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10 Togian Islands Indonesia Spots – Diving Seasons – Sunset Hunting – Bungalows

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togian island

togian islandThe Indonesian archipelago consisted of 5 main islands as well as a few groups of islands like the Nusa Tenggara and the Maluku archipelagos as well as many smaller islands groups.

The Indonesian archipelago is located in the equator and wedged the continents of Asia and Australia, as well as two oceans, namely the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean. Being strategically located between two Oceans making the waters around Indonesian islands are extremely rich in marine biodiversity. Some of the species found in parts of Indonesian forests as well as sea are endemic and can only be found in Indonesia.

The Togian Islands (also called Togian) are a group of islands formed by volcanic activities. The islands consisted of 56 islands and islets. It is located in the Tomini Gulf, off the Central Sulawesi coast. The group of islands has six main islands, namely Batudaka, Una Una, Talatakoh, Waleakodi, Waleabahi and Togian itself. The group of islands is well known for its native tribe, the Bajo people, which is also known as sea gypsies.

Togean Islands Indonesia is administratively part of Tojo Una Una Regency in Indonesian province of Central Sulawesi. Togian Islands Indonesia can be reached from either the city of Gorontalo or Ampana. The latter option provides the fastest and best way to reach Togean Islands Indonesia.

The islands are surrounded by coral reef formations which in turn provide habitat and breeding ground for many species like green sea turtles, hawksbill turtle as well as the dugong. The rainforest that is on the islands of Togian Islands Indonesia are also a habitat for various species of birds like the Tonkean macaque as well as the Togian hawk-owl which was discovered quite recently in 1999.

These are the main reasons why Indonesian government established a part of Togian Islands, Kalimantan as a National Park in 2004. The National Park consisted of 292,000 hectares of sea area and 70,000 hectares of land area. The sea area of the national marine park has the largest area of coral reefs in Indonesia with 132,000 hectares of coral reefs.

As you can see, the Togian Islands Central Sulawesi is a beautiful tourist’s attraction with the many things you can do on these islands. These Islands paradise is secluded, meaning not many people know about this tourist object. The pristine and untouched beaches, coral reefs and rainforests, make Togian Islands a gem that left unpolished. So let us give you a preview on everything you need to know the Togian Islands Indonesia and all its attractions.

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1. Togian Islands National Park

togian island national parkAs mentioned above, this national park is located in the bay of Tomini in Central Sulawesi and was established in 2004. The national park is acknowledged for its rich biodiversity which consisted of coral reefs as well as various endangered species of sea organisms.

The Togian Islands National Park stretched along around 102.7 kilometers. The National Park has about 10,659 hectares of forest reserve which include the mangrove forest.

Togian Islands National Park formed an integral and very important part of coral triangle ecosystem which covers the seas of the Southern Japan, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, and Australia. Coral reefs in Togian Islands have a very rich biodiversity. The coral reef in Togian Islands National Park consisted of 4 types, namely fringing reef, barrier reef, patch reef as well as atolls.

The ecosystem of Togian Islands National Park is strategically located in the Tomini Gulf. According to Marine Rapid Assessment Program research which was conducted by Conservation International Indonesia in 1998, Togian Islands National Park is the home for 262 species of corals which can be found in 25 coral reef spots that are spread throughout Togian Islands Indonesia.

Additionally, the research also shows that there is an endemic coral species which is native only in Togian Islands, which is Accropora togianensis which can be found in 11 out of the 25 spots of coral reef spots. The marine park is also 596 species of fish. Out of these species, there are 2 species, namely Paracheilinus togianensis and Ecsensius sp. which are believed to be indigenous and can only be found in Togian Islands.

The study also shows that the marine park is home to 555 species of mollusks, 336 species of gastropods, 211 species of bibalvia, 2 species of cephalopods, 2 species of Scaphopoda and 4 species of chiton. This island is also home to the largest of the arthropods that live on the ground, the coconut crab. Adult coconut crab can reach a weight of 4 kilograms with leg span of 9 feet from end to end.

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2. Una Una Togian Island

una una islandThis island is dominated by a large active volcano, Mount Colo in its center. In fact, the island is created due to the activity of Mount Colo and as such it could also be rightfully share the same name. The vegetation on this island is primarily coconut trees. The island was largely devastated by the eruption of Mount Colo in 1983.

Mount Colo rises about 500 meters above sea level and it gives a very distinct criterion to the sand found on Una Una beach compared to other beaches in Togian Islands. Here the sand is black in color, where sand in other beaches around Togian Islands is white in color. This is caused by Mount Colo’s volcanic activity.

The waters around this island are pristine and full of fish of various species like rays, sharks, barracudas, napoleon wrasse as well as Jackfish. Sometimes you can also see blue marlins swimming in this water. The reefs here are covered by huge soft corals and sponges. The current in Una Una makes this diving spot suitable only for advanced divers. The diving spot in Una Una is largely untouched and remind us of how Bunaken must have looked like some 20 years ago.

