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3 Waterfalls in Maros to Visit for Your Holiday Retreat

by Widiya

With their roaring splash of water and rainbow-causing fog, you basically cannot overlook the telling presence of a waterfall. Try to visit a natural waterfall, and you will see exactly that it is so easy to value nature. 

All the more critically, you will likewise want to secure nature for it becomes obvious that everything seems to be associated with one another – from the waterfall’s wellbeing to the life around is reliant on the water, to the proportional advantages of us realizing that these spots exist and sets us in a good mood. Truth be told, waterfalling moments can be unique to such an extent that you will remember the experience for the rest of your life. 

Hence, you have to make every effort to see them; whether or not you are physically exerting yourselves, spending time, as well as going through cash. In this article, we will recommend you a list of waterfalls in Maros, Indonesia to spend your holiday in.

So, check this out.

A List of Waterfalls in Maros

  1. Bantimurung Waterfall 
Waterfalls in Maros

The word Bantimurung itself is gotten from two Bugis words; Benti means water and Merrung means thundering. Accordingly, it means thundering waters. 

Others likewise propose that the name Bantimurung comes from the words Banting Murung or crushing one’s anguish, implying that there, the guests can release their bitterness or discouraging musings through refreshing nature.

With a height of 15 meters and a 20 meters width, Bantimurung Waterfall must be portrayed as one of nature’s best works of art, where waters surge down through its multi-levels rough streams, decorated by colorful surroundings. 

The attribute of Bantimurung Waterfall is hills panorama and natural waterfall falling from the highest point of the hills. There are additionally a few caverns around the waterfall which make this territory an ideal natural surrounding for some sorts of butterflies and rare birds that make Bantimurung a rare butterfly’s reservation. 

The naturalist Alfred Wallace gathered examples there during the 1800s. Among the butterflies that he got was the Papilo Androcles, one of the most extraordinary and the greatest, with a tail like a swallow. 

The best time to see the butterflies is the point at which the sun shows up after a rain shower. They form a mob of shading as they fly starting with one bush then onto the next. Or you can explore Aketajawe-Lolobata National Park for a similar experience.

  1. Lacolla Waterfall 
Waterfalls in Maros

Lacolla Waterfall is situated in Malacca Hamlet, Cenrana Baru Village, Cenrana District, Maros Regency. One of the tourist locations for natural showers is generally new and not yet swarmed with sightseers. 

On vacations, just around ten people are frequently found appreciating the appeal and the newness of Lacolla Waterfall. In any case, this waterfall has the appeal of natural beauty that is not substandard compared to other waterfall tourism objects. 

Lacolla Waterfall has three levels where there are enormous rocks under the waterfall that guests can use for waterfall therapy or taking shelter under it. The quickness of the falling water made froth and drops of water spilled alongside the waterway stream. 

  1. Taipa Waterfall 
Waterfalls in Maros

This waterfall has such outlandish magnificence with a stature of up to 20 meters, encircled by rocky rocks and palm trees. The atmosphere at the waterfall area is still natural since it has not been touched by travelers and its beauty is still all around reserved. 

At this natural tourist area, guests can swim and appreciate the coolness of playing water at Taipa Waterfall. There are also a lot of photograph spots with natural nuances that can cause guests to feel comfortable taking selfies. Speaking of photograph spots, here are photo spots in Yogyakarta.

Taipa Waterfall is considered a hidden paradise that is owned by Maros other than Bantimurung Waterfall. To get to the area of this waterfall, you can use a motorcycle. You might also want to know about waterfalls in Klaten.

In the wake of showing up at Taipa Village, guests can proceed with the excursion by strolling the extent of one kilometer to the waterfall spot. This spot is packed on weekends which for the most part reach hundreds of people.

You can then enter and appreciate the waterfall area. You do not have to pay for entrance, just make sure to not litter the area.

So, that is a list of waterfalls in Maros. While you are at it, make sure to read our other articles about waterfalls in South Sulawesi and beaches in North Sulawesi.

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