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The 16 Attractive Things to Buy in Makassar

by Yoga Adi

Walking around some areas in Indonesia can be tiring sometimes. Especially if you have another schedule or plan to shopping. Now, we want to tell you about all the products that included in the article of things to buy in Makassar, like things to do in Bitung.

Well, as the wise tourist, you want to be perfectly safe in the way of budgeting, because for the tourists, money is the main power.  To be able to buy  the important things after enjoying some beautiful things like things to Do in Palu in Makassar, you  should check our information about the things to buy in Makassar below :

1. Bugis Sarung

The firstthing you can get as a souvenir is this Bugis Sarung. You know Sarung, right? Sarung is the mandatory item for the men who want to take a pray in the mosque, with the purpose of covering the aurat.

Well the price of it is really reasonable really, you can get one sarung for about Rp20.000,- up to hundred thousand rupiahs. It really depends on the motives and also the cloth itself. It can be used not for the moslem only. It’s a good gift for everyone, because they can use it when the weather is cold, or just using the sarung for a blanket.

  • Price : Rp20.000,- to Rp250.000,-
  • Where You Can Find It : In the souvenir shops in all areas of Makassar

2. Bannang-bannang

The next thing, which also considered as a snack, is Bannang-bannang. This snack with such a cathcy name is the traditional food of Makassar. The taste is pretty sweet and also crunchy. It used as a snack in wedding ceremony.

But, if you want to try it, you can look for it in the traditional market. Usually it will be sold in one platic package. If you wandering why, the snack’s name is Bannang, it’s actually came from the word Benang, which means thread in English.

  • Price : Rp10.000,- per pack
  • Where You Can Find It : Food shop and also souvenir shop

3. Baruasa

Not only things to do in Kendari that you must find, there’s also one snack of Makassar called the Baruasa. This is the alternative from the crunchy snack above. This one has the smooth texture and also a good smell, because it was made from the combinaton of coconut powder and rice flour.

This can be the stomach filling food out there. With such a cheap price, you can have yourself getting a grasp of it. Just one plastic bag of Baruasa can make your journey more wonderful, because you don’t have to think about the food agaian. Now, your stomach is safe.

  • Price : Rp2.000,-
  • Where You Can Find It : Traditional Market

4. Date Palm Cake

One of the best things to do in South Sulawesi is of course finding this kind of snack, called Date Palm Cake. Thisis not actually a cake that made from a date palm fruit to be honest.It’s called by that name because of its look.

It was made from wheat flour, butter, egg, and also caramel. With those ingredients, one can create a really good from of this snack that resembles the date palm fruit so perfectly. But if you don’t have time to make it, you can always buy a pack of them.

  • Price : Rp15.000,-
  • Where You Can Find It : Souvenir Shop, Cake Shop

5. Kacang Sembunyi

Kacang sembunyi means the hidden peanuts. Such an unique name, isn’t it? It was called by the name of hidden peanuts, because the peanuts that supposed to be our meal are covered in a depp fried flour.

The taste of it is really crunchy. If you love crunchy stuff, this is the one that can suit your needs better than any of those snacks above. With the prepared ingredients, you can easily create some of them in your own home.

  • Price : Rp10.000,-
  • Where You Can Find It : Souvenir Shop, Snack Shop

6. Toraja Coffee

Tana Toraja is indeed the ebst highlight of the area of Sulawesi. Beside the rich culture and arts can be found within the things to do in Tana Toraja, you can also find one of the best product you can get in the land of Makassar, which is the famous Toraja Coffee.

This coffee is really any one favorite. The taste is less strong than the Lanang coffee, but a little bit stronger than the common sachet coffee. Well, if you’re a really coffee lover, it wouldn’t be bad idea to get one.

  • Price : Rp50.000,- till hundred thousand rupiahs
  • Where You Can Find It : Coffe Shop, Cafe

7. Toraja Handicraft

And after trying the delicious and hipnotizing Toraja coffee, you can switch to another form of Toraja arts, which are their handicrafts. There are different kinds of them. You can find the perfect examples like weapons miniature, etc.

Beside that, you can buy one of the wooden mask, the ethnic mask of Toraja as for your house decoration. They are really beautiful to be put on your home. Just little tip here, the price of them are not cheap. Better saving some money starting from now.

  • Price : Rp50.000- to Rp100.000,-
  • Where You Can Find It : Souvenir Shop around Toraja Tribe area 

After telling you the seven things to buy in Makassar, wealswanted to introduce you to these nine things or souvenirs that you can buy in the land of Makassar. You cna see the compplete of them below :

  1. Passion fruit syrup, the sweet and tasty syrup
  2. Abon Raos, have you tried an abon before?
  3. Jintan Cracker, another cracker wit unique taste
  4. Dangke, foods that good for you
  5. Shirts, of course, the Makassar’s shirt is also a great souvenir
  6. Phinisi Ship Miniature
  7. Toraja House Miniature
  8. Pisang Ijo Ice, combination between pleasure and delicacy in one bowl
  9. Lumpia, the famous small food

Our list of things to buy in Makassar in Indonesia. Remember, the choices above are only our recommendation. It’s not a necessary thing to follow shopping instruction fully. The thing is, you need to see your budget first before spending them into some goods, souvenirs, etc. At least, you can spare your budget for the important things first like lodging, eating, and transportation.

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