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Things to Do in Mount Prau Dieng – Adrenaline Challenge!

by ainida

If you are tired of living and working in the city, you can try traveling to a place with a beautiful view. Speaking of places with beautiful views, we certainly can’t forget Dieng Plateau. Dieng Plateau is located near Wonosobo, Central Java. The height of the plateau is about 2000 meters above sea level in average, so it has a relatively cold temperature.

As a volcanic area, Dieng Plateau offers a variety of interesting natural tourist attractions. There are various destinations such as mountain peaks, craters, temples, caves, ponds, and so on. There are many things you can do in Dieng Plateau. One of the beautiful place that will be discussed here is Mount Prau Dieng. Check out more about 10 Best Hill Stations in Indonesia

Mount Prau is one of the most popular destinations in Dieng. The beauty of the nature there is very famous. There are various interesting things that people can find in Mount Prau. Here are things to Do in Mount Prau Dieng: 

Climbing Mount Prau Dieng

To climb the Mountain Prau Dieng, you can start the climb from several basecamps located in certain villages. There are eight trails leading to the summit. Six of the eight trails are opened for public. Two other lines are used specifically for nature conservation purposes. One of the most famous and crowded routes is the Patak Banteng trail. The basecamp is located in Patak Banteng Village, Kejajar District, Wonosobo Regency.

Other routes include Kali Lembu, which is flatter than the Patak Banteng. The other well-known route is through Dieng Wetan because it is close to Dieng tourism objects. There are also Dieng Kulon or Dwarawati trail that is close to Dwarawati temple. The other two routes are Campurejo trail and Wates trail. Check out more about  Mountains in Indonesia for Hiking.

There are many local public transports and local residents around the basecamp that will help you to find the basecamp location. Don’t forget to be friendly to the local residents. Transportation costs to the basecamps depend on your initial location to Wonosobo. The tariff for local city transportation or ojek depends on your negotiations with the driver. While the cost for registering Mount Prau climbing is not expensive. You only need to provide around 11,000 rupiahs.

Access to Mount Prau top is not too difficult even for beginner climbers. The climbing trail is mostly covered with grass and scrub. Your view will not be obstructed by a bunch of tall trees. The path is also not too steep. In approximately four hours, you can reach the top of Mount Prau. There are three resting places that climbers pass before reaching the top. Climbing Mount Prau is very popular so the lane is quite crowded. If you climb the mountain not on days off, then the lane will be much emptier. Check out more about What to Do in Gunung Pancar Bogor

Enjoy the view of sunrise and sunset from Mount Prau Dieng

Sunrise and sunset on Mount Prau Dieng is one of the most beautiful sceneries. In the morning, visitors will be able to enjoy the beauty of the golden orange sunrise. While in the afternoon visitors can enjoy the beauty of the sunset. Most climbers will climb at night then enjoy the sunrise in the morning. They usually go down in the noon before sunset, so fewer climbers see the sunset. Whereas if you want, you can stay and choose to enjoy both sunrise and sunset. Both of them have extraordinary sceneries and are not to be missed. Check out more about Things to Do in Mount Bromo

Camping in Camping Ground Area of Mount Prau

Beside sunrise and sunset, other beautiful scenery that should not be missed is the view of the sky at night. There are many climbers who set up tents in camping ground of Mount Prau. The night sky view that can be seen from the top is very beautiful. Visitors can see the view of the Milky Way galaxy and capture it in the picture. Night scenery will be seen clearly when the fog is not too thick.

If you want to set up a tent, of course you must pay attention to your physical condition and also your luggage. If it is difficult to bring equipment from other the city, there are already several places that rent camping equipment. There are also several rental places that provide porter services to help you bring this equipment. Camping tent rental prices is around 60,000 rupiahs. If you want to rent a porter, you can provide additional budget from 300,000 rupiahs. 

Enjoy the beauty and uniqueness of the Teletubbies Hill

There are many things to Do in Mount Prau Dieng. There are several small hills around Mount Prau. The hill is called the Teletubbies Hill because of its beauty and greenness. This hill does look like a green hill in the television animation series called Teletubbies. This hill is quite spacious and covered with grass and other clay plants. The flat area on Teletubbies hill is often used as a camping ground by climbers.

In the rainy season or before the dry season, daisies will grow on Teletubbies Hill. This flower is an endemic flower that blooms simultaneously around the hill. This flower does grow in places with cold temperatures. This flower is available in various colors, but the most common ones are white. There are tens of thousands of daisies scattered around Mount Prau. This is one thing that make Teletubbies Hill more beautiful and unique.

You don’t have to be experts in climbing mountains to enjoy the beauty of Mount Prau Dieng. You can only climb to the camping ground if you are unable to reach the top. At the beginning of the year, Mount Prau climbing path is usually closed in order to restore the ecosystem. So, get rid of your doubts quickly if you want to go and enjoy the beauty. Wonosobo is indeed one of destinations you can add to bucket list. There are many things you can do in Wonosobo. Try to go there and clim b Mount Prau Dieng. Thank you for reading. Hope the information will be helpful.

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