can be done at Suwuk Beach. Other activities while on the Beach Suwuk is cruising the beach, fishing, sand, and so forth. If you come here, do not forget to buy souvenirs when about to go home. Peyek teri and nuts or food called yutuk. Yutuk is a sea retreat that can be processed into delicious fried foods. Keep in mind, do not eat most yutuk because it can cause dizziness.

This is a beautiful natural attractions Banjarnegara, not inferior to natural attractions in Wonosobo or Bogor. Waterfall with left side right of green trees have fresh air. To get to this location must go through difficult paths as well as tropical forests.

Those are the tourist spot in Dieng and also in other Central Java that you can visit. Given the many natural attractions in the form of a crater in it you should be careful when the holiday in Dieng because in addition to the stinging smell of sulfur, people who have respiratory tract disease should not visit it or choose other attractions.

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