Here you can also find a diver’s resort called Sanctum Una Una which offers nice, clean and cheap rooms which are located by the sea. The jetty in this resort will literally lead you directly to the front of the coral reefs. The cost to stay in Sanctum Una Una is quite affordable. For deluxe rooms with private bathrooms, you will have to pay IDR 350,000. Meanwhile, for rooms with shared bathrooms, the cost is IDR 250,000. Both types of rooms already include your three daily meals.

Another place to stay on Una Una is Nino’s Homestay which comes in bungalow style. You can stay here for IDR 150,000 per person per night, 3 daily meals included as well as complimentary tea and coffee all day long. The beach adjacent to Nino’s Homestay will lead you to a coral reef teeming with fish as well as turtles, which makes it perfect for snorkeling as well as diving. It is also possible to ask one of the owner’s sons to guide you through the jungle to the volcano.

If you are going to the volcano, be sure that you prepare a lot of water. The trip itself will take about 3 hours for one way. The cost for the guide is IDR 75,000 per person.

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3. Malenge Island, Central Sulawesi

malenge islandIn the local language, malenge is translated as tired. Located in the Togian Islands, this island has a magnificent beache as well as an astonishing view of the ocean. One of the landmark on Malenge Island is the bridge that spans for about 1 kilometers that connect Malenge Island to Togian Island. The bridge was built in 2006 and crossing the bridge will allow you to see the marine life in the pristine clear sea underneath which is pleasant to be enjoyed.

The pristine water around the island makes Malenge a perfect snorkeling and diving spot. Nearby to Malenge Island you can also find Angkailo Island. As a matter of fact, Angkailo itself is what the locals called Kenari Crab. This island is the habitat for Kenari Crab which is endemic to this island. The forest in Malenge Island is home to the critically endangered Togean monkey (Macaca Togeannus).

Pulau Malenge also has many accommodations for tourists that come here. The first one is the very affordable Losmen Lestari Malenge which will cost you IDR 125,000 per person per night including 3 daily meals.

Next one is Malenge Indah which has a basic bamboo cottages with traditional style bathroom, which will cost you IDR 150,000 per person per night including 3 meals. If you want a more comfortable stay, you can opt for the slightly more expensive bungalows which are equipped with western style bathrooms, which will cost you about IDR 250,000 per person per night including 3 daily meals.

Last but not least is Sifa Cottage which is located at Walea Kodi and is a place for you to find the perfect combination of beaches and coral reefs. The cost of this accommodation is IDR 125,000 per person per night, which already include 3 daily meals.

4. Kadidiri Island, Central Sulawesi

kadidiri-islandThis island is located in Tomini Gulf and is part of Togian Islands National Park. The beaches here have white sands with azure clear water that is to be marveled.

The island of Kadidiri is home to the Bajo people which is known as the sea gypsies due to their semi-nomadic lifestyle. These people rely on traditional fishing as their livelihood. When you visit them to make sure you bring cash to buy some fresh lobsters. They usually will sell you lobsters at a fraction of a cost from what you have to pay in the U.S., Australia, and Europe, so do not miss out on this opportunity.

Aside from that, Kadidiri Island also has dense forests that have become habitat for unique animals like pig deer, Sulawesi hornbill as well as monkeys and parrots. Kadidiri Island has 4 resorts which are located nearby to each other.3 of the resorts are located literally right next to each other on a small beach.

The first one is Pondok Lestari Kadidiri. You can stay at the shared bathroom bungalow at IDR 125,000 per person per night which already include 3 daily meals and free coffee and tea all day long. If you want the private bathroom, you will need to pay IDR 175,000 per person.

Right next door from Pondok Lestari is Black Marlin Dive Resort which has all its rooms right above the water with an astonishing view of the sea. All the rooms have attached western style bathrooms. Standard rooms are IDR 250,000 per person and deluxe rooms are IDR 300,000 per person. Both types of room already include 3 daily meals and free coffee and tea all day long. Here you can also rent some sea kayaks to go to nearby islands for fishing or snorkeling trip.

Next in line is the Kadidiri Paradise which has many bungalows of different price which start from IDR 275,000 to IDR 600,000 per person per night including all meals and free coffee and tea all day, Located right on the beach, you can literally snorkel or dive right at your doorstep as there are plenty of coral and fish.

Somewhat a distance from the others is Harmoni Bay. The bungalows here will cost you IDR 300,000 per person per night, including 3 daily meals and free coffee and tea all day. It is newly built so the bungalows are very nice and modern.

