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All Information About Cimaja Surf Accommodation and Itinerary

by Yoga Adi

After seeing the things to do in Cengkareng, we may agree together that the province does have a lot to offer. Starting from the attractions like curug or waterfall, lakes, green hills, and of course the beaches. Beaches in the area of West Java are very special. For example, the Ayer beach that looks very similar with the beaches that located around Bali or Lombok island.

Beside that beach, there’s also one beach, known for having a pretty big waves, a friend of many surfers called Cimaja Beach. Cimaja is located West Java province, in an area called Sukabumi to be specific. Here you can challenge the waves with your sufficient surfing skills. You can also do that activity with some people who happen to have the same hobby as you. That will be fun, right? So here we want to give you the information about Cimaja surf accommodation, a beach that also great as where to surf near Jakarta Indonesia. Check this it out !

Where’s this Cimaja Beach?

The first thing thta we should tell you inside this Cimaja surf accomodation is the location. As one of the best attractions that you can find inside articles like free things to do in Bandung, the location of this beach is actually very reachable. From the city of Jakarta, which is located not too far from the West Java province, you can rent a vehicle, or use your own one to go to an area called Sukabumi, West Java. In Sukabumi, you can search more detail about an area called Pelabuhan Ratu.

The locations for about 120 km from the city of Jakarta, so it’ll take some time to finally reaching this spot. Pelabuhan Ratu is a popular area that always filled with massive number of people especially during weekends. They come here mainly to taste the natural attractions of Pelabuhan Ratu, which are pretty uncommon in such a busy area like Jakarta.

Now, after telling you about the brief information of the location, we want to tell you about the additional information about how to reach the place from Jakarta city. So the first thing you need to do is going for Jagorawi toll road, then contiue you road until get out from Ciawi toll road. The journey continued by passing some areas like Parung Kuda, and then Cikembar, Warung Kiara, and finally reaching Pelabuhan Ratu.

If you departing from Bandung city, which is more closer than Jakarta, the way is more simple. After having you exit from Padalarang toll road, you can continue to Sukabumi, and then passing those two locations mentioned above, Cikembar and Warung Kiara to finally reach Pelabuhan Ratu. It is recommended to go in the morning to avoid the traffic jam that commonly happens in the day and evening.

Why This Beach is That Famous?

Many of you may ask, why this place is so famous that we need to make its own Cimaja surf accommodation beside things to do in Subang, well, many people are loving this place because you can met dozens of attraction in here, starting from the famous Cimaja beach, to the heavenly relaxing area on the Cipanas hot spring.

In this area, there’s also some souvenir shops that always be hunted by the tourists. And also don’t forget about the myth of Nyi Roro Kidul room in 308 of a hotel that located near this beach. The myth is pretty popular now since long time ago. 

The most important of all is the condition of this beach. Beside having such an unusual features like the rocks instead of sand, Cimaja beach is always a favorite because it has pretty satisfying waves, especially for the newbies in the world of surfing. The advanced surfers can also enjoy their time in the beach, doing a little training or two, or even teaching about surfing to some people. It’s a wonderful sight.

Surfing Training

Next one in Cimaja surf accommodation is the training.  If you have friends that have the ability to surf, then it must be lucky for you because training is important, especially for people who interested in this sport, but don’t know where to start. But, either learning from your friends or the corresponding surfing school that also available on the area, you need one certain thing that you must have, the ability to swim. Swimming is very important in surfing, because you’ll have to swim once you fall off your board in the end. If you can’t swim, you must focus on that one first before actually going to surf.

Surfing School

There’s a surfing school called Mang Dede Suryana, built by one pro surfer called Dede Suryana. In this school, all participant will be teached by the master in the world of surfing. So, you don’t have to worry, because this place will give you all the information about surfing and its practice that given by competent person. And that person is Dede Suryana himself, that will teach you about all of it. You can grasp some important information from him like the standing position, paddling technique, and the balance spot to make your body steady when standing on the board. And also, you need to look only to the front, not below you neither your board, because it can prevent you from falling.

Surfing Package

Next one is Cimaja surf accommodation is the package. In this beach, you can also order a special package for people who are interested in surfing. With paying for about Rp300.000,- per pax, you can have an instructor that can teach you one or two about surfing. For that price, you can have 120 minutes of surf learning. There’s two levels that you can studied, the first one is land, where you can have an information about the sea, board, the surfing techniques, including standing position. The second level is the sea. The information you’ll get in this session is how to stand on your board properly, and then how to make a turn, and how to get “clean” waves. The instructors in here have International certificate and also certified lifeguards too.

The Best Resort You Can Get

Other than unusual things to do in Seminyak Bali, around Cimaja beach you can choose one special resort that surprisingly has a very affordable price with outstanding services called  Grand Desa Resort. It’s located in Cisolok highway number 23. With minimalist design and very comfortable environment, Grand Desa resorts can be your best choice.

In the resort, you can get several things like free wifi, television on each room, AC, restaurant, cleaning service, and the other beneficial facilities. Sometimes, there’s also some discounts on the resort, that can help to maintain your budget in a steady condition.

So that’s the information about the Cimaha Surf Accommodation. Hope you can get a great experience and fun when doing surfing in this Cimaja beach. Don’t forget to explore the other areas of West Java, because this province has many things to offer for you.

Cimaja Surf Accomodation – The Surf Town

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