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Let’s Hike These 4 Mountains in South Sulawesi, Indonesia

by Yoga Adi

In foreigners imaginations, Indonesia must be a tropical place where you can actually enjoy the best attractions possible like the beaches and islands. The image of a tropical country really suits Indonesia.

And it’s true, you can get something like that in Indonesia. You name it, almost everything you can hope for a tropical paradise can be found in this country.

If you want to visit the amazing beaches, head out to Bali. Exploring woods and jungles can possibly be done in the depth of Borneo or Papua. Even hiking is possible by visiting the mountains that exist in the overall country’s areas.

The location of Indonesia is strategic and dangerous at the same time. Indonesia even granted the title “Ring of Fire” with several active mountains still standing to this day.

However, almost every big island in Indonesia has some hikable mountains, including Sulawesi island. Sulawesi is known as a great place to enjoy the marine tourism activities in Sulawesi, especially the famous one like Losari Beach for example. But, Sulawesi is also a home for several mountains that are beautifully challenging, especially in the area of South Sulawesi.

South Sulawesi as Location for Hiking

Tana Toraja

One of many reasons why you should visit Sumatra is to visit the mother land of mountains in Sulawesi, a province called South Sulawesi. This area is always known as the maritimal tourist attraction especially for the small tropical islands and some beaches to visit, including the Losari beach.

But what most people don’t know is the fact that South Sulawesi is an area suitable for hiking sport. In total, there’s about 28  different mountains that are hike-able by the tourists.

They also have different characteristics that are suitable even for the newbie hikers. Some of them may provide great challenges for the experienced ones.

Reaching the province itself is also a peace of cake. The main city of the province, Makassar, is also one of many important trading ports in the country.

The city itself also has several mountains that you can hike, which is about some kilometers away from the city center location. Plus, you are also preserved with a beautiful view of the maritime sea when you’ve reached the top.

Mountains to Hike in South Sulawesi

Below are some recommendations of mountains to hike around the area of South Sulawesi. We also included the information about the level of experience suitable for specific mountain characteristics.

  • Mount Kambuno
Mount Kambuno

Location: Mangkaluku, Makassar

Suitable for : Beginner to Advanced Hikers

One of the many things you can do in Makassar is to hike the iconic Mount Kambuno. If you’re not familiar with this, Mount Kambono is a known location for hiking in South Sulawesi. Located about 25 km from the city of Makassar, you should make your way to a little village called Mangkaluku.

Mount Kambuno is located about 2950 masl, and known as a resourceful place. It got fresh water flowing from the mountain which can be consumed directly.

Other than given the beautiful view of Makassar city, you may also interact with the endemic animal of Sulawesi called Bubalus quarlesi.

However, even though the mountain seems friendly enough to the beginners, you need to always focus since you’ll meet some steep routes on the way.

  • Mount Sesean
Mount Sesean

Location: Sesean, Sesean Suloara, North Toraja

Suitable for : Beginners to Advanced Hikers

You can enjoy the things to do in South Sulawesi like the maritimal vacation spots or trying the delicious traditional foods of the province. But don’t forget to visit Mount Sesean as well.

Mount Sesean can also be included as a newbie friendly mountain as well. It has about 2.100 masl , even way lower than Kambuno. The routes are safer as well, with the easy-step-on soil materials.

Despite its lower in height, Mount Sesean can offer beauty as well. The hikers can take an advantage of lower clear ground to make a camp for stars viewing.

This can be done only when the sky is clear enough on some months during the year. In the morning, you will be served by the dazing view of green hills. It’s a neat and complete package for hikers, even the beginners.

  • Mount Bulusaraung
Mount Bulusaraung

Location: Makassar City

Suitable for : Beginner Hikers

The next mountain on the list is also a beginner-friendly mountain. It’s called Mount Bulusaraung, a lonely mountain located near Makassar city.

It’s even the popular one, since it’s easy to access plus the characteristics are not really demanding for a higher hiking experience. Even the people who just started on this sport can reach the peak without more serious problems.

The location of it is around 1.353 masl. Because of this level of height, sometimes people are not wearing necessary hiking equipment for reaching the top.

Despite lack of safety, you may notice the people wearing only shirts, shorts, and slippers. But you will only notice some during the day only, when the light is bright and the weather is warmer.

  • Mount Kandora
Mount Kandora

Location: Mengkendek, Tana Toraja

Suitable for : Advanced to Expert Hikers

Now if you want more challenging things to do in Tana Toraja, you may as well dare yourself to reach the top of Mount Kandora. This is one of many feared mountains by the hikers.

A mountain packed with stone walls with very steep grounds is not an easy thing to conquer. A complete set of hiking equipment is more than a must to bring.

When facing Kandora, you’ll be forced to climb the natural limestone walls. This can be really dangerous, especially with lack of experience and equipment needed. One easy mistake could result in a fatal injury.

However, this challenging mountain also has several places to rest as well, located right on the foot of the mountain. There you can prepare your equipment and stamina to conquer the great Kandora.

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