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16 Best Things to Do in Selayar South Sulawesi (Hidden Paradise)

by Hindarko Luh Setyawanto

Selayar is a beautiful island located in the south of Makassar. It has an amazing nature. The white sandy beach and turquoise sea are easy to find. A day certainly will not be enough to explore Selayar. Let’s see the best things to do in Selayar South Sulawesi ..!

1. Visiting Baloiya Beach

Many people say that the charm of Baloiya Beach resembles Bali’s Tanah Lot except for the temple. Its white sand and coral cliffs offer breathtaking view.

Baloiya Beach still has a pure beauty. It has not been exposed by the frenetic of tourism industry. The best time to enjoy the atmosphere of Baloiya Beach is when the sun begins to set.

How to Get There
Baloiya Beach is located in Patikarya Village, Bontosikuyu, Selayar‎. It’s free entry. Camping on the Baloiya Beach is no less fun than nightlife in Makassar.

2. Visiting Pa’badilang Beach

Pa’badilang Beach is a favorite attraction of the Selayar people. When holidays come, the beach is always crowded by visitors.

Visitors are free to play on its vast expanse of white sand. The lapping waves and the turquoise sea are so eye-catching. On the east side there are cliffs that blend in harmony with the beauty of the beach.

How to Get There
Pa’badilang Beach is located in Bongaiya Village, Bontomatene, Selayar. It’s free entry.

3. Visiting Sunari Beach

The attraction of Sunari Beach is its towering coconut trees that lined up neatly. This is the instagramable spot most sought after by young people.

Beautiful white sand, clear sea and sunset are things that make visitors love to linger here. This scenic beach is also often used as a place of cultural art performances.

How to Get There
Sunari Beach is located in Patikaria Village, Bontosikuyu, Selayar‎. It’s free entry.

4. Visiting Takabonerate National Park

Takabonerate is the backbone of nautical tourism in Selayar. Every year the Takabonerate Festival is held to attract tourists to Selayar

Takabonerate is one of the largest atolls in the world. The beauty of the underwater and on the surface is amazing. Diving, snorkeling and underwater photography are the best ways to enjoy the beauty of Takabonerate.

How to Get There
Takabonerate National Park is located southeast of Selayar Island. To get to Takabonerate you have to depart from port of Patumbukan, Selayar. But first you have to register in the Office of the National Park Takabonerate, S. Parman Street, Benteng, Selayar. The admission is Rp 2,500 for domestic tourists and Rp 20,000 for foreign tourists. Besides Takabonerate, South Sulawesi also has Bantimurung National Park. Apparently there are many things to do in South Sulawesi.

5. Visiting Turtle Village

Turtle Village is located not far from Benteng, the capital of Selayar. It is only about 15 minutes by car. Turtle Village is a form of awareness of the locals to preserve the turtles who are the original inhabitants of Selayar Island.

Managers of Turtle Village offer a variety of packages for your participation. There is a search for turtle eggs with a donation of Rp 50,000. The most popular is the donation for adoption which for the hatchling is Rp 5,000 and the turtle egg is Rp 1,000. At certain times there is a hatchling release for visitors.

How to Get There
Turtle Village is located in Barugaia Village, Bonto Manai, Selayar. It’s free entry.

6. Visiting Matalalang Mangrove Forest

Matalalang Mangrove Forest is a popular attraction in Selayar. This place is always crowded by families and young people.

Afternoon is the best time to enjoy the beauty of Matalalang. The green of mangrove trees, the cool sea breeze, the sound of the waves and the orange tinge of the sun blend perfectly into a serene atmosphere.

How to Get There
Matalalang Mangrove Forest is located in Bontolebang Village, Bontoharu, Selayar.

7. Visiting Baloiya Cave

Baloiya Cave is located not far from Baloiya Beach. This cave is quite big. The width of the cave mouth is about 4 meters.

The inside of the Baloiya Cave is believed to resemble a labyrinth. Because of its natural condition, you need a flashlight and boots to explore the cave.

How to Get There
Baloiya Cave is located in Patikaria Village, Bontosikuyu, Selayar‎. It’s free entry.

8. Visiting Bitombang Ancient Village

Bitombang Ancient Village is estimated to be the first settlement on Selayar Island. Here the houses were built with a stage style. The average height of the houses reaches 15 meters.

Stage house model was chosen to match the terraced soil contours. The wood used to build the houses is high quality wood. No wonder the houses here are over 100 years old.

How to Get There
Bitombang Ancient Village is located in Bontobangun, Bontoharu, Selayar. It’s free entry.

9. Visiting Tanadoang Museum

Tanadoang Museum has a similar shape to Selayar traditional house. This museum unquestionably keeps the history of Selayar Island. In the past, Selayar Island was known as a haven for spice merchants before heading to Maluku.

At Tanadoang Museum visitors can see the Chinese ceramics and coins from the Ming Dynasty and Sung Dynasty. In addition there are also traditional clothes, miniature traditional house, miniature pinisi ship and royal weapons.

How to Get There
Tanadoang museum is located in Bontobangun, Bontoharu, Selayar. If you are a history buff, come by Makassar. Visiting Rotterdam Fort is one of things to do in Makassar.

10. Culinary Tour

Tasting a local culinary is a must do. Therefore you should take the time to enjoy coconut milk rice and grilled fish, Selayar typical food.

In addition to grilled fish, you can also enjoy the delights of grilled squid. Since most of Selayar people are fisherman, you will definitely be served with the best fish.

How to Get There
You can enjoy coconut milk rice and grilled fish at Warung Kita, port of Benteng, Selayar. The price is around Rp 30,000 per portion. When you return to Makassar and look for a souvenir, do not be confused. There are lots of attractive things to buy in Makassar.

More best things to do in Selayar South Sulawesi

11. Visiting Punagaan Beach in Patilereng Village, Bontosikuyu, Selayar
12. Visiting Liang Kareta Beach in Gusung Island, 20 minutes from Selayar Island.
13. Visiting Batu Karapu Beach in Iowa Village, Bontoharu, Selayar
14. Visiting Patikore Waterfall in Laiyolo Baru Village, Bontosikuyu, Selayar
15. Visiting Gusung Island, 20 minutes from Selayar Island
16. Visiting Gantarang Mosque in Bontomarannu Village, Bontomanai, Selayar.

Selayar Island is a hidden paradise. Its natural beauty is astonishing. You will not get bored here. There are many best things to do in Selayar South Sulawesi. So take your leave and come to Selayar.

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