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Things to Do in Donggala South Sulawesi, You Must Visit!

by Vaniahyn

Enjoy nature tours in Indonesia is inseparable from the sea and the beach, it is because Indonesia is  an archipelago country that has a long coastal line. One of the best to savor the nautical tourism is visiting the archipelago of Sulawesi because not much of tourists come over there. Whereas in Sulawesi has a lot of nature that is very natural. For example, some tourist attractions in Tondano or some places that can be found in Wakatobi, in Southeast Sulawesi.

For those who want to visit Sulawesi, maybe you can come to Donggala district in Center Sulawesi. Because there is a unique place but still natural located around the Donggala beach, namely Donggala Sea Center Tour. This tourist attractions is quite unique because this place rarely found in other attractions. Here are a few explanations about things to do in Donggala.

The Uniqueness of Donggala Sea

the wellsIf you guys think that Donggala Sea Center Tour is a beautiful beach, then you’re wrong. Because of Donggala Sea Center tour is not a beach even though near to the beach. But, this is a Wells that formed naturally. This wells is a giant wells that surrounded by rocks.

This wells can be seen from the road surface because of the large size and the width mouth of the wells. Which makes this unique wells is not only the natural formation, but also because the water is always clear and never murky.

This Wells even though used for showering and playing by the tourist, the water never looked murky. The water, which in the wells is a salty water because of the location near to the beach. So, this water will salty if you try. This saltiness is derived from a line that connecting te sea and the wells. The line closed with the rocks.

The other uniqueness of Donggala Sea Center Tour is the ebb. The wells will tide if the sea is subsided. So, that thing makes the wells very unique and interest because of the fenomena that probably can’t found in other place.

The Location of Donggala Sea Center

Donggala Sea Center Tour is in Limboro village, Center Banawa district, Donggala regency, Center Sulawesi. The local people call Donggala Sea Center as Pusentasi. The name is from Kalilian, which is a local language. Pusentasi is taken from Pusen, which means center. While tasi means sea.

To go there, the tourist can go through the city of Palu. From Palu, you can go on with the vehicle to Donggala ( Banawa ) regency with milage of about 45 minutes. From Banawa to the Sea Center Tour takes a trip approximately 10 minutes.

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The Activities in Donggala Sea Center

the activity

Basicly about things to do in Donggola, because of this tourism is a Wells, not much thing that we can do over there. But you can try to swim on the wells, because of the water will attract you to come in.

The water of the wells is not like the beach that you can play in freely. But the wells with diameter of 10 meters and a depth of 7 meters will make you interested to play in.

On the edge of the wells, there is a ladder that can used as an alternative to come in. If you won’t swim, you can tell the kids in local to come in and bring you the water of the wells, of cource with the price.

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Donggala Beach

Donggala beachLike the following words, that Sea Center Tour in Donggola located near to the beach. Donggola beach is one of the beach that has a white sand and the blue sea. It is a one of the nautical tourism in Indonesia, which is interesting to visit.

This beach will give a beautiful view, typical of Indonesian tropical and so clean. This beach managed by the local government as an attractions, so the view is still maintained. The location is fit to enjoy the sea that gets a lot of sunlight.

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Around the Donggola beach, there are also shady trees that fit rest while enjoying the atmosphere and the breezy wind. The tourist also can snorkel and diving over there, it is because of the beauty under the sea. 

The Facility of Donggola Sea Center

Visitors who want to come over there, will get facilities that quite complete. Where not only the wells over there, but its has a beautiful beach for visited. In Addition, there  are some stalls for you when you are hungry and did’t bring the lunchbox. The tourist who want to stay around there, no need to worry because there are some accommodations surrounding the beach. The prices that varies according to your need.

The Price of Admission in Donggala Sea Center

Visitors can enjoy the beauty view by paying 5.000 for kids, 10.000 for adults, and 15.000 for foreigners. However, reportedly this enterance ticket used on holiday and red date. So if you guys come on Monday to Sunday, you will not be charged admission. So, you can visit for free. Although it is free, keep the place clean. In addition, keep respects the local people who lived near to the attractions, be friendly and couteous.

Thus some explanations from things to do in Donggola, Donggola Sea Center Tour that you must know. For information, there are some reference of endyear holiday in Indonesia around Sulawesi for you who want visit the attractions. Hope that information will useful for you, don’t forgot your camera and happy holiday.

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