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The Reasons Why You Should Visit Sulawesi Indonesia

by Yoga Adi

As you may know already, Indonesia is basically a country that filled with thousands of island that located all over it. There are the main big islands such as Java island, Borneo, Sumatra, Papua, Bali, and also the one that we want to talk about, Sulawesi. The Sulawesi island is the “K” Island located just right beside Borneo. The area has some attractions as mentioned in the things to do in Donggala.

Inside the things to do in Selayar South Sulawesi, you can find natural attractions such as Tanjung Bira Beach, Losari Beach, Linow Lake, The Tomohon Prayer Hill, and many more. But all those things seem not enough to answer the ultimate question, what are the reasons why you should visit Sulawesi. Is there something else besides those nice attractions? Is the island is really worth to visit? See the reasons why you should visit Sulawesi Island  right on the information below :

1. Heaven for Diving

As for the first one on the reasons why you should visit Sulawesi, the island can really spoil the divers with its abundant spots. They are like the magnet that can invite more and more tourists each year. People usually come to Sulawesi as an alternative that looks pretty similar to the great Raja Ampat that located far away from their location.

The most famous attraction in Sulawesi island which you can find a lot of diving spots is Bunaken. Bunaken has the National Waterpark that even known through the world. The location of that attraction is right on the province of South Sulawesi. But aside from that, you can have other locations such as Bangka Island, Lembeh Bitung island, Siau Sitaro island, and also Bolaang Mongondow.

2. Visiting Tangkoko National Park

Aside from the best things to do in Sulawesi Indonesia, and also the Bunaken National Park that already mentioned as the greatest place in Sulawesi to do diving, you can also visit the other National Park called Tangkoko National Park. But this one is not a waterpark like Bunaken.

The location of Tangkoko National Park is about 2 kilometers from the city of Manado. You can see some creatures in there, including the rare ones like Tarsiers, the rare animals that live around the area of South East Asia region. Aside from those, you can see the others such as Kus-kus, Hornbills, and even Black Macaques. Many people would recommend booking a trip at the nearest resort.

3. Tasting All The Culinary

The culinary is like the one thing that should be hunted when visiting new places. In the whole new location, you should taste their authentic meals to feel the difference experience. In the land of Sulawesi, you can also do a culinary trip, which is a nice idea because there’s a lot of variants of meal that you can find on this island.

Imagine that you can go one whole day to taste all the meals of Sulawesi island like Coto Makassar, Sop Saudara, Riburane Rice, Pallubasa, Tinutuan, Cakalang noodles, and many more. You can even taste the extreme ones like Paniki (Bat meat) and forest mouse, which is truly strange. Aside from the foods, the traditional drinks like Pisang Ijo and Pallu Butung Ice are always recommended.

4. It Has One Metropolitan City in Eastern Indonesia

Besides the god looking things to do in Bitung, you should know that Sulawesi has a metropolitan city called Makassar. Now, the looks of the city of Makassar is almost the same as the other big cities on Java island like Surabaya or Jakarta. There’s a lot of entertainment that can be found in the city.

For example, The Transtudio. It’s like one of many popular attractions around Indonesia, and also the second biggest theme park in the country. Visiting the Transtudio with family on the weekend is the usual activity of many families there.

5. There’s a lot of accommodation

If you want to spend days on a particularly new location, of course, you want to have such a nice accommodation with much comfort and supporting services. In the land of Sulawesi, especially in the area of Manado city, you can find many variants of them. So you don’t have to worry about finding one that most suitable for yourself.

Just like in the metropolitan cities, you can find a hotel that starting from budget hotel to the five stars one. Aside from the hotel, the resorts are also having an affordable price with interesting offers for the customers. You can pick one that is very much suitable for you both in budget and comfort. 

6. Sulawesi is Easy to Reach

Well, everyone likes to visit a place that easy to reach because they can go and back home with pretty much ease. Thanks to the further development, the Sulawesi island became an island that really easy to reach. There’s a lot of airlines that can take you to the island. Each one with their own unique offers for their customers.

The development of the cities around the island was needed because the island was starting to be a tourism and business island. No wonder that people are come and go there. As for the price, you can find the budget price of the airlines or the full-service ones.

Besides the attractions that contained inside the things to do in Palu, the other reasons why you should visit Sulawesi island of Indonesia is because it’s pretty easy to reach.

As usual, we also want to tell you about the other information that you can find inside the small list below that containing some of the best attractions to visit in Sulawesi as reasons why you should visit Sulawesi island that located just near Borneo and Java islands.

  1. Bantimurung
  2. Fort Rotterdam
  3. Tangkoko Batuangus
  4. Taka Bonerate National Park
  5. Tana Toraja
  6. Kete Kesu
  7. Batutumongga
  8. Rammang-rammang Village
  9. Takapala Waterfall

Those are the reasons why you should visit Sulawesi island on your next holiday. If you think that some places like Bali, Yogyakarta or even Jakarta are to mainstream for you, maybe Sulawesi island can give you a truly different experience.

The Island of Sulawesi

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