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13 Top Attractions in Jakarta Indonesia (#1 Must Visit)

by Yoga Adi

We all know that Jakarta is a metropolitan city. The city with the crowd and full of pollution. And also business lays on them. But,is there any place to relax from this?, is there a destination to get way from this for a while? Of course there is all top attractions in Jakarta Indonesia.

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Actually there are dozens of tourist destinations in Jakarta (mostly in the outer area). They still look very natural, and well maintained. Its a good news of course, for Jakarta people who are looking for a place to relax. So what are we can find in this region? check the list of top attractions in Jakarta Indonesia below :

1. Monas (National Monument)

The National Monument or popularly abbreviated as Monas or National Monument. This tower is a 132 meters (433 feet) monument established to celebrate the struggle of the Indonesian people to seize independence from the Dutch East Indies colonial government. The construction of Monas was made on 17 August 1961 under the President Sukarno order, and was open to the public on July 12, 1975. The monument was crowned with a gold-plated flame symbolizing the spirit of a fiery struggle.

The basement of the monument is at a depth of 3 meters below ground level. Indeed, there is the Indonesian National History Museum. The large room of the museum sizes of 80 x 80 meters wide, can accommodate about 500 visitors. 

Entry Ticket : Rp5.000,- for adults, Rp3.000,- for children + Rp10.000,- lift cost to reach the Monas peak platform

Opening Hours : Everyday from 07.00

This large marble-lined room has 48 dioramas on all four sides and 3 dioramas in the center, making it a total of 51 dioramas. This diorama displays the history of Indonesia since pre-historic times until the New Order. Its a great place to explore.

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2. TMII ( Taman Mini Indonesia Indah)

This one tourist attraction is a tourist park area that has a visual concept of Indonesian culture. TMII is located in East Jakarta area and built in an area of ​​approximately 1.5 square kilometers or about 150 hectares. Taman Mini Indonesia Indah or commonly in short with TMII is a tourist attraction in summarizing the culture of the Indonesian nation, or In other words TMII is a miniature of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia.

If you visit this attraction, you will find a lake that becomes miniature islands in Indonesia from Sabang to Merauke. In addition there are also displayed various kinds of traditional clothing, dance area, various museums, houses of worship every official religion in Indonesia and many others. You will feel the same experience as you visit all the region of Indonesia with various cultures.

  • Entry Ticket : Parking ticket from Rp1.000,- to Rp30.000,-(you’ll be charged with admission ticket for any ride there)
  • Opening Hours : EVeryday from 07.00-22.00

3. Ragunan Zoo

Ragunan Zoo is the first zoo built in Indonesia. Initially established in 1864, the zoo was located in Cikini area, Central Jakarta with 10 hectares of land but in 1964. Thus, the zoo was moved to Ragunan area, south of Jakarta and inaugurated as Ragunan Wildlife Park on June 22, 1966 covering an area of ​​approximately 140 hectares.

Ragunan Zoo is very easily reached by public transportation such as bus or Transjakarta bus because the location is placed right next to Ragunan Busway Stop. If you bring a private vehicle, you will also have no difficulty to park your vehicle because the parking lot is available. In certain holiday periods such as Christmas, New Year or long holiday visitors at this zoo are so many.  So be sure to visit it in the right time.

  • Entry Ticket : Rp4.000,- for adults and Rp3.000,0 for children
  • Opening Hours : Tuesday – Sunday from 07.00-16.00

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4. Kepulauan Seribu (Thousand Island)

Thousand Island is one of the popular natural tourist areas in the Capital of the Republic of Indonesia, Jakarta. The location of the Thousand Islands which is not far from Jakarta makes this destination often become the target of a short break in the weekend for the citizens of Jakarta and other areas. Thousand Islands is an island cluster area located in the Bay of Jakarta. The area itself is an administrative district of the Special Capital Region of Jakarta.

Thousand Island is different from the northern coastline in the region around Jakarta which is famous for its slums, dirty and poorly maintained. Thousand Island is just the opposite, very regular, clean, clear sea water and the scenery is very beautiful. In fact, the Thousand Islands get the nickname Maldiven van Java which refers to the beauty of tropical islands lined up like in the Maldives. The Thousand Islands has hundreds of islands that are largely uninhabited. Its really worth to check out.

  • Entry Ticket : Rp25.000,-
  • Opening Hours : No opening hours, but please take a look at the boat departing schedule.

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5. Old Town Jakarta

Old Batavia is a term from the Old City of Jakarta is a trading center for the Asian continent during the Dutch East Indies era. History of the Old City of Jakarta At that time the goblets and merchants from around the world, especially Asia made the transaction here. By the sailors of Europe this region is also dubbed the “Queen of the East” as well as the “Asian Gem”. The area of ​​this city crosses the area of ​​West Jakarta and North Jakarta and has an area of ​​approximately 139 hectares.

Currently the Old City of Jakarta became a tourist attraction where there are various buildings or buildings with European and Chinese-style architecture. The buildings have been built since the 17th century. So if you’reinto historical place, this is the first place you must go to.

  • Entry Ticket : Noe entry ticket to enter Old Town Jakarta area
  • Opening Hours : No opening hours for the area itself except the museums

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6. Glodok Chinatown

In addition to large malls, West Jakarta area also has unique attractions such as Chinatown in Glodok. The area located in Taman Sari district of West Jakarta is included in the old city area of ​​Jakarta. Glodok area is famous as a center of economic activity busy with daily business transactions. In this area you can also find traces of ethnic Chinese history in Jakarta which is an integral part of the history of Jakarta.

Glodok is the name of a familiar place in the ears of Jakarta residents, it is said that this place is called Glodok because of the sound of “grojok-grojok” of the water in the area and was once a place of worship  in the past. But according to Mariah Waworuntu, a history observer from the University of Indonesia, the name Glodok derived from the word cart, which carrying and selling water from Pancoran.

During the day this place is busy with economic activities and independent trade transactions, but in the evening it  turned into entertainment centers both legal and illegal. The past glory of this place can also be proved by the magnificent and luxurious buildings. Check it out all the top attractions in Jakarta Indonesia!

  • Entry Ticket : Its just an urban area, so you can visit it freely
  • Opening Hours : No Opening hours

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7. Setu Babakan (Lake Babakan)

Setu babakan is not like ordinary lakes in general, because there are interesting things here. Around Setu Babakan is actually a settlement area established by the Jakarta government as a place for the preservation and development of Betawi culture on an ongoing basis. Betawi typical village is also one tourist attraction for tourists who want enjoy rural atmosphere or want to see the culture of Betawi directly.

In this village people still maintain the culture and typical way of life such as trading, fishing, cultivating, making handicrafts and making a typical betawi food. In Setu Babakan there are betawi houses – the native of Jakarta who can be seen. At certain times there are also cultural performances typical of Betawi. Its a good place.

  • Entry Ticket : Its Free !
  • Opening Hours : Everyday from 06.00-17.00

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8. Natural Park Angke, Kapuk

Natural Park of Angke Kapuk or better known as Mangrove Forest Pantai Indah Kapuk because it is located on Jalan Kamal Muara, Pantai Indah Kapuk, North Jakarta. Here you can enjoy the cool air and the green landscape of lush mangrove forest.

The existence of mangrove forest is not only serves as the prevention of coastal erosion around Jakarta and also the conservation of mangrove, but also serves for natural and educational tourism where tourists can enjoy the cool and natural beauty of the mangrove plants.

Even you can also participate in keeping nature by following the seeding activities or other conservation activities. Its a nice place to visit, don’t forget to come here !

  • Entry Ticket : Rp25.000,-
  • Opening Hours : Everyday from 07.00-16.00

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9. Suropati Park

Suropati Park (originally called Burgemeester Bisschopplein) is the name of a park in Jakarta. At first the name of this park was taken from the name of the first Batavian mayor, G.J. Bisshop (1916-1920). This park is the center of the Menteng area, right between the three main roads of Menteng Boulevard (Teuku Umar Road), Orange Boulevard (Jalan Diponegoro), and Nassau Boulevard (Jalan Imam Bonjol).

The field now known as Suropati Park since 1920 has replaced the extensive round field in Moojen Plan. Suropati Park, which is said to be the zero point of the Republic of Indonesia, became a shady park and has been decorated with sculptures from the founding nations of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations since a few years ago. 

 Suropati Park became an important park in Jakarta because there are six monuments of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations. The monuments were created by each artist from six ASEAN founding countries. The initial idea of ​​the laying of the monuments will be spread in Jakarta, but in the end it appears the idea to put the entire monument in one place, namely in Taman Suropati whose security is assured. Maintenance of all historical monuments was done by Jakarta Parks Department. Its a great place to relax.

  • Entry Ticket : No entry ticket
  • Opening Hours : Opens 24 hours

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10. Ancol Dreamland

Taman Impian Jaya Ancol is a tourist attraction in North Jakarta. It always create a better social environment through quality entertainment offerings of art, culture and knowledge in order to realize the community of ‘Life Re-Creation’ which is the pride of the nation.

Managed by its subsidiaries primarily by Taman Impian Jaya Ancol Corp. (“TIJA”) which includes tourism management (recreation and resort) and supporting business activities: entertainment, convention and shopping. PJAA manages an “integrated tourism area” of 552 Ha, a location near the coast, best in Jakarta with easy access via toll roads, busways and trains. Children will surely love this place.

  • Entry Ticket : Rp25.000,-
  • Opening Hours : Opens 24 hours every day

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11. Dufan (Dunia Fantasi / Fantasy World)

For people of Jakarta city would have been familiar with this one tourist spot, yes dufan is one of the tourist attractions in Jakarta which has a variety of rides or games that can be played. For those of you who are confused to find interesting sights then dufan ancol is the right choice to visit on a holiday with family, relatives or partner.

Because so many lists of rides in dufan, certainly you will not be able to try everything but maybe you can try it one by one on the other occasion. In addition to dufan ancol you can also visit other interesting rides such as Ocean Dream Ocean, Atlantis Water Adventure and Ecopark. All that you can enjoy to eliminate fatigue after tired of daily activities.

Entry Ticket : Rp25.000,-

Opening Hours : Everyday from 10.00-18.00

12. Fatahillah Museum

Museum Fatahillah has the official name of Jakarta Historical Building is one museum located at Jalan Taman Fatahillah No. 1, West Jakarta with an area of ​​more than 1. 300 mtr. square. The yard with the arrangement of blocks. The architecture of the 17th century style building with neoclassical style with three floors with yellow paint ground, door frames and windows of teak wood.

The Jakarta Historical Museum Building built at th. 1620 by Governor-General Jan Pieterszoon Coen as the 2nd city hall building on 1626 (the early town hall was built in 1620 near Kalibesar Timur. After visiting Old Town Jakarta, don’t ever forget to take a look at this.

  • Entry Ticket : Rp5.000,-
  • Opening Hours : Tuesday to Sunday, from 09.00-15.00

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13. Tidung Island

Tidung Island is an island which is made by the local government as a beautiful holiday place with a simple concept and still in the area of thousand islands of jakarta. Tourism programs handled by local residents, they will charge with cheap price. There’s bridge that stretches with a length of 700 meters that connects between two islands .

For just 2 hours 30 minutes by using a traditional boat from Muara angke or if you want to reach it faster, it’ll only take 1 hour journey by using speedboat from marina ancol city of Jakarta. You’ll be greeted by amazing views of the beach, and also the sea. What a heavenly place.

  • Entry Ticket : About Rp79.000,-
  • Opening Hours : No opening hours, but it suggested to pay attention to the boat departing schedule to this island.

That’s it, several top attractions in Jakarta Indonesia. Actually, there’s more thing you can explore all the things to do in Jakarta Indonesia, and make a great experience of it, careful not to get lost though. Make a very nice memory of it, and please keep the environment clean, to make the beauty of those places still maintained. Enjoy your holiday in Indonesia, have a great day and enjoy all the things to do in Jakarta Indonesia!

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