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45 Spots in Lake Toba Sumatra Indonesia – Diving – Supervolcano – Cultural Attractions

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The province of North Sumatra, Indonesia, is known to have many interesting tourist attractions. From so many attractions, Lake Toba, is the most famous one of all.

Meanwhile, Lake Toba Sumatra Indonesia is a tekto-volcanic lake with a length of 100 kilometers, 30 kilometers wide, and up to 505 meters (1,666 ft) deep. Lake Toba Sumatra is the largest lake in Indonesia and Southeast Asia, and also the largest volcanic lake in the world.

Lake Toba Indonesia was predicted to form when the explosion around 73000-75000 years ago happened and is the most recent eruption (super volcano). The total of eruption material that flowed over the ground around 2,800 km3-2,000 km3 of ignimbrite, and about 800 km3 which fell as an ash to the west. The flows of pyroclastic from the eruption, destroyed an area of 20,000 km2, and deposits ash as thick as 600 m to the main crater.

After the eruption, the caldera that formed, which later is filled with water and become what is now known as Lake Toba Sumatra Indonesia. The pressure up by magma that has not come out yet formed an island that now known as Samosir island. Meanwhile, here is the list of places to visit in Lake Toba Sumatra Indonesia:

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Samosir Island Indonesia

Samosir island is one of the biggest islands in Indonesia. Samosir district is a newborn district, because this district is a division of Toba Samosir. Samosir island offers a lot of beautiful attraction for both local and international tourist. Meanhwile, here is the list of places to visit in Samosir island.

[toggle title=”1. Simangande Waterfall Samosir” state=”opened”]

Simangande waterfall has a length of 500 meters and comes from a spring in the Bukit Barisan Dolok Simangande. The water will be very swift when the rainy season comes, but will be reduced in the dry season. The location of the waterfall is located near the fork between the villages Ambarita to Tuk tuk village.

[toggle title=”2. Huta Bolon Simanindo Museum Samosir”]

Museum Huta Bolon Simanindo is a museum housed in the former home of a Batak king, Rajah Simalungun. It is located in the village of Simanindo on Samosir Island in Sumatra, Indonesia. Museum Hita Bolon Simanindo houses hundreds of years old ancient objects that used for everyday purposes by the ancient Batak people.

[toggle title=”3. Tao Island Samosir Indonesia”]

tao island samosirTao island Indonesia is located in Simanindo district. Administratively, Tao island belong to the territory of Simanindo district even though in the shape of a small island. On this island, there is a sort of resort and a restaurant with a camping ground located in the beach. Sadly, as it’s no longer famous, the restaurant is left in Tao island.


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Parapat Sumatra

Parapat is located at Bolon sipangan Girsang Simalungun. Before reaching Parapat, you will see many monkeys that roam in search of food along the way. This is one of the uniqueness of Parapat. It is recommended to bring snacks, such as peanuts and cakes that be able to be feed to the monkeys along the way.

Here is list of place to visit in Parapat:

[toggle title=”1. Bung Karno’s Seclusion House Indonesia” state=”opened”]

Bung Karno’s seclusion house in Parapat is one of place where the first president of Indonesia exiled.

At the end of 1948, the first President of Indonesia, Ir. Sukarno was once exiled in the guesthouse belong to the Dutch. The two-story house was built by the Dutch in 1820, with the size of 10 x 20 m and surrounded by garden about the size of two hectares.

The building is adopted from the architecture of classic style that often used by people in European countries in the early 19th century, an architectural art called by the name indische architectur are quite popular at that period.

[toggle title=”2. HKBP Parapat Church Indonesia”]

HKBP Parapat church is a church with the architecture of Batak and Europe was built as a place of worship for Christians. The church was inaugurated in the memorial day of Jubilee HKBP. Parapat is often visited by tourists because of its grandeur. The construction of HKBP Parapat church spent almost $ 4.3 billion.


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Pusuk Buhit Sumatra

Pusuk Buhit is one of the mountain peaks on the western edge of Lake Toba. In mythology Batak, the peak described as the “birth” of the tribe. Pusuk Buhit has an altitude of 1972 masl (meters above sea level) and covers several villages in the district of Sianjur Mula-Mula and the district of Pangururan.

Here is list of places to visit in Pusuk Buhit:

[toggle title=”1. Tele Tower Indonesia” state=”opened”]

Menara Tele is a high tower consists of three levels and each level has a different visibility. From the top of the tower you will see a panoramic view of Lake Toba and its surroundings from a distance and most of the mainland island of Samosir is can clearly be seen from this tower. On the left side there is the legendary Mount Pusuk Buhit and from the right side, you will see rows of towering mountains and houses at the foot of the mountain. Also from this tower, the Toba Lake can be seen clearly.

[toggle title=”2. Aek Sipitu Dai Public Bath”]

Aek Sipitu Dai Public Bath, locally known as Mata Air 7 Rasa, is a relic of the legend Batak Toba. There are total seven waters spring here, such as:

  • Fountain  I. Aek Poso specifically for mothers to bathe their children who do not have teeth yet.
  • Fountain II. Specifically for elderly women, women who can no longer give birth and infertile women.
  • Fountain III. Specially for pregnant women or mothers who still can to contain baby.
  • Fountain IV. Locally known as Paridian Sibaso (Pemandian Wanita Pengobati) whose function is to help labor. The fountain is leading to a disposal location, because Sibaso usually hold dirty children (of childbirth) as they got cleaned.
  • Fountain V. Locally known as Paridian Pangulu. This is the fountain where men of all age take a bath.
  • Fountain VI.  Locally known as Paridian-Doli Doli, is a bathing spot for young man the descendant of Guru Tatea.
  • Fountain VII. Locally known as Paridian Hela, is a bathing spot for man (in-law) who marry the descendant women of Teacher Tatea.

[toggle title=”3. The Peak of Pusuk Buhit.”]

The Peak of Pusuk Buhit SumatraThe peak of Pusuk Buhit is the main attraction in Pusuk Buhit. To reach the peak of Pusuk Buhit, it take 5 hours total. It’s take quite a long time but it will be paid by the beauty of the scenery of Samosir island from up here.

[toggle title=”4. House of Parsaktian Sumatra”]

House of Parsaktian is locally known simply as Rumah Parsaktian. House of Parsaktian is a historical sights is located in Sianjur Mula-Mula district. This house is a Batak house used by the ancient Batak people to perform acts of worship. Because back in the ancient times, the Batak still adopts animism or Parmalim, which is those whose have no belief in their religion and God.


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Pangururan North Sumatra Indonesia

Pangururan is the capital of Samosir, North Sumatra. Pangururan consists of several villages, such as, Parbaba, Sialanguan, Sinabulan, Lumbansuhi and others.

Here is list of places to visit in Pangururan Sumatra:

[toggle title=”1. Liberty Malau Statue” state=”opened”]

The statue of Liberty Malau is a memorial to commemorate the struggle of a combatant force 45 of the island of Samosir to help the Republic of Indonesia reaching its independence. This monument was unveiled on May 2, 1992 by Raja Inal Siregar, the governor of North Sumatra at the time. In addition, the monument also be signed officially by a Purnawiraan Army from Samosir areas, the Army Major General (Ret) A.E Manihuruk construction as the general chairman of the monument committee. Colonel Liberty Malau monument is located at the intersection of the entrance of the City Pangururan.

[toggle title=”2. Aek Rangat”]

Aek Rangat or hot water bath – Hot Spring – which is situated on Pusuk Buhit mountain has become the mainstay of Pangururan City in Samosir. The location of the hot spring is not too far from Samosir. It only about 3 km away and can be reached only 30 minutes by motor vehicle.

For tourists who want a hot bath at Pangururan, can choose the bathing pools that are available there. The pools are managed by locals and opened for visitors to enjoy a hot soak or shower as their liking. The pools were already set to different levels of heat.

[toggle title=”3. Suhi Suhi Village”]

Suhi Suhi village is a village in which the most livelihoods engaged by the women there are making Ulos. Ulos that created, is an Ulos knitting with traditional tools to produce a knitted fabric which is quite neat and good, has lots of motifs and styles. The price of the Ulos could be up to 10 million rupiah.

Suhi Suhi village is a Batak village that owns the beautiful customs house buildings that quite interesting, a typical series of reliefs buildings like gorga or carvings at wall of houses. This kind of art has a special attraction for the art lovers.


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Tomok Village Sumatra

Tomok is the main gate to enter Samosir island, hrough the Port of Ajibata, Parapat. Tomok is one of the villages located in the area of Samosir island, Samosir district, North Sumatra Province. Tomok village is a special village for tourist, both local and international one. The reason is because in Tomok tourist can do a lot of things. From shopping touring, historical touring and learning about the culture of Batak Toba.

Here is list of places to visit in Tomok village:

[toggle title=”1. The Tomb of King Sidabutar Samosir” state=”opened”]

The Tomb of King Sidabutar SamosirThe tomb of King Sidabutar is complex of tombs, with several stone crates of carved like human heads and various tombs. The stone coffin and the tomb was not embedded in the ground, but is above the soil surface.

There are 3 King along with some of their relatives that were buried in this complex. The first and second king still has not converted but follow the flow of animism and dynamism, known as Parmalin. The first king’s tomb made of stone where the king’s head section carrying a child drawn. This shows that Batak people really appreciate their children and wanted their children to have a higher degree than his parents. This is in accordance with the conditions of the present reality back then, in which parents will do everything with all of strength to push his children as high as possible in school so they can have a better life.

In addition, you will see a statue of a beautiful woman named Anting Malela Boru Sinaga. Because of her beauty, a lot of king in Batak area want to wife her. But only the second King that the latter is successfully captured the heart of this beautiful girl. However, because many men are disappointed, it was believed that there people whose send guna-guna to her until she lost her mind. And finally gone, unable to know her existence anymore.

Before entering the tomb of the king, the people were required to wear Ulos provided at the entrance gate.

[toggle title=”2. Batak Samosir Museum “]

Museum Batak Samosir is is one of the Batak museum in North Sumatra. Museum Batak Samosir is placed in the traditional house of Bolon, locally known as Rumah Bolon.

Rumah Bolon is a specialized custom house of the king and his family. This custom home is a custom home models where there are no rooms and if you want to create a room, it has to be partitioned by using Ulos. The yard of Museum Batak Samosir is very clean and well maintained. There are also stone seats which are already hundreds of years old.

When you enter the museum Batak Samosir, you has to bow slightly. It’s signifying that every guest should respect the host. When climbing the stairs, you will notice that these stairs will have an odd numbers. This is due to the Batak indigenous beliefs that odd number is a good luck.

[toggle title=”3. Sigale-gale Toba”]

Sigale-gale is a doll that has a mythical story from Samosir Island.

It is said that Sigale-gale was the son of a king. The only son of Rahat, the king who has a handsome face and the only heir of the kingdom. The king’s son, Manggale, died on the battlefield. The death of Sigale-gale has causes the king Rahat to experience psychiatric disorders. The legend said that the puppet of Sigale-gale is a wooden doll made for the happiness of king Rahat.

In a ceremony, the physician of the kingdom summon spirits of Sigale-gale and put the spirit into the wood carved that resemble his face. As it’s happens, the Sigale-gale was accompanied by typical music of Batak Toba, such as gondang Mula-mula, gondang Somba and gondang Mangaliat.

In Batak language, Sigale-gale means graceful. Sigale-gale has become one of North Sumatra Province identity of tourism in general, and particularly in Samosir.


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More Lake Toba Attractions

Meanwhile, here are more best spots in Lake Toba Sumatra Indonesia that you need to visit someday. These places are amazingly beautiful.

1. Sipinsur Island Sumatra

Sipinsur is located in Pearung village, the sub-district of Paranginan, Humbahas district. Sipinsur is one of good location to view Lake Toba and even Samosir island. In Sipinsur, you can easily spot cafes and public toilets managed by the local community.

To reach Sipinsur, you need your own vehicle because there is no public transportation to this area. It’s not really far from Silangit airport, only take 45 minutes. As soon as you come down from your vehicle, there are 1,000 stairs waiting for you to climb it. Meanwhile, Sipinsur island Sumatra Indonesia is one of the best spot to visit in Lake Toba Indonesia.

2. Ambarita Sumatra 

Ambarita is a village famous for its relics from megalithic age. This anthropological sites able to attract both local and foreign tourists to the small village on the island of Samosir.

Ambarita has a special entrance gate located in the southwest. There is a large stone statue that supposedly believed to be the guardian and exorcist evil who try to go into the village in the entrance gate. This sculpture is called Pangulubalang.

Ambarita is located in the northwest Tuk Tuk, is about 3 km and 5 km from Tomok. To reach the village, you can travel by boat for 20 minutes, departed from the Port Tomok, or if you want to walk along the island of Samosir, Ambarita can be reached within an hour from Tuktuk.

Near the pier, there is a place called the Siallagan Huta. Siallangan Huta reserves many historical sites, such as Batu Persidangan, a proof of history that the ancient Batak law in Huta Siallagan were existed back then.

3. Lumban Silintong Balige Beach Sumatra

Lumbang Silintong Balige beach is a beach located in the district of Toba Samosir, North Sumatra Province.

In Lumban Silintong Balige beach, you can walk along the beach, swim with your family, enjoy the beautiful scenery and the culinary this beach offered, such as grilled fish. The most well-known is the carp and tilapia, fished directly from the lake of Toba and other grilled foods. You will also find boys whose swim for coins the tourist throw to the sea.

To reach Lumban Silintong Balige beach, you can use the land and the air transportation. If you are from Medan, you can use public transport to get to town Balige with length of journey approximately 6 hour. But if you want to quickly arrive, you can go to the airport Kuala Namu and fly using a plane with route to Siborong – Borong Taput, it only take half an hour.

More Beautiful Places in Indonesia

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