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Relax in the Middle of the City at these Picnic Spots in Jakarta

by Ivonne Puspakencana
picnic spots in jakarta
Picnic Spots in Jakarta

Spending weekend with your loved ones is always a great idea. There are a lot of fun ideas to spend your weekend, such as going to malls, visiting zoo and even having picnics. You almost can enjoy all those fun activities in Jakarta. Jakarta has them all, from these shopping spots in Jakarta for the shopaholics and many more.

Having picnics in Jakarta would be a great idea too. Jakarta has several parks that allow you to prepare picnic setups. You can let yourself basking in the middle of the green spots in the city. Do you think it is a good idea? Then, let’s get ready to relax in the middle of the city at these 5 picnic spots in Jakarta.

  • Hutan Kota by Plataran GBK
Picnic Spots in Jakarta
The grass area where you can set your picnic

The first recommended picnic spot in Jakarta will be Hutan Kota in GBK (Gelora Bung Karno). This spot offers a green area with an array of sports fields, baseball stadium, restaurants and picnic area. This spot has been popular among people in Jakarta.

You may get confused with the name “Hutan Kota”. Hutan Kota here is not merely a “forest” located in the middle of the city. Instead, you will find a stretch of grass patch on a large area where you can set your picnic setups. The atmosphere may be similar to the one in Central Park, New York.

Hutan Kota GBK is simply a collaboration between the Plataran Hotel and Gelora Bung Karno management. You will enjoy the well-maintained area along with restaurant there. Enjoy the clear sky and skyscrapers along with the other people who have urban-picnic styles there.

While you’re nearby GBK, why don’t you also do somethings to do near Hotel Mulia Jakarta? Hotel Mulia is really close to GBK.

  • Suropati Park
Picnic Spots in Jakarta
Suropati Park in Menteng

Do you know Menteng? It is one of the most popular areas in Jakarta which has a green park named Suropati Park. Find some delicious snacks to accompany your picnic moments. You will be surrounded by shady trees. Hence, it gives a cool and fresh ambience, even during the day.

This park also has some attractive spots, such as a fountain and pigeon cage. No wonder, this park is really popular among people of all ages, as it provides everything for the whole family members.

Sometimes, there are some communities and musicians who perform to entertain the visitors. You will surely enjoy the exciting experience of having picnic at Suropati Park. Things to do in Menteng Jakarta will give you the other ideas of spending your day near Menteng area.

  • White Sand Beach, PIK 2
Picnic Spots in Jakarta
Enjoy the breeze on the white sand beach in PIK 2

Who doesn’t know PIK 2 now? It is one of the most visited spots in Jakarta nowadays, especially during weekends. PIK 2 has White Sand Beach which is perfect as your picnic spot with your loved ones.

You can simply set your picnic mat on the sand and enjoy the cool breeze and the stunning view. If you don’t feel like going picnic, then you can just do other activities, such as playing sand, visiting cafes around and even just relaxing at the beach.

  • Tebet Eco Park
Picnic Spots in Jakarta
The infinity bridge in Tebet Eco Park

This eco park could be the newest park opened in South Jakarta, specifically in Tebet area. It has an area of 7 hectares. There are also some facilities provided, such as toilets, prayer room, children’s playground and some areas for exercising.

You can set your picnic setup in the green grass area. Have a relaxing day with your family with the view of the trees and soothing green grass. There are also various flowers that will make you feel at home.

  • Spathodea Park
Picnic Spots in Jakarta

The next amazing picnic spot in Jakarta is Spathodea Park. This park is located in South Jakarta. It has an area of up to 1.5 hectares. There are also some facilities that make your picnic experience more comfortable, such as outdoor gym, fish pond, sitting area, parking and children’s playground.

This park is located not far from Ragunan Zoo, so you can visit this park after having fun in Ragunan Zoo. Have fun by being surrounded by a wide expanse of grass. Don’t forget to bring all the things needed for your picnic and take as many photos as you can!

Jakarta is full of amazing places, starting from the historical landmarks, natural attractions to spots for hunting street food. You can check street food spots in Jakarta, memorable historical places in Jakarta and have fun in best ecotourism experiences and destinations near Jakarta Indonesia.

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