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8 Favorite Tourist Attractions in Batang, Central Java

by Ivonne Puspakencana
tourist attraction in batang

Discussing tourist attractions in Indonesia will never finish as Indonesia is home for a lot of amazing tourist attractions. One of the provinces that is recommended to visit is Central Java. There are many exciting tourist spots that will surely give you the best experience for your holiday. Spend time reading about these beaches in Central Java.

Batang is one of the regions exists in Central Java. Most of its district is hilly and mountainous. Batang has some amazing tourist attractions, ranging from the historical, religious and natural tourist attractions. Here they are the 8 favorite tourist attractions in Batang, Central Java.

  • Mount Prau
Tourist Attractions in Batang
Mount Prau, which is located between 3 boundaries: Dieng, Batang and Wonosobo

Mount Prau is the first tourist attraction you should visit once you go to Batang, Central Java. This is considered as one of the beautiful mountains in Indonesia.

Mount Prau is favorable by tourists as it is always crowded by people visiting this place. It is mainly because of the natural beauty of the mountains. As you’re here, make sure you try these things to do in Mount Prau, Dieng.

Many tourists coming to Mount Prau to enjoy sunrise. The sunrise here is known to be beautiful that many people are looking forward to it.

For your information, Mount Prau is the natural boundaries between Kendal, Wonosobo and Batang districts. That’s why, you can easily access Mount Prau from these 3 districts.

Also spend time reading about things to do in Wonosobo and tourist attractions in Dieng.

  • Curug Lojahan
Tourist Attractions in Batang
High waterfall with heavy water flow from Curug Lojahan

After visiting Mount Prau, the next destination in Batang is Curug Lojahan. It is popular as one of the best waterfalls in Batang. It is approximately 40 meters high and it has heavy water flow.

This waterfall is not really popular among tourists due to its location. It is quite hard to reach this place as the tourists should go down the hard and slippery cliff wall to enjoy the beauty of the waterfall up close.

Despite the fact of its hard location, all the hard work will surely be paid off once you see the mesmerizing beauty of the waterfall.

  • Wisata Alam Sikembang
Tourist Attractions in Batang
Have fun in Wisata Alam Sikembang with your family

Wisata Alam Sikembang is another popular tourist attractions you can find in Batang. Not many tourists are familiar with this spot, but once they know this place, they will surely be attracted to the beautiful atmosphere this place serves.

The location of Wisata Alam Sikembang is located between the area of Batang and Dieng Plateu. Once you are here, you will be able to see the pine forest lining up orderly, giving it the beautiful atmosphere.

Having holiday with kids is surely fun, but we also have to make sure that they learn something. If you think of having an educational trip with your kids, you can consider visiting these educational tourist attractions in Bali.

  • Sigandu Beach
Tourist Attractions in Batang
Sigandu Beach

This beach is located 2 km away from Batang city. It is popular for having its exotic scenery and beautiful sands. You can do several activities in Sigandu Beach, such as swimming, beach walking, or renting a boat called Sigandu I and II.

Don’t worry about the facilities in this place as there are complete facilities provided for you, such as toilet, praying room, restaurants, some Instagramable photo spots, camping area, and some hotels for you to stay.

  • Ujung Negoro Beach
Tourist Attractions in Batang
Ujung Negoro Beach

Just like its name, this beach is located in Ujung Negoro Kandeman District. This beach serves the best view of the cliffs on the shores of the exotic sea. There’s also a cave named Aswotomo at the high coastal plain.

Fishing and riding on a boat are two common activities people do here. Besides that, you can also swim in the shoreline of the beach as the waves are not too big.

Still, you need to be careful. There are also some facilities provided for making the convenient holiday. The beach is also clean.

  • Curug Genting
Tourist Attractions in Batang
Curug Genting with pine forest surrounding it

Another waterfall located near Batang is Curug Genting. Curug Genting or Genting Waterfall is located in Blado District, which is quite far from the south of the city of Batang. This waterfall is around 40 meters high and surrounded by pine forest.

This tourist spot is still natural as you could feel the cool waterfalls and the shady atmosphere of the pine forest. Along with the fresh air and beautiful view, it will surely become a perfect holiday spot for your relatives or family.

  • Agrowisata Pagilaran
Tourist Attractions in Batang
Tea plantation in Agrowisata Pagilaran

Agrowisata Pagilaran is another tourist attractions in Batang you should visit with your family or friends. People who live nearby claim that this spot is very famous and attractive to be visited. The serenity and cozy atmosphere it serves are the two main attractions it has.

Located at more or less 1000 meters above the sea level, this place has the temperature of 15 to 21 degrees Celsius. While you’re here, you can enjoy seeing the tea plantation too.

You can also learn about the system, starting from the picking into the packing processes. Enjoying sunset here is also recommended.  

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