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Some Reasons Why You Should Visit Sumatra

by Yoga Adi

After seeing the beautiful Raja Ampat in the western area of Indonesia, Papua, now we want to tell you about all the good things that can be found in the Eastern area of Indonesia called Sumatra island. Are you familiar with this island? The Sumatra island is an island located just near the Java and Borneo islands. It’s a famous island with its amazing attractions, like things to do in Sibolga North Sumatra for example.

On the island of Sumatra, you can find one of a kind natural attractions, such as Toba Lake and its Samosir Island. There’s also something that can be found exclusively on this island, which is the popular Soda Lake. Yes, it’s a natural Soda Lake, there are only two of them in this whole world. Aside from those, you can also find the other else, as mentioned in the things to do in Northern Sumatra Indonesia and the things that will be mentioned right on the information below :

1. Having The Biggest Lake in Indonesia

For the first one that included in the reasons why you should visit Sumatra is to see the biggest lake in the country named Toba Lake. As you may know already, the Toba Lake is included as one famous natural attractions in Indonesia. It’s visited by many people every single day, making it the top attraction besides the other things to do in North Sumatra.

The location of Toba Lake is in the North Sumatra province, having a hundred kilometers long and 30 kilometers wide, it’s not strange that this lake was granted a title as the largest in the country. Aside from that, the wide area it has is also the second biggest one in the whole world. However, you can always rent a boat from the locals to circle the lake to see another attraction, Samosir Island.

2. The Oldest Megalithic Site in Indonesia

Also in the area of North Sumatra, you can find the oldest megalithic site in Indonesia. You can find them in an area named Nias. There are two different areas where you can find those sites, the West Nias and also The Southern Nias. You can even some areas just on the island of Nias alone, you don’t even need a guide to find them.

However, there are few examples of Megalithic Site such as the site at Kota Gunung Sitoli, Hilimawaliwa’a, Baladano Laina, and the famous one Tetegewo in Hilisawoet. Almost all the sites have some things like Osa-Osa statues, Owo-owo, an unique stuff named Osa-osa, and also Daro-daro stones. People there are also still use the stones in their daily lives.

3. Seeing The Jam Gadang

Do you what Jam Gadang is? Jam Gadang is a clock tower located in Bukittinggi city of West Sumatra province. The size of it is big enough, even though it’s clearly smaller than Bigben, people still consider the clock as gigantic. That’s why, they even named the clock tower as Jam Gadang, which means the Big Clock in Minangkabau language.

Aside from becoming an icon for Bukittinggi city, it’s also a famous attraction that still famous until now. People are coming in here curiously and then starting to take pictures with it. Based on the history, the Jam Gadang was actually a gift from the Netherland’s Queen named Rook Maker during the Colonial Era in Bukittinggi. The designer of the tower was Jazid Radjo Mangkuto.

4. Exploring the Wildlife

Indonesia is indeed known for its interesting wildlife. Many people would feel amazed by seeing the tourism promotions on the internet that showing the natural attractions as included in things to do in South Sumatra and the others.

In the area of Sumatra, it’s easy to find the challenging areas such as the tropical forests, hidden waterfalls, and the mesmerizing lake. Many people use this opportunity to be free from their busy activities every single day. So that’s why taking a week off by exploring the wildlife in Sumatra island can be a great plan.

5. Seeing The Traditional Culture of Sumatra

Besides known for having all the natural attractions, Sumatra island is also known as a cultural island. One example from the culture is the Saman Dance that was shown during the Asian Games 2018 Opening Ceremony back in the day.

After seeing it, many people all over the world are curious about the culture of Indonesia, especially Sumatra. When visiting Sumatra island, you can see so many things as their own unique culture such as Gadang House, The Dances like Plate Dance and Candle Dance, and even their traditional weaponry such as Kerambit and Kalewang. 

6. Visiting The Soda Bath

Do you believe that there’s an actual Soda Lake in this world? Not, it’s not a fantasy after all because you can find one on Sumatra Island. If you are really curious about it, you can just visit the area of things to do in Sumatra. Just imagine that you’re swimming in the soda water.

For your information, there are only two soda lakes around the world. One in the Sumatra island right on Parbubu Island, Tarutung, of North Tapanuli. And the other one is located far away from here. It’s in Venezuela, a lake that also has almost the same characteristics as this one.

Other reasons why you should visit Sumatra island is Indonesia is because you can explore and visit the amazing attractions that located exclusively in Sumatra. We have some examples of them that you can see right on the information below :

  1. Sipiso-Piso Waterfall
  2. Mount Leuser National Park
  3. Samosir Island
  4. Rahmat International Wildlife Museum and Gallery
  5. Sorake Beach
  6. Lagundri Beach
  7. Green Hill City
  8. Gundaling Hill
  9. Funland Mikie Holiday Resort and Hotel
  10. Visiting Mursala Island

So that’s the article about the reasons why you should visit Sumatra Island Indonesia. There’s a lot of things that you can do here and you shouldn’t miss them because you can only do those kinds of thing only on this beautiful island. You can do adventure, challenging and hard trip or you just can be calm in the pool of soda, all the choice is in your hand. But the final hypothesis is, visiting the Sumatra island on your holiday would be a pleasurable journey.

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