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6 Breath-taking Beaches to Explore in Bima

by Ivonne Puspakencana
beaches in bima

Bima is a city located on the eastern coast of Sumbawa Island in West Nusa Tenggara. This is the largest city on the island of Sumbawa.

Besides being the largest city, Bima is also known for having several famous tourist attractions, such as these recommended waterfalls in Bima, West Nusa Tenggara.

One of the famous tourist attractions you can find in Bima city is the beach. Bima has some beaches that are recommended to visit with either family members or friends. Let’s see these 6 breath-taking beaches in Bima.

  • Lariti Beach
Beaches to Explore in Bima

Lariti Beach is known for its white sandy shoreline and calm beautiful sea. This beach is located in Soro Village at Sape Sub-district. Tourists enjoy both the panorama and nuance of this beach. No wonder visiting Lariti Beach is listed as one of the things to do in Bima Indonesia

It is also famous for its natural phenomenon called “Laut Terbelah” or “The Parted Sea”. Tourists can enjoy this phenomenon while the sea has low tide.

During this time, they will be able to enjoy some activities, such as photography, and even passing through the parted sea to get to the nearby island comfortably. The island is great for short hiking and sightseeing. However, they have to go back before the high tide, especially for kids.

Another point of attraction of this beach is the presence of mangrove forest. This forest is located near to the shore and it is home for bats or Panihi. Tourists will also be able to take pictures of flying bats which get out for finding food.

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  • Lawata Beach
Beaches to Explore in Bima
Lawata Beach, the famous tourist attraction in Bima since 1960s

Another stunning beach tourists must visit in Bima is Lawata Beach. Lawata Beach is located in Sambinae Sub-district, around 5 km from Bima city. This beach has been a famous tourist attraction in Bima since 1961, which was the Ncuhi era.

The beach got its name from the words “Lawang Ita” which are the combination of Javanese and Bima language. “Lawang” means door and “Ita” means you. Once, the locals in Bima greeted the Javanese people and said “Lawang Ita” and finally it is pronounced as “Lawata” until now.

The topography of this beach is very unique. The beach is 2 km long with a curved shape where there are two hills along with cave in the middle.  In terms of the facility, tourists don’t have to worry.

The facilities in Lawata Beach are complete, including toilet, parking lot, some huts for relaxing and some food stalls selling steak and local food.

  • Pink Beach
Beaches to Explore in Bima

Pink Beach is located in Lambu Sub-District, Bima. Just like its name, Pink Beach has pink sand that is totally clean. This becomes the main attraction of this beach for the tourists. The sea water is calm and clear, tourists can even enjoy the view of fish swimming and hiding behind the corals.

East Nusa Tenggara also has Pink Beach! See the best time to visit Pink Beach in Komodo Island East Nusa Tenggara if you are interested to visit it.

The phenomenon of pink sand happens because of the mixing process of the crushed sea shells with calcium carbonate which come from the sea.

Staying at this beach becomes perfect as tourists can also enjoy the green scenery of the hills surrounding the beach. The beach is really well-managed and it makes tourists feel comfortable to stay here.

The access to the beach is quite difficult. Tourists need to take a small boat to Sape Port to reach Pink Beach. Though it is a tiring and long journey, all the hard work will be paid off by the stunning view of the beach.

  • Tanjung Meriam Beach
Beaches to Explore in Bima
Tanjung Meriam Beach with its white and clean sand

Beaches are identical with white and clean sand along with the beauty of the sea. However, in Tanjung Meriam Beach, you will see different things. Tourists will be able to enjoy the stack of rocks as if it is embedded along the beach. The rocks are hexagonal shaped and it is believed to be the result of natural phenomenon.

Besides enjoying the beauty of the beach, tourists can also challenge themselves to hike the rocky hill along the beach. Many tourists favor this spot as the best spot for taking pictures.

Tanjung Meriam Beach is quite close to Pink Beach, so tourists can easily visit two spots in one time.

  • Pulau Kelapa Beach
Beaches to Explore in Bima
Pulau Kelapa Beach, as amazing as Raja Ampat

Don’t get tricked by the name and think that you will find a lot of coconut trees here! In fact, there’s only one big coconut tree at the beach. In spite this fact, this beach is still stunning. Tourists will be able to enjoy the clean sand along with the green hills.

If you wish to visit this beach, you need to take a small boat nearby Sape Port. Don’t forget to pass by Pink Beach and Tanjung Meriam Beach while you are going to Pulau Kelapa Beach.

  • Nisa Wawi Beach
Beaches to Explore in Bima
Nisa Wawi Beach, unpopular but it has outstanding beauty

This beach may sound unfamiliar among tourists, however, Nisa Wawi Beach has been a tourist attraction since long time ago. Though it is not as famous as the previous beaches mentioned, the beauty of this beach is undefeatable.

Tourists will be able to enjoy the white and clean sand along with the clear sea water that are perfect for calming their mind.

The access to this beach is quite difficult. For tourists who drive their own vehicle, they should park their vehicles nearby the locals’ house.

Then, they should go by feet for around 5 km to reach the beach. Another alternative to reach the beach is by using a small boat nearby Sape Port.

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