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Know These 6 Things to Do in Mount Rinjani National Park

by Widiya

Mount Rinjani forms the second highest volcanic peak in Indonesia, which means it is a part of the celebrated Ring of Fire. The romantic scene has been created over millions of years of the cone; building, savage blasts, and disintegration.

The good highlands are woods clad and, for the most part, underdeveloped. Meanwhile, the marshes are profoundly developed. Rice, coffee, soybeans, tobacco, cinnamon, cotton, and vanilla are the significant harvests filled in the ripe soils of the island.

You can visit Mount Rinjani National Park to experience more of its beauty. If you still do not know where to start, try the list of things to do in Mount Rinjani National Park down below.

List of Things to Do in Mount Rinjani National Park

  1. Journeying Around Mount Rinjani
Things to Do in Mount Rinjani National Park

Mount Rinjani offers a complete sort of bursting savanna, steep rough landscape, dangerous sandy slopes, solid ground, rainforest, and so forth. It was fascinating yet terrifying. Tourists generally travel through two distinct courses. You might also want to read about forest attractions in Bali.

The two most common courses are Sembalun and Senaru trails. Sembalun offers an easy journey with a fantastic view in spite of the fact that it takes a long time. You can likewise reach the highest point first prior to going down to the lake, so you would be adequately fit.

Conversely, if you start from Senaru, the paths are cool as it consists of mainly a thick rainforest albeit a bit extreme.

You can visit the lake first, but if you have any desire to reach the pinnacle, you might need extra endurance after quite a while because ahead of you will be an exceptionally difficult path.

  1. Enjoying the Nuance
Things to Do in Mount Rinjani National Park

More or less, Mountain Rinjani National Park comprises a few scenes including the rainforest, savanna, and mountains. The size of the size is more than 41,000 hectares. The site resides 2,800 meters above sea level and it even highlights a dead pit of Rinjani called Segara Anak Lake.

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Another significant fact is that there is Senaru Gate where sightseers can begin their experience in this huge natural park. It additionally turns into the designated spot for those who want to travel. Besides the plentiful plants and trees, however, the park additionally includes different sorts of exotic animals.

  1. Visiting Torean Area
Things to Do in Mount Rinjani National Park

Inhabitants of Torean area are, for the most part, open fields of maize, and cocoa, as well as a shepherd of gardening of livestock, particularly cows.

The Torean area offers an all-encompassing perspective on nature along the track, which is encased in a wall mount Rinjani and Sangkareang Ridge, with noticeable thick woods, precipices, valleys, waterways, cascades, and natural underground aquifers, including rivers from the cavern.

  1. Setting Up Camp Near Segara Anak Lake
Things to Do in Mount Rinjani National Park

You can rest in the tent by Segara Anak Lake while admiring the view of a mountain and natural environmental elements. Because of the chilly climate, you can wash in natural aquifers so your health boosts as per the belief of people in Lombok.

Generally, there is the traditional ceremony called Pekelem performed by Hindu people which has been held once a year around Segara Anak Lake.

  1. Exploring and Sightseeing
Things to Do in Mount Rinjani National Park

The most famous activity to do in Mount Rinjani National Park is exploring as well as sightseeing. You can explore the park as long as you have sufficient stamina and see heaps of assortment of plants and animals.

The most renowned greeneries incorporate Banyan, woods orchids, Duren, Bayur, and so forth. With respect to the faunas, you can find deer, tropical birds, reptiles, and a few fish like carps in the lake nearby.

Besides seeing the richness of flora and fauna, other fun activities are accessible for tourists including the local myth connected with the site. As indicated by local people, there was a delightful goddess named Anjani.

Locals frequently come to the site to lead a custom. They offer little gold bars to the goddess by tossing them into the Segara Anak Lake. As for tourists, they can observe such customs clearly from afar.

  1. Having Local Meals While Hiking
Things to Do in Mount Rinjani National Park

There are the all-out camp kitchens being set up by the guides and the porters on the mountain. You can get a storing plate of seared vegetables, tofu, and tempeh, a heap of newly cooked rice wafers, and steaming hot rice.

There is also an enormous vegetarian plate for dessert. Everything is newly cooked and fresh. Speaking of desserts, here are Indonesian traditional desserts.

So, those are the things to do in Mount Rinjani National Park. While you are at it, make sure to also check out the mountains to hike in Kediri and the mountains to hike in Lampung.

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