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All Things to Buy in Yogyakarta Night Market – Cheap but It’s High Quality

by luthfi

Welcome back to Yogyakarta! The city of wonders, beauty, ancient cultures, valuable heritages, humble society, and many more which we guarantee will always make you want to visit Yogya again and again.  What you could say about Yogya? It’s a beautiful place. If you ever visit Yogya, have you visited the night market?. Well if you didn’t then you need to visit it once again and wait for the night then go straighly into the night market!.

The night market of Yogya usually occured during Sekaten Celebration, as Sekaten is a part of  Grebeg which is a peak event of it then we could imagine how amazing this event is. It’s yearly event that last for almost a month! People of Yogya are so joyful about this. In this night market, we could buy many amazing things that only exist in Yogya or even we could play in many interesting ride of it.

Another thing that make this market so special is, Well all of them comes in cheap especially if you are a foreign tourist. There are many local culinaries and souvenirs which are so interesting for us to buy. We would provide you with many things to buy in Yogyakarta night market especially Sekaten Night Market. Not only they are interesting but they are also cheap.

The One and Only Food From Yogya

Here’s all the things to buy in Yogyakarta night market:


This is a special snack that has actually a biscuit which you could found in the night market. It’s easy to be identified as the round and yummy shape picked out your interest. This is the best snack you must buy especially if you love sweet snack.

The taste is so sweet even we want to marry the snack. The texture is so soft that you don’t want to swallow it , you just want to chew it again and again because of it’s softness. Remember don’t forget to buy this when you visited the night market.

Bakpia has many variant flavour and there always a new flavour every year. Some of them are cheese, chocolate, green beans, pineapple, cappucino, purple telo, milk, durian, green tea, and red beans. You could buy bakpia from 18k rups or 1.3 dollars up to 36k ruops or 2.4 dollars each box which depends on how many bakpia in each box and what flavour do you choose.


Another sweet snack you could buy around the market is Geplak. This snack was made using coconut’s grater which would be mixed with

sugar mix. In Yogya, Geplak has many varian flavours such us original, chocolate, cheese, green beans,  and interesting colors.

Uniquely Geplak is considered a durable food as it takes around 1 month for it to stale. You could buy Geplak around  16k rups or 1.1 dollars each box. Here are for more about Biggest Shopping Malls in Yogyakarta


If you are hungry then you could try to eat Gudeg directly at the market. Well if you are new on eating this then I suggest you to brace yourself because this new taste is gonna rock you.

Gudeg was served using Gori, chicken, boiled egg, tofu, and sambal. Overall Gudeg has a sweet spicy crunchy taste.

Also if you want to eat it later at home, you could just simply ask the merchant to wrap your Gudeg. Here are for more about Instagrammable Spots in Yogyakarta 

The Souvenirs

Here’s all the things to buy in Yogyakarta night market:

Silver Crafts Replica

Well there would be some silver crafts merchant around the market and it would be interesting souvenir to buy right?.  Also you might wonder why people of Yogya love to craft something using silver?. Actually this was an old habit back in the Sultanate Era. Most of the Sultan’s Staff and artist love to craft any jewelry and any other palace’s property from a silver.

The habit was heritaged from generation to generation even until now. Also you must note that this an original silver craftis quite expensive as it takes a very long time to craft it. However we don’t recommend you to buy it on night market though because most of them are just a replica..  But, why you come to the night market is to find a cheap souvenirs right?.  The replica would be just 50k rups or around 3.5 dollars each. Here are for more about The Perfect Places for Hunting Stylish Outfits in Yogyakarta

Gerabah Kasongan

Another souvenir from Night Market is another craft which was made from pottery. In Yogyakarta especially in the Kasongan Village, Bantul.

Gerabah Kasongan or pottery craft were made from there. People of Kasongan already craft from pottery since the age of 17th. In 1970s an artist named Sapto Hoedoyo introduced a new touch for pottery to increase it’s estetical value. We could find it as house decoration such as:

  • Jars
  • Vase
  • Decoration Lamp
  • Ashtray
  • Vehicles Miniature
  • Bag
  • Sculpture
  • Jewelry
  • And many more

The price are variant and depends on it size. You could simply buy a small vase which usually worth 30k rups or 2 dollars each. Here are for more about Breathtaking Photo Spots in Yogyakarta That Prove It Is A Photographer’s Heaven 


Lastly, one of the UNESCO Human Heritages is Batik. You could find Batik merchants easily everywhere around the night market. This art was undoubtedly an original arts from Indonesia. There are many reasons you must buy it if you ever visited the night market.

  • In the past, Javanese girls using the technique of Batik Craft to earn financial support.
  • Even it was considered as honorable and exclusive job for girls.
  • However in the coast, Batik was made by men. It’s like a common thing for men to craft Batik over there.
  • Batik craft was a heritage delivered from generation to generation which could make you identify your Batik easily on whom crafted it.
  • Batik’s motif hold many philosophies from it’s crafter.

However in the night market mostly are stamped Batik which is why it could comes so cheap and everyone could buy it. If you are looking to buy an original one then you might want to visit official shop of Batik which located on many areas such as :

  • Mirota Batik, Jalan Ahmad Yani No. 9.
  • Batik Rumah, Jalan Nogosari Lor No. 8, Kadipaten, Kraton.
  • Kampung Batik Ngasem.
  • Kampung Batik Giriloyo.
  • Desa Batik Kayu Krebet.
  • Malioboro.
  • Butik Batik Danar Hadi, Jalan Malioboro No. 25.
  • Batik Soga, Jalan Adi Sucipto Km 6 No. 14, Bantulan Depok, Sleman. 

Cheap but Interesting

Well the night markets may offers a cheap items and foods but most of them are interesting and unique especially for you a tourist who just want to buy an interesting but cheap souvenirs to bring home. We recommend you to visit the market and happy shopping, have fun in Yogyakarta. Here are for more about Things to Do in Mount Merapi Yogyakarta

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