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16 Amazing Things to Do in Tangsi Beach Lombok

by Yoga Adi

So, beside explaining to you what the area of Baturiti of Lombok has in things to do in Baturiti Lombok, we want to share our findings to you about the things to do in Tangsi Beach Lombok. Even though the beach itself is really great to see, but near it there are some other attractions that making the place more attractive.

Other than things to do in Tanjung Lombok, you can find almost three or four other attractions in the area of Tangsi Beach, what a wonderful thing. So, vsiting this beach in holiday can make the tourists save their money much more, because they can also visit the other locations near it within a day to make their holiday more colourful. So, here they are, the good spots around Tangsi Beach Lombok :

1. Tangsi (Pink) Beach

Of course, before actually talking about the other places that located around the Pink beach, better we talk about the Pink beach itself first. This beach has two different names, the first one is Tangsi beach and the other is Pink Beach. Usually the tourists will refer this beach as the Pink beach, and the locals call it Tangsi.

To enter the place, you don’t need to pay for much money. You only need for about Rp10.000,-, which is less than one dollar. So, visiting this beach during holiday will be much fun  because this is the only Pink beach in South East Asia, even in Asia.

  • Location : Sekaroh, Jerowaru, East Lombok
  • Tips : You can bring some money to buy merchandise or souvenirs

2. Pasir Island

Next location which is located not far from the Tangsi or Pink Beach, is the Pasir island. Pasir means sand in English. So, this island is besically a small areas of sand that is walkable. And around Tangsi beach, there are some sand islands that people can hop on them.

Aside from the beautiful things of things to do in Lembar Lombok, this Pasir island looks very unique. The tourists can pick which one they want to go, and then just having their own good times on there. So, it creates a exclusiveness for them, without they paying additonal money to get it.

  • Location : Labuhan Pandan, Sambelia
  • Tips : There’s no entrance ticket, just bring stuff that important to you like medicines, etc.

3. Pink Lombok Beach 2

If you’re planning to go to the area of Pink Lombok beach, you’ll arrive at the Pink Beach Lombok 2 area first. You’ll greeted by the soft pinks sand, which has the texture like flour. It’s really safe for kids, espedcially for the active ones. But, the colour of sand in this beach is less powerful than the first beach.

As you can see on the picture, the area of Pink Beach 2 Lombok doesn’t have any inhabitant. No people can be seen in here. There are only hills and also green vegetations around that completing the view. So, be sure to prepare your stuff first before going into this exclusive beach. Aside from the boat renting cost, you’ll be charged with Rp10.000,- administration fee.

  • Location : Sekaroh, Jerowaru, East Lombok
  • Tips : Don’t forget to bring your important belongings

4. Gili Petelu

As you may know from things to do in Lombok with family, there are some of the Gilis around Lombok area. In this area of Pink Beach, there two Gilis, the first one Gili Petelu and also the other that will be mentioned below. As the name implies Gili Petelu (Telu means three) has three small gilis in the form of hills that connected altogether to this place.

The other specility is, there are two beach lips in here, seperate by 2 meters long of white sand only. For the people who would love to do snorkeling in here, they can try it in here because Gili Petelu has a wonderful sea environment. To enjoy it, people should pay for about Rp10.000,- worth of parking ticket only

  • Location : Sekaroh, Jerowaru, East Lombok
  • Tips : You should bring your snorkeling equipments because there’s no rental in here

5. Semangkuk Beach

There’s another option for snorkeling or diving, called Semangkuk Beach. The beach called Semangkuk (mangkuk means bowl) because it has this kind of curvy beach lips, that looks like the form of a bowl).

This beach is located on the right side of Pink Beach 2 Lombok, not far from there. Anyone who wants to enter the place should pay for the boats, because it’s the only way to reach it. But the cost will be much worth it if the tourists can see the natural sea life and also trying to snorkel around to see them. Administration ticket is only for Rp5.000,-.

  • Location : Jerowaru, East Lombok
  • Tips : Semangkuk Beach is also known for having a potential area of fishing, so be sure to bring your equipments if you want to try it.

6. Ringgit Bay

Beside the beautiful things on things to do in North Lombok, we want to talk about the two bays in here called Ringgit and also Beloam. Let’s introduce you  to the first one. Ringgit Bay is located on the North side of Lombok area, and pretty reachable.

Ringgit Bay is looks so awesome, especially because of the fact that it’s facing the great Hindian Ocean. Many people come to this place to capture the moments around that ocean. One should pay the parking ticket for car Rp10.000,- after entering. 

  • Location : South-east Lombok
  • Tips : You can go from Pink beach to this place by renting a boat

7. Beloam Bay

And then the next things to do in Tangsi Beach Lombok or Pink Beach is Beloam Bay. The road to this attraction is considerably extreme, especiallu in rainy season. The way to go there is not smooth enough for cars, so people should bring a 2W vehilce to reach it.

After a bit long journey, the tourists can finally reach the Beloam Bay.Unlike the other beaches wich likely dominated by the soft sand, on this beach there are many rocks that filling the area. And of course, people come here take the pictures of those rocks in here, especially the big one. So, even though the way in here is very tiring, but the result is quite amazing.

  • Location : Beloam street, Tanjung Ringgit, Sekaroh
  • Tips : The rocks are sometimes slippery, be careful when stepping on them.

Other Things to Do in Tangsi Beach Lombok

We also have several other spots that can be used as a place for resting and calming for the rest of the day. Included in the things to do in Tangsi Beach Lombok,here’s the other list that contains some places around Tangsi Beach, Lombok.

  1. Gili Sunut
  2. Perak Bay
  3. Kaliantan Beach
  4. Cemara Beach
  5. Surga Beach
  6. Ekas Beach
  7. Sungkun Beach
  8. Cina Beach
  9. Gili Bagek

Tangsi Beach is indeed a beautiful beach. Its special specifications make it more exclusive, especilly you’ll only find one them in Indonesia, and the others on other countries. So, besure to check up your budget and go to this beach while you still have the chance.

The good thing about this location is not the condition of it only, but also the existence of the other attractions around it. There’s aone location called Pink Beach 2, which is like The Pink beach 1 looking at the mirror. You can get two places which are the same, in one specific location.

Pink Beach Lombok View

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