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14 Best Things to Do in Palu, Central Sulawesi Indonesia

by Hindarko Luh Setyawanto

Palu is a city located on the island of Sulawesi and becomes the capital of Central Sulawesi Province. The city is divided into four districts, namely East Palu, West Palu, North Palu and South Palu. Although situated in the Palu Bay area, the city consists of lowland and highlands. The people of Palu have an open culture, the indigenous people live in harmony with the newcomers.

Palu can be reached by plane through Mutiara Sis Al Jufri Airport. Many airlines offer direct routes from major cities in Java, Bali, Kalimantan and Sulawesi. PELNI ships sailing from Kalimantan and Maluku anchor in Pantoloan Seaport. While the ferry that serves Balikpapan – Palu route anchors in Taipa Seaport. In addition there are cross-Sulawesi buses that serve routes between provinces.

Palu City directly faces Palu Bay, so visitors can enjoy the blue of the sea at any time. The city is also blessed with an impressive culture and beautiful nature. It is very interesting to explore the natural charm of Palu from the beach to the top of the mountain. Okay friends, let’s find out the best things to do in Palu Central Sulawesi Indonesia.

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1. Visiting Palu IV Bridge
The number one of our best things to do in Palu is visiting Palu IV Bridge. The bridge is the new icon of Palu City. It was inaugurated by President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono in 2006 and became the first arch bridge built in Indonesia. It was named Palu IV because the bridge is the fourth bridge in Palu.

The bridge connects Lere area in West Palu with Besusu area in East Palu. Palu IV Bridge is about 300 meters long and has sidewalks for pedestrians and view points for visitors who want to see the view from the bridge.

Visitors can see the beauty of Palu Bay, Palu River, Palu City and the surrounding mountains. At night visitors can admire the grandeur of the bridge decorated with lights. No wonder crowds come to this bridge to take pictures and then show their existence in social media. The good news is it’s all free.

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2. Visiting Talise Beach
Talise Beach is situated in Palu Bay, stretching from Palu to Donggala. The beach becomes a favorite tourist attraction of the people of Palu because near downtown and cheap. From this beach visitors can see the famous Palu IV Bridge. Talise Beach is crowded by visitors in the afternoon until evening.

Visitors can see the beauty of the sunset while enjoying the snacks sold around the beach. There are fried bananas, eppe bananas, roasted corn and also tea and coffee. In addition, the beach is also often used by visitors to swim, dive, jet skiing, and fishing. Talise Beach is located at Rajamoli Street – Cut Mutia Street, East Palu. It’s free entry.

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3. Visiting Tanjung Karang Beach
Tanjung Karang Beach has beautiful white sand with shallow waters. The beach is clean with calm blue waves, therefore it is perfect as a family vacation spot. Visitors can enjoy the beauty of Tanjung Karang Beach by utilizing the various facilities provided by the beach operator such as boat rentals and snorkeling – diving equipment rental.

There are also cottages, tent rental and cafeteria. Visitors who want to see the beauty of the underwater without having to dive can rent a boat that has clear glass at the bottom. Tanjung Karang Beach is located in Donggala Regency. It’s about 1 hour drive from Palu. The admission price is Rp 2.000 and the beach opens 24 hours.

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4. Visiting Lake Sibili
Lake Sibili becomes a new destination for Palu residents who want to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. The lake has an area of about 1.2 hectares. This beautiful lake is surrounded by green hills and often visited by birds of various kinds. Various fish can also be found in the lake such as gold fish, mujair fish, cork fish, and cat fish.

Therefore many anglers come to Lake Sibili. In addition to fishing, visitors can rent a boat to get around this quiet lake. Lake Sibili is located in Pantoloan, Taweli. It’s about half an hour drive from Palu. It’s free entry.

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5. Visiting Lake Poso
Lake Poso is the largest lake in Sulawesi. It has an area of about 32 thousand hectares and is situated 657 meters above sea level. Lake Poso has white sand, clear water, cool air and is surrounded by hills and beautiful rice fields. Various fish can be found in this lake such as mujair fish, gold fish, and Sugili fish; which is a typical fish from Lake Poso with a shape like a giant eel.

The size of the fish can be as big as an adult’s thigh with a length of one meter more. In addition to fishing and swimming, visitors can rent a boat to circle the lake, admiring the beauty of nature. After circling the lake, visitors can fill their stomach in the food stalls around the lake that serve the menu of grilled fish and fried fish. Lake Poso is located in Tentena, Poso. It’s about 8 hour drive from Palu. It’s free entry.

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6. Visiting Donggala Sinkhole
Donggala Sinkhole, which is on the seafront, has a unique phenomenon. When the sea tides, the water inside the sinkhole will recede. When the sea recedes, the water inside the sinkhole will tide. Awesome… Allegedly this sinkhole connected to the sea so its water is salty. Visitors who have guts can jump into the sinkhole.

To get back to the top visitors can climb the wooden stairs that have been provided. The sinkhole has a diameter of about 40 meters. Donggala Sinkhole is located in Towale Village, Donggala Regency. It’s about 2 hours drive from Palu. It’s free entry. Visitors only need to pay parking fee.

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7. Visiting Saluopa Waterfall
Saluopa Waterfall has a height of about 25 meters and consists of 12 levels. The waterfall flows through tiered rocks. Under the waterfall there is a crystal clear pool. Visitors can climb up to the top of the waterfall by climbing tiered rocks. The tropical forest around the waterfall makes this place even more beautiful.

Sometimes visitors will hear the voices of wild animals that add natural nuance. To get to the waterfall, visitors must walk about 500 meters from the parking lot. Saluopa Waterfall is located in Tonusu Village, Poso. It’s about 8 hour drive from Palu. The admission price is Rp 1.000. Opening hour is 8 am – 5 pm.

