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Don’t Miss these 6 Incredible Tourist Attractions in West Lombok

by Ivonne Puspakencana
tourist attractions in west lombok

Lombok is a very famous region located in West Nusa Tenggara because of its amazing tourist attractions. It has lots of interesting tourist attractions that even makes it famous around the world.

Many tourists, both the local and international ones favor this place. Interestingly, Lombok itself has many small islands that are attractive to be visited. Spend time reading 16 Fun Things to Do in Lombok With Family too!

Not only small islands, but Lombok, specifically West Lombok has various tourist attractions, starting from Gili (small island) to beaches. They all will surely satisfy the tourists’ crave for holiday.

Let’s take a closer look at each of these 6 incredible tourist attractions in West Lombok. You may also read these 15 Things To Do in West Lombok (Insanely Captivating).

  • Gili Gede
Tourist Attractions in West Lombok

Gili Gede is one of the small islands located in West Lombok. Visiting Gili Gede should be put on every tourist’s list due to many reasons. First, the facilities in Gili Gede is adequate and good. Tourists will be able to enjoy their vacation either with their family or friends without being worried about the facilities.

Besides, the locals in Gili Gede are also friendly. They are often seen on location, mostly catching fish at the sea. Most of them are very friendly and they are proficient in English, so foreign tourists won’t find it difficult to go around the island.

There are some activities visitors can do in Gili Gede, such as sunbathing, exploring the beaches, and snorkeling or diving underwater. Gili Gede is also considered as one of the party spots with rich natural resources.

Visitors will find local residents make use of abundant fishes and pearls as their major income. So, finding food in this place is not hard. Besides, sunbathing in the beach is also interesting as the beach itself creates peaceful atmosphere.

Snorkeling and diving underwater will also great options to spend vacation in Gili Gede as the water is clear and has calm currents. This island also has great underwater panorama. Get the complete List of Best Diving Sites in Gili Islands Lombok Indonesia.

  • Batu Bolong Temple
Tourist Attractions in West Lombok
Batu Bolong Temple, the temple on a stone with hole in the middle

Batu Bolong Temple is one of the Indonesia’s most striking Hindu temples. It is located in Sengiggi Beach, West Lombok. While you’re in Senggigi Beach, make sure you consider these 16 Best Things to Do in Senggigi at Night (Café Hopping and Culinary Tour).

This temple is really popular among tourists as it has the best scenic spot to take some great pictures. It is because this temple is perched on a rocky head land which overlooks Sengiggi Beach. The name “Batu Bolong” derives from the words in Indonesian, batu (stone) and bolong (hole).

Besides being one of the famous attractions in West Lombok, Batu Bolong Temple is still used as an active place for worships.

So, tourists visiting this temple must follow the rules, such as wrapping themselves modestly with sarong or sash. Visitors will find local children renting them sash or sarong if they forget to wear or bring one.

From the temple, visitors will also be able to enjoy the broad sweep of views across the beach. The water is really calm and it is favorable by families visiting this place.

Once visitors finish exploring the temple, they may continue to browse Sengiggi’s Art Market to find some souvenirs or hop into bars or restaurants near the beach. Don’t forget to stay for the magnificent sunset too!

  • Nambung Beach
Tourist Attractions in West Lombok

Nambung Beach is located in Sekotong Sub-District, West Lombok. This beach is a good destination for tourists who love to get close to nature.

There are some activities visitors can do in this beach, such as photography, surfing and beach exploration. This beach has big waves along with soft-textured sand and these two features always satisfy visitors.

Nambung Beach is exotic because of the saltwater waterfall, big waves, corals and other amazing features. There’s even a small pond formed during the low tide. This pond is located behind the big corals and easy to access at the right time.

Many tourists love to take pictures of those objects. Besides, this beach