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Romance Up, 7 Best Beaches in Bali For Honeymoon

by Widiya

If you have any desire to have an exceptional culture, various scenes, and many activities to do on a getaway island with your partner, you might consider Bali. Bali is viewed as one of the best spots to spend your honeymoon.

There are a lot of beaches in Bali for couples to visit on a special night or only searching to enjoy a romantic landscape. Whether you favor something brave, romantic, unwinding, or energizing, your get-away in Bali will undoubtedly be loaded up with great times.

In this article, we will be focusing on the best beaches for honeymoon. Read on to know more.

List of Best Beaches in Bali For Honeymoon

  1. Nusa Dua Beach
Beaches in Bali For Honeymoon

An apparently unending stretch of powder-white perfection, Nusa Dua Beach is flawless to such an extent that it nearly looks unreal. It borders the shoreline of Nusa Dua’s retreat area, lined by manicured yards and five-star inns that have been elegantly shielded by palm trees and natural structures.

Besides the fact that the seashores are clean and the waters calm, the coastline is likewise loaded with family-accommodating eateries, water sports, and, surprisingly, a shopping complex. It is the ideal destination for an exciting honeymoon. You might also want to read about the biggest shopping malls in Indonesia.

  1. Bias Tugel Beach
Beaches in Bali For Honeymoon

A somewhat more modest beach, Bias Tugel is 130-meter-long white sand, which is a famous surfing and diving spot. Sharing the site of the Padang Bai Port, the ocean side can be reached by means of a short hike from the main street. The purplish-blue waters of the ocean side, combined with staggering stone pools and traces of volcanic blacks in the brilliant sands make Bias Tugel a really beautiful spot.

An extraordinary number of merchants and stalls line the length of the ocean side, selling local bites and brews. Albeit not among the most famous Bali beaches, Bias Tugel is an incredible pick for a honeymoon, taking into account the exclusive area and the exceptional landscape encompassing it.

  1. Seminyak Beach
Beaches in Bali For Honeymoon

Seminyak is a well-known honeymoon destination and home to some very good-quality retreats. The west-bound seashores offer lovely looks at the Indian Ocean and couples can take surfing lessons on Seminyak Beach.

For a really relaxing experience, couples can go to the vast pool at Potato Head Beach Club or enjoy Seminyak’s nightlife with jazz bars and R&B options. 

Also, read about the best beach clubs in Bali.

  1. Nyang Nyang Beach
Beaches in Bali For Honeymoon

Even though the beach is less known and requires a short journey to arrive at the spot, the lovely nightfall seen from the beach is worth the hustle. While on a Bali wedding trip, you should explore and walk around the shores of this oceanside.

  1. Sanur Beach
Beaches in Bali For Honeymoon

Sanur Beach is perhaps the most visited beach in Bali, particularly by Europeans. It is home to a brilliant mixture of societies, uniting the classics as well as the contemporary. The fantastic waterfront town of Sanur has the absolute most stunning dawns and dusks in Bali.

You can go for a casual walk along the Sanur Broadwalk, against the setting of romantic dusk and follow it up with a good, heartfelt supper by the ocean side. Assuming you are looking for experience, you can dive into the realm of water sports, particularly wave riding, which Sanur is extolled for.

What was once a thriving fishing town is currently an extraordinary honeymoon spot. Also, generally, you can even have your favorite spots all to yourself because the fishing town is a bit remote and exclusive.

  1. Nusa Lembongan Beach
Beaches in Bali For Honeymoon

A mushroom-shaped island gives swimming and diving lovers chances to experience terrific sports. Its white fine seashores with turquoise blue waters also give a beautiful time for couples to walk. Speaking of diving, here are diving spots in Aceh.

  1. Blue Lagoon Beach
Beaches in Bali For Honeymoon

The ocean side highlights stretches of dark corals and lavish, green slopes on one or the other side, making it a fantastic spot for a honeymoon. Whether you are looking for a decent sunbathing spot or an incredible swimming establishment, Blue Lagoon will take care of every one of your impulses.

What the ocean side lacks in size, it compensates for the extraordinary magnificence and solitude. An exciting excursion to the beach for your special night will pass on you with endless valuable moments to reclaim.

So, those are the best beaches in Bali for honeymoon. While you are at it, make sure to also check out honeymoon destinations in Bandung and honeymoon destinations in Lombok.

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