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12 Things to Do in South Jakarta, Indonesia (Must Visit!)

by ydrahmatullah

When you visit Jakarta, you may think of national monument (or Monumen Nasional) which has historical story, or you consider to swim in Ancol Beach as your vacation place in Jakarta. Well,  Jakarta is not about those places that you think of. There are a lot of places that you can visit after you reach the capital city of Indonesia, Jakarta. You just need to decide which part of Jakarta  that you want to visit to make some fun. Because, there are five districts of Jakarta that you need to visit; from West Jakarta, South Jakarta, East Jakarta,  North Jakarta, and the main district is Central Jakarta, Indonesia.

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The five districts in Jakarta has different characteristics and historical story that you may not concern before. Their Characteristics show you a great cultural and Tourism place that will blow your mind if you visit some places that they provide.Sometimes you need to plan eagerly of what place that you want o visit in Jakarta and what food that you need to taste if you travel to this beautiful and friendly city in Indonesia. As you know that Jakarta is a big city that has lots of beautiful places that  you need to visit and many traditional food that you must try.

Do you plan to stay longer in Jakarta? then,  you definitely have much time to choose the places that you want to enjoy and relax. But, if you have less time, and you want to make your time valuable and meaningful. Here I show some places in South Jakarta that you will not take any longer to come:

1. Ragunan Zoo

Ragunan zoo

The first of many things to do in South Jakarta Indonesia is visiting Ragunan Zoo. Ragunan is a zoo that has its own attraction for residents around South Jakarta. The zoo that is located in Pasar Minggu, South Jakarta has the best atmosphere if you consider to the clean and fresh air. There are so many visitor around South Jakarta who will come to Ragunan zoo for family recreation or just for hang out with friends. But, it is not only for the residents near South Jakarta, there are a lot of visitors  from out of Jakarta who come to see this zoo which is located near ragunan bus station

The visitors choose ragunan zoo  because it has cheap entrance and has a wide land to sit and relax. You just need to pay a ticket for Rp. 3000/kid and Rp. 5000/adult. It is not about the cheap entrance that make the crowd in the zoo, but it is because the main attraction of the zoo. that is because, there are so many various kinds of animal that live in the zoo. The Primate Schmutzer center is also as a learning center which attract the visitors to visit the zoo. For those  who wants to know more about the kinds of primate, you can visit and learn in this center.

2. Orchids Plantation Ragunan

You can also learn about variety of plants and flowers in Ragunan Zoo. Orchids Plantation are  also experiencing the visitors about the knowledge and  beauty of orchids.It will be a completed package of vacation, because you can see animals and flowers in Ragunan.

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3. Kites Museum

Kites Museum is located in Pondok Labu, South Jakarta. You will meet various sizes and shape of the kites which are painted by colorful artistic panting. You only pay Rp. 15.000 for the entrance to see the art of the kites inside. You can also come to the museum with family and friends. The museum give you a relaxing place that you can enjoy.

In the kites Museum, you do not always see the types of kites, but you will learn about its originality as well.  There are a bunch of kites that come from Indonesia and abroad. You will see how divers they are  that come from many corners of Indonesia. By visiting this museum, you do not only see the kites only, but you also learn about the culture of Indonesia.

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4. Ayodya Parks

Feel the fresh air and green atmosphere in Ayodya Park! It is located near Blok M Plaza  and Bus Station. You just need to take about 5 minutes walk from them.

you get bored of recreation area or shopping mall, so  you need to  taste the noiselessness of Ayodya Park where you can sit and chat with family and hang out with friends. Ayodya park serves the fish pond and fountain in the center of the park. So, you can enjoy them while you are sitting in the park. The Park  is also surrounded by  green plants and trees that shade you from the sun light.

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5. Bicycle Park

It is different from Ayodya park, Bicycle park has green grass that make you willing to sit or lie down on it after taking some walk. The shades of the big trees make the atmosphere around the park clean and fresh. Similar to Ayodya park, Bicycle park is located in Melawai street, near Blok M Plaza . you can reach this place by taking a walk about 5 minutes from Blok M Bus station.