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8. Climbing Mount Gawalise
Mount Gawalise has a height of about 2,023 meters above sea level. Because of its proximity to downtown Palu, this mountain is the favorite of climbers to spend their weekend. From the top of the mountain, climbers can see the beauty of Palu City and Palu Bay.

Especially at night, the sparkling lights from the city is absolutely a breathtaking view. And of course enjoying the sunrise from the top of the mountain should not be missed. Along the climbing lane there are three posts for resting. The first post is in Kalora Village. Here climbers can fill their water supplies. The journey from the first post to the second post takes about 5 hours.

In the second post there is also a water source for climbers. The journey from the second post to the third post takes about 4 hours with an uphill route of up to 70 degrees. In the third post there is also a water source, but it is seasonal. The journey from the third post to the peak takes about 3 hours. The peak of Mount Gawalise is marked by a monument made of concrete.

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9. Visiting Morowali Nature Reserve
Morowali Nature Reserve has a variety of stunning natural charm. There are mountains, tropical forests, mangrove forests, rivers, lakes and beaches. This nature reserve has an area of 209,400 hectares and is home to the Wana tribe, a native of Central Sulawesi with a culture of hunting and shifting cultivation.

The nature reserve is also the habitat of Sulawesi’s typical mammals such as anoa, babirusa, apes, bear cats, wild pigs, deer, and gray civet. In addition to tourism, this nature reserve is used for research and education. Morowali Nature Reserve is located in Poso Regency and Morowali Regency. Visitors from Palu must drive first to Poso.

The journey takes about 6 hours. From Poso they must drive to Kolonodale. The journey takes about 7 hours. And then from Kolonodale they take speed boat to Morowali Nature Reserve in Baturebe. The journey takes about 3 hours.

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More Attractions in Palu

Indeed, here are more things to do in Palu Central Sulawesi Indonesia:

10. Visiting Lore Lindu National Park
Lore Lindu National Park has an area of 217,000 hectares. This national park has an amazing landscape ranging from mountains, forests, lakes to swamps. Various flora and fauna can be found here. Many of these fauna are typical animals of Sulawesi. Lore Lindu National Park is suitable for bird watcher because here there are about 263 species of birds.

In addition, the national park has relics of megalithic civilization. There are about 431 megalithic sites in the form of human sculptures, large vaults, discs, convex stones, mortars and house poles of various sizes. If visitors want to spend the night, they must bring sleeping bags and tents. As a complement, portable stoves can also be brought to cook instant noodles and make coffee.

Lore Lindu National Park is located at Palu – Napu Street. It’s about 80 kilometers to the south of Palu City. Before entering the national park area, visitors must register themselves in the office of Lore Lindu National Park at Mawar Street, Palu.

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11. Visiting Central Sulawesi Museum
Central Sulawesi Museum was inaugurated in 1987. The museum has a collection of various heritage objects and culture of the people of Central Sulawesi. The museum depicts the diversity of cultures, languages, and ethnic of Central Sulawesi society which consists of 12 tribes.

Among the museum’s collections are Donggala woven fabrics, bark garments, jaw fossils from ancient elephants, pearl cultivation tools, and menhir sculptures. Central Sulawesi Museum is located at Kemiri Street, West Palu. The admission price is Rp 1.500 for children, Rp 3.000 for adults and Rp 10.000 for foreign tourists. Opening hours is 8 am – 4 pm, from Monday to Saturday.

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12. Visiting Banua Mbaso Traditional House
Banua Mbaso means big house or king house. Banua Mbaso is a traditional house of Central Sulawesi society which is inherited by the noble family of Kaili tribes. The house was first built by King Palu, Jodjokodi, in 1892 and became the residence for the king and his family.

The house was made of high quality selected wood, such as ironwood, so the house can last up to hundreds of years. Almost all parts of the house were decorated with Arabic calligraphy and carvings with floral and leaf motifs. Until now Banua Mbaso is still well maintained. Banua Mbaso Traditional House is located in Lere, Palu. It’s free entry.

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13. Visiting Arqam Bab Al Rahman Mosque
Floating mosque is not only in Makassar, South Sulawesi. Palu City also has. Arqam Bab Al Rahman Mosque was inaugurated in 2012 by the Governor of Central Sulawesi, Longki Djanggola. The mosque was built on the sea surface so that when the tide, the mosque looks as if floating.

At night the dome of the mosque emits seven colors of light. The mosque was built to commemorate the late Sheikh Abdullah Raqi, a Muslim preacher in Palu in the 17th century. Arqam Bab Al Rahman Mosque is located in Lere, Palu.

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14. Visiting Sis Al Jufri Religious Tourism
Sis Al Jufri was a person who spread Islam in Sulawesi and was also the founder of Alkhairaat Islamic Organization. He died in Palu in 1969 at the age of 79 years. Every year thousands of people of Palu and from outside Palu come to the area of Sis Al Jufri to commemorate his haul and make a pilgrimage to his tomb.

In this area there are many people of Arab descent who still maintain the tradition. Visitors can feel the thick Arabic nuances ranging from clothing to culinary. In addition to schools and Alkhairaat Mosque, the area has many traders who sell Muslim clothing and worship equipment at affordable prices. Sis Al Jufri Religious Tourism is located in Kamonji, West Palu. Visitors are expected to dress modestly when come to this place.

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Well friends, now you know the best things to do in Palu Central Sulawesi Indonesia. No doubt Palu has the best Places To Visit in Indonesia with its beautiful nature. Let’s visit Palu Central Sulawesi Indonesia..!

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