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6 Popular Beaches in Mataram You should Visit

by Ivonne Puspakencana
beaches in mataram

Mataram is the capital of Lombok. There are 4 different towns in Lombok: Cakranegara, Ampenan, Sweta, and Mataram.

Ampenan has most of city sights, Cakranegara is the best place for eating, sleeping and shopping, Mataram is the administrative center and Sweta is the transport connection of the whole island. Things to do in Mataram Lombok will give you the whole idea on how to spend your holiday there.

Mataram has many amazing tourist attractions, including the beaches. There are not many beaches in Mataram, but the beaches are amazing. Here they are, the 6 popular beaches in Mataram you should visit.

  • Senggigi Beach
Beaches in Mataram

Senggigi Beach is one of the white sand beaches in Lombok and may be the most famous beach located in Mataram.

This beach has a beautiful panorama which can make people want to visit this beach again. The sea which stretches from the east to the west serves the most beautiful view which cannot be forgotten.

There are some activities you can enjoy while you’re here, such as fishing, swimming, building sandcastle, surfing and many more.

If you don’t feel like you want to do those activities, you can just sit on the corals while enjoying the breeze and the view of the surrounding. You may also drink iced coconut water too!

Make sure you also put these things to do in Senggigi Beach Lombok in your itinerary too!

  • Meninting Beach
Beaches in Mataram
Some fishermen spotted in Meninting Beach

Meninting Beach is one of the beaches located on the west coast of Lombok Island. This beach is quite close to the center of Mataram city. Once every afternoon, this beach is never quiet as there are many visitors. The entrance to this beach is free. While you’re here, you can just sit around enjoying the coastal breezes in the afternoon.

Many people may know Senggigi Beach in Lombok. If you’ve ever visited that beach and want to find another interesting beach, then you can visit Meninting Beach.

According to the locals, this beach is called Kongok Meninting because it is located in Kongok, Meninting Village. The word “kongok” refers to the local animal, which is basically the land crab which number is abundant.

This beach is usually crowded during weekends, especially on Sunday. Though it has black sand, Meninting Beach offers a magnificent view. You can even view Mount Agung in Bali if the weather is nice.

  • Penghulu Agung Beach

Penghulu Agung Beach is a perfect place for you who look for tranquility. There aren’t many people here, especially the vendors, so the nuance of this beach is peaceful.

As far as you can see, you will see the carpet of black sand, blue sea water and the line up of the fisherman boats. You will also be able to see the stacks of big stones which help blocking the big waves from the sea.

  • Ampenan Beach
Beaches in Mataram
Ampenan Beach

Ampenan Beach is located in Pabean Street, North Ampenan, Mataram. The entrance fee to this beach is free. This beach is located at the city center. It is suggested to visit Ampenan Beach before the sunset so that you will be able to view the best scene of the sunset here.

Visiting Ampenan Beach is one of the recommended things to do in West Lombok. That’s why it is a must!

While you’re enjoying the sunset view here, you may also enjoy and taste the local food on the tables set there. Grilled corn and iced coconut water will be perfect companion for you to capture the best moment of the sunset.

  • Loang Baloq Beach
Beaches in Mataram
Sunset in Loang Baloq Beach

Another beach to stroll around in Mataram is Loang Baloq Beach. Its blue sea water with the fishermen boats which are parked on the beach serve a beautiful scenery for everyone visiting this beach.

This beach is very easy to reach, especially from the center of Mataram. It is very quiet and clean. It is also safe for children as long as they are accompanied with parents as the waves here are calm and comfortable.

  • Batu Payung Beach
Beaches in Mataram You should Visit

It takes around 1 hour to reach Batu Payung Beach by car and 20 minutes from Kuta. Batu Payung Beach is popular for its unique-shaped rock which looms over the beach.

It has been the most favorite spot for photographers and travelers to capture the incredible view. This unique-shaped rock is located at the tip of the beach. The coast is made up of rocks and corals and it takes around 15 minute walk to reach Batu Payung from the shore.

While you visit Batu Payung Beach, make sure you see the sunset. The colors reflect off the rock, and it is considered as the most beautiful time of the day. Make sure to capture it!

That’s why camera is a must while you visit this beach so that you can capture the gorgeous scenery around Batu Payung.

If you visit Mataram, don’t forget to visit these historical places in Mataram, Lombok too! Learn and have fun at the same time!

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