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Let’s Get the Unforgettable Experience in these 6 Local Markets in Jakarta

by Ivonne Puspakencana
Local Markets in Jakarta

Jakarta is full of amazing places, you can check museums in Jakarta and historical places in Jakarta. You will never get bored exploring Jakarta as it offers a lot of incredible spots. Visiting local market will be a great and unforgettable experience you can have in Jakarta.

Despite the facts that Jakarta is a modern city, local markets are still interesting to visit. You can find a wide variety of local products to choose and taste local food too. If you want to find some delicious local food, try strolling around street food spots in Jakarta.

Jakarta has some local markets that are worth visiting. Fortunately, these local markets are located strategically and offer different products. If you’re interested in strolling around to find local products, then let’s get the unforgettable experience in these 6 local markets in Jakarta. ‘

  • Flea Market, Jalan Surabaya
Local Markets in Jakarta

If you’re looking for some antique things to furnish your home, then you can find them in Flea Market. This market has always been crowded by both local and foreign tourists, especially for those who love vintage things. No wonder, it is listed as one of the shopping spots in Jakarta.

There are over 100 vendors selling antique goods, such as wayang or leather puppets, gramophone, old rotary telephones, and others you might not find in any conventional stores. The price of the goods varies. Make sure you know how to bargain. If you love vintage goods, then you can explore this market!

  • Glodok, West Jakarta
Local Markets in Jakarta
Old-school snacks you can find in Glodok

Glodok is well-known as Pecinan or Chinatown. This market is located in Glodok, West Jakarta. It simply features Chinese ambience. You can see a glimpse of Chinese culture and tradition here.

You can purchase some Chinese herbal medicine and Chinese food here. You will also find fruits and dry fruits, old-school snacks and many more. You can access Glodok by any means of transportation: Transjakarta bus, train, ojek or taxi.

  • Mayestik, Kebayoran Baru
Local Markets in Jakarta
Variety of fabrics you can choose in Mayestik

Pasar Mayestik is a textile market where you can find many kinds of best quality fabrics with affordable price. No wonder, women and fashion entrepreneurs love strolling around here to find the best quality of fabrics. This market is located in Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta and the good news is it is accessible by public transportations.

Beside fabrics, you will also find any sewing kits here, like buttons, laces, and others. The market consists of 10 floors and each floor has different items to sell.

Tips: try to wear comfortable outfit and footwear when you come here as the market is a bit hot.

  • Santa, Kebayoran Baru
Local Markets in Jakarta
Some stores you can find in Pasar Santa

Still near Kebayoran Baru, Pasar Santa is another interesting local market to explore in Jakarta. It is popular as a culinary heaven as it sells recommended modern local street food. No wonder, many people, especially the young folks, love to be here. It is indeed a cozy place to hang out with friends or relatives.

Try some modern local street food here, such as Beyond Cendol and Duren Bar, Mie Chino and many more.

Not only food, you can also find some other shops selling household goods, batik, and jewelry.

  • Pasar Baru, Central Jakarta
Local Markets in Jakarta
Pasar Baru

Another local market in Jakarta which will give you an unforgettable experience is Pasar Baru. It is famous as a shopping center in Central Jakarta with affordable price. You will find not only people from Jakarta, but people from outside Jakarta visiting this market. This local market also attracts photographers as the market has the classic architecture style.

If you wish to visit this market, it is recommended to take public transportation. Bring a lot of money and spend them on buying items, such as branded clothes, vintage clothes and shoes.

Near Pasar Baru, you will find some iconic landmarks, such as Cathedral Church and Istiqlal Mosque, the iconic landmarks of Jakarta.

  • Tanah Abang, Central Jakarta
Local Markets in Jakarta
Some of the clothes store you can find in Tanah Abang

Beside Mayestik, Jakarta also has another textile market called Tanah Abang. It is even considered as one of the biggest textile markets in Southeast Asia.

Moreover, it doesn’t only sell textile, but also religious items. Indeed, it is always crowded both with local and foreign visitors, especially during Ramadhan month.

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