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6. Reksa Artha Museum

If you know the meaning of the two words “Reksa” and “Artha”, you definitely know what it is in this museum. The Reksa Artha Museum, which has meaning keep and money respectively, is Located in Lebak bulus, South Jakarta. As you can see from the meaning of Reksa Artha, this museum contains the historical  machines that is used to print the currency of Indonesia in the past. It also keeps the old money of Indonesia, which is called Oeang Republic Indonesia (ORI).

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7. Pondok Indah Water Park

Swimming Pool

Splash your body in the Pondok Indah Water Park! By doing some excitement, it becomes the best place to bring your family and children to swim in this water park. It provides lots of water park themes that attract your children. You can also hang out with your friends to release the stress, because the water park is comfortable for you to relax and chat. You can also try to jump to the water by sliding on the spiral slide and even try the higher slide if yo dare to do it.

For the beginner surfers,  just try to learn surfing! There is  a flow rider area that provide an artificial wave to make you float in the water. You do not need to be afraid, because there will be a surfing guide to train you how to balance your body in the right stance position  on the surfing board. Meanwhile, best attraction in South Jakarta Indonesia.

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8. Betawi Village

Betawi Culture

Wanna enjoy more things to do in South Jakarta Indonesia? Cultural and heritage center of Betawi Village is in Jagaraksa sub-district, South Jakarta. This beautiful and historical Betawi Village still keeps authentic inheritance from Betawi culture. You will find many traditional things that relate to Betawi culture. such as, traditional house, food and drink, and also Betawi architectures.

Betawi Village provides as a natural resource that make the environment of Betawi Village more natural. The artificial lake, Setu Babakan,  is used as family recreation which provide water sport. and play. You will not loose out your time and money if you visit Betawi Village. Because, here you can learn learn valuable Betawi culture and inheritance.

9. Kaki Langit Adventure Camp


For those who have an adventure spirit, Kaki Langit adventure camp is a place that is right for you. It serves various game and sport that make your moment unforgettable. You can stay for a night or more in the camps that are available for you who want to feel the natural environment.

Kaki langit adventure camp also provides a water sport. Rafting is the best sport that they offer you. You must try this sport to make your adrenaline rising. You will be jumped in the wild river that push you to stay  focus in avoiding the cisadane and citarik rivers’ stones, and you do not need to be alarm, because there will be a guide that will keep you in safe.

Don’t You like water sport? So you do not need to be worry. There are some outbound activities that make you sweating all over your body. Paint ball and flying fox will make your day. Just prepare your group of friends or family to visit kaki Langit adventure camp, and make priceless moments.

Those are the places that you can visit in South Jakarta. You can have fun with the activity that you choose in your vacation. You do not need to forget about knowledge and culture that you still can learn and get from your vacation.

10. Satria Mandala Museum

Another Historical place that is in South Jakarta is Satria Mandala  Museum. It is the museum  that you must visit, because it has many collection of war tools and equipment, such as, weapons, planes, Tank and other war vehicles.

If you come to this museum, you will learn the history of Indonesia. There are many historical  things that you can see from it.

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11. Mayestik Traditional Market

Looking for an antique thing? You definitely must come to this market. The market, which opens daily, will bring you to a different atmosphere, because there are lots of unique things that you can bring home as your collection. It also serves many household tools and the things that you may not expect to meet. Just find and buy your favorite things!

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12. Kidzania Jakarta

The last place that you can choose for your holday in South jakarta is Kidzania. It is different from the places that I mention above, because it is located in one of the big mall in Jakarta, Pacific Place. Kidzania will give the best experience for your kids, because it provides a theme park that focuses on education and entertainment.

Indeed, Jakarta as the capital city of Indonesia is sure a crowded magical city with its own uniqueness and happiness. So, if you visit Jakarta, you will be very pleased cause the people is friendly and the places are beautiful.  However, there are many things to do in South Jakarta Indonesia and you can enjoy it with family, best friends, or your best lovers. Happy Holiday in Indonesia!

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