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The Wonderful List of The Best Beaches in Sulawesi

by Yoga Adi

Sulawesi is indeed a beautiful island. With the reasons that we already told you in the things to do in Donggala, you don’t need to consider so many things about visiting it. However, the Sulawesi island or Cilebes is one of the four Greater Sunda Islands. Also, Sulawesi island is actually the 11th biggest island in the world based on its size. The location of is just right in the East side of Kalimantan or Borneo island, West side of Maluku islands, Southside of Mindanao and Philippine.

The island itself filled with so many kinds of natural attractions in the form of waterfalls, lakes, and the other one such as things to do in Selayar South Sulawesi. This is the island that perfect for the tourists who would love to challenge themselves, exploring those natural places to find something valuable like those hidden attractions. Aside from them, the locations that are also loved by basically everybody is the beach. In there you can find some notable best beaches in Sulawesi, such as :

1. Lakeba Beach

The first one that included the best beaches in Sulawesi is Lakeba Beach. Aside from previously mentioned best things to do in Sulawesi Indonesia, you should definitely visit this beautiful beach. The Lakeba beach is located just right in the area of Southeast Sulawesi. The province is actually filled with a lot of beaches, and this beach happens to be the best one. On this beach, you can find so many things such as the soft sand and the soothing wind.

The beach also has pretty long lips. With that, you can do many kinds of sport you want, such as soccer, beach volley, even building some sand castles. The kids will surely love this. That’s why the locations are actually for the family vacation. Not only during the day, some people even coming to this beach for the night view. It would be a romantic place at the end of the day.

Location : Bau-bau Regency of Southeast Sulawesi
Tips: If you want to swim, make sure that you bring your own stuff

2. Kasuso Beach

The next one is the Kasuso Beach. Unlike the Lakeba beach above, the location of Kasuso Beach is in the South Sulawesi. Having a special resort is not only its specialty. If you wonder deeper to the island, you can find a magnificent beach that now opens for all the tourists around the globe. However, the location of this Kasuso Beach is not far from Tanjung Bira beach.

From that particular beach, you can just turn left before it and finally arrive at Kasuso Beach. It’s not that hard to reach this beach, as long as you still read the road signs. Even though it now opens for the people, many of them still don’t know about its existence. Then this should be your great opportunity to visit a virgin beach on the island of Sulawesi.

Location : Bulukumba, South Sulawesi
Tips: Always read the signs for your safety

3. Wakatobi National Park

As in the third one, we want to provide an even better thing than the things to do in Bitung. It’s The Wakatobi National Park that located in Southeast of Sulawesi island Indonesia. As one of many best beaches in Sulawesi, The Wakatobi National Park can seel you the most gorgeous view of underwater ecosystem.

Many people would spend their money on this. And their decision is maybe one of the best ones in their lives. In here you can see kinds of sea biota, especially the endemic ones. The Wakatobi National Park is also known as one of the best spots for scuba diving. You should try it sometime.

Location : Southeast Sulawesi
Tips: You can order the plane tickets early because they are always sold just in a brief of time.

4. Basilika Beach

The Wakatobi National Park is not the only place for scuba diving. There’s also a location in Southeast Sulawesi called Basilika Beach that has the underwater beauty that one of a kind. The Basilika Beach is a location of a group of islands named Batauga Island Siompu island, Liwutongkidi, and also Kadatua Island.

Not only for the underwater journey, in the Basilika Beach, but you can also basically enjoy so many things like the beach of course, the other natural attractions, the cultural tourism, and even the historical tourism. All of them you can find in only one location, Basilika.

Location : Buton, Southeast Sulawesi
Tips: With all the benefits, visiting the Basilika Beach with family would be much fun

5. Kamali Beach

The Southeast side of Sulawesi island is indeed full of beaches. It’s easy to find some of them, that also look as great as the things to do in Palu. The thing is, usually they located near to each other. Like this one, for example, the pride of Bau-Bau people, a beach called Kamali.

The location of this beach is in the city of Bau-Bau Southeast Sulawesi. Because of its location, it’s actually pretty accessible. You can go there with all kinds of transportation that available in the city. Usually, people are coming to Kamali Beach during the night. The reason is because it looks more romantic during that time. 

Location : Bau-bau Regency of Southeast Sulawesi
Tips: As an affordable place for couples, this one is very recommended.

6. Bara Beach

At last, the sixth beach in the best beaches in Sulawesi island is Bara Beach. The location of this Bara beach is right in the location of Tanjung Bira or Bira Cape. Those two are just like brothers. However, the actual location of them both is in the Bulukumba, South Sulawesi.

The beach is very suitable for the people who love calmness on the beach. They can enjoy so many things in here, including the cool breeze and also pretty calm waves. It’s better to visit it starting from the morning to the afternoon. It’s pretty dangerous in the evening because there are wild boars roaming the area.

Location : Bulukumba, South Sulawesi.
Tips: Because of the short range, you can even visit both beaches in only a sec.

As usual, we want to provide another list consists of many other beaches that you can find on the land of Sulawesi. The location of them is also variative, not just in one particular place. So, if you have time, you can spare some to find the other best beaches in Sulawesi island :

  1. Talise Beach
  2. Olele Beach
  3. Pulisan Beach
  4. Dato Beach
  5. Nirwana Beach
  6. Pall Beach
  7. Bibir Beach
  8. Bokori Beach
  9. Tanjung Bira Beach

So those are the best beaches in Sulawesi island Indonesia. You can always visit the island at any time. It’s easy to reach and full with a lot of attractions. Even though there was a devastating disaster recently in Palu, but now it’s pretty safe now to come to Sulawesi island.

The Wakatobi National Park

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