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Things to Do in Togean Islands Indonesia

Meanwhile, here all ath places you must visit in Togian Central Sulawesi, Indonesia. The best Togian Island Attractions are:

[toggle title=”5. Batudaka Island” state=”opened”]

Batudaka IslandLocated at the southern part of Togian Islands is the island of Batudaka. The name of this island in the local language means big stone. This is the largest island is Togian Islands, as well as the easiest island to reach. The contour of the island is hilly and you will see there are many plantations around the island.

In Batudaka you will also see a marvelous mangrove forest that you may want to visit. Indeed, it’s a perfectly breeze that you can enjoy yourself in the island for week and don’t go back home.

[toggle title=”6. Bomba Town Central Sulawesi”]

bomba townThis Town has some attractions nearby that will be quite interesting for you. The town is located on the Island of Batudaka. The reef walls of Taupan Island is just about 15 minutes away from Bomba. Thus, you may visit this beautiful town on your holiday.

At the west of the town, you will see a long white sandy beach. Here you can also see the biggest and most fabulous atoll reef at Togian Islands, the Bomba Atoll. One of the best diving and snorkeling sites in Togian, Catherine Reef is a mere hour away.  You can also find 2 bat caves located near Bomba that you can also explore.

[toggle title=”7. Papan Island Central Sulawesi”]

papan islandThe small Papan Island is located nearby to Malenge Island by a wooden bridge of some 800 meters in length. This bridge is mainly used by the children on their way to school and on their way back.

Almost 90% of the buildings on Papan Island Village is standing on top of the sea water. The reason of this is maybe due to the rising of sea level, so the majority part of the village now is below the sea level. It  is quite hard to believe that back in the 1960s Papan Island still have many beaches around it.

[toggle title=”8. Wakai Town Indonesia”]

wakai townIf you ever wondered, this town is not the birthplace of the Japanese shoe brand of the same name. The town is the largest settlement area in Togian Islands. The town of Wakai is located on Batudaka Island, the largest island in Togian Islands. Here in town of Wakai you will find boats that will take you to the other islands like Kadidiri and Malenge.

Some distance away towards the interior, you will find a waterfall. The journey along the way to the waterfall will take you through the villages which are charming.

[toggle title=”9. Katupat Island Indonesia”]

katupat islandHere on Katupat island you will find 2 charmingly beautiful resorts. This island is located only about 1 hour away from Kadidiri Island. Here you will find 2 resorts located on small islands nearby. Both of this islands can be reached within 10 minutes ride on a boat from Katupat Village.

The first is Bolilanga Island where you can swim and snorkel in the clear azure water accompanied by friendly tropical fish as well as wide arrays of coral formation. The bungalows located on this island is offering you a tranquil and relaxing environment. Here you can enjoy the white powdery sand beach. The staying cost at these bungalows are IDR 200,000 per person a day which already includes three daily meals.

Alternatively, you can opt to stay in Fadhilla cottage on Pangempa Island. The island really is a dream tropical paradise with beautiful beaches and sound of the jungle at night. Your stay here on this cottage will be comfortable as they offer IDR 125,000 per person a day with three daily meals included.

[toggle title=”10. Poya Lisa Island”]

poya lisa islandThis small island is located very nearby to Batudaka Island. Coming to this island gives you a chance to relax in a Robinson Crusoe style. The beach on this island has white sand with clear blue water. This island is perfect for relaxing at the beach or you can also go for snorkeling or diving. You can stay at one of the cottages on this private island. The rental cost of a cottage is IDR 150,000 per person per night including 3 daily meals. Also, Togian island diving is the best, you may try to dive here.


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Traveling tips to Togian Islands

After you have learned of the interesting places on Togian Islands, we would like to share some tips with you to make your trip to Togian Islands more comfortable.

  1. It is best to visit at the dry season so your travel from Gorontalo or Ampana will not be hindered as well as your island hopping adventure. Indonesia is a tropical country and only has two seasons, dry and rainy season. The dry season here lasts from April until October.
  2. Bring food, sunblock, camera, medicine, torch and other things you may need. You will not find any shops on these islands.
  3. Seafood is the staple of the locals. If you do not like or are allergic then bring your own extra dishes, preferably dried and instant meals.
  4. Always remember to bring mosquito repellent creams as well as anti-malarial drugs. It is noteworthy that you should bring mosquito repleent with DEET as it is the only variant that works. Also, the mosquito here bites day and night
  5. Make sure you know the schedule for departure and return of the ship. Typically the vessels that serve these islands do not operate every day.
  6. Bring a lot of cash as there is no ATM on these islands
  7. In some places, it is possible for you to pay with debit or credit cards, but communication signals here do not always work.

Don’t you wish that it is already summer so you can come to this tropical paradise and enjoy your vacation here? Let’s go to Togian Islands and have a wonderful holiday. Indeed, you will love the beaches, the seas, the breezes, the underwater, the food, the local people, the winds, and every beat about Togian Island Indonesia will absolutely blow your mind as it’s so perfectly perfect. As a result, Togian Island Indonesia is the heaven on earth!

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