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Let’s Jump into these 5 Historical Places in Mataram, Lombok

by Ivonne Puspakencana
historical places in mataram

Mataram is a capital city of West Nusa Tenggara. This city has lots of interesting tourist attractions, both the natural, cultural and historical ones. As the largest city in the province, Mataram is located at the center of the city.

Moreover, this city is also the center of government in the region. Things to do in Mataram will also tell you the complete list of things to do here.

As the center of the government, most of the attractions in Mataram are largely historical and cultural. If you wish to have a pleasant holiday observing and visiting some worth-seeing historical landmarks, then Mataram city is surely for you. Let’s jump into these 5 historical landmarks in Mataram!

  • Narmada Park
Historical Places in Mataram
Narmada Park, the oldest and largest historical park in Mataram

Narmada Park is one of the largest and oldest historical park in Mataram. This park was built in 1727 by Raja Anak Agung, Ngurah Karangasem. The design of this park resembles Mount Rinjani.

The park also houses Kesala Temple, which is a Hindu temple. This park also features tiered gardens and a holy spring which is believed to bring eternal youth to those who are devout to Lord Shiva.

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The locals usually celebrate Pakelem ceremony in this park every full moon of Caka fifth year. While visiting this park, visitors can also visit the nearby attractions such as Lingsar Temple, Islamic Center Mosque and Nusa Tenggara State Museum.

Tourists can also take some souvenirs home that are sold around the park’s area, or bring a water bottle and fill it with the water from the holy spring. Don’t miss taking photos with the green-landscape background too!

There are some tips to do while visiting this place, such as come here during the weekdays as it will be more crowded to come during weekends, wear sarong or a sash while visiting the temples, don’t forget to try the water spring from the youth fountain that is believed to make you look forever young.

  • Meru Temple
Historical Places in Mataram
Meru Temple, which wa built by 33 villages in Lombok

Meru Temple is located at Cakranegara, close to Mataram. It was built in 1720 during the reign of King A.A. Made. This temple is a symbol of Hindu unity on Lombok Island.

All the structures in this complex are designed to function for particular purposes. This temple was also built by 33 villages in Lombok.

Meru Temple is the most popular as well as the biggest Hindu temple in Lombok. Just like other Hindu temples, this temple is also divided into 3 main yards: Nista Mandala, Madya Mandala and Utama Mandala. Every yard is divided by using brick wall and has two wooden doors with Balinese engrave.

To visit this temple, there are some tips visitors should follow. First, menstruated women are not allowed to enter the temple. Then, make sure to wear polite clothes and tourists will need to wear scarf around the waist.

The etiquette of visiting this temple is similar to the ones mentioned in etiquettes in Borobudur temple If you don’t have one, you can simply borrow it for free to the temple guard. Lastly, don’t forget to bargain while you’re shopping at the souvenir shops.

  • Lingsar Temple
Historical Places in Mataram
Lingsar Temple, the harmony of Hindu and Moslem

Lingsar Temple is famous for being the only Hindu shrine in the world that allows the Hindus and Moslems to worship. This temple is located about 7 kilometers west of Narmada. It was built in 1714 and rebuilt in 1878 in order to symbolize the harmony between the Hindu Balinese and Moslem Sasak.

Lingsar Temple has two sections: the Balinese temple is built on higher ground while the Moslem section is in the compound.

  • Mayura Park Temple
Historical Places in Mataram
Mayura Park Temple, with the pool at the beginning of the temple

Mayura Park Temple was built by King A.A. Made Karangasem in 1744. Mayura Park offers the visitors a combined atmosphere of nature, religious and history There are two parts of the complex: the park and the temple.

In the park area, tourists will be able to enjoy the natural and pleasant feel around the lines of mangosteens trees and well-arranged green grass. There’s also a pool which is located in the middle of the park.

Behind the park, tourists will find the temple area. The temple area is the main spirit of the park. The temple is also located in the beginning of the pool. Many tourists miss this temple as they get astonished by the vast area of the park.

If you wish to get to know more about the history and the background of Mayura Park, you can simply see the caretaker in Bali Pawedan. This temple is not only opened for Hindu people and everyone is allowed to enter this temple to see the historical building. No wonder Mayura Park Temple is listed in Lombok Attractions..

  • Mandalika
Historical Places in Mataram
Lush hills in Mandalika

Mandalika has attracted tourists over the time with its beautiful beaches and lush hills. This place is perfect for enjoying nature and finding peace. However, in this beautiful place, tourists will also be able to learn culture. There’s a festival conducted in this place regularly, named Bau Nyale Festival.

This festival is a merry local event done by the locals. Tourists are also allowed to join and enjoy the festival. What do people do in the festival? The people live in Mandalika will gather in a specific land and hunt for earthworms. Earthworms are believed to be there since hundreds years ago and they are considered sacred and blissful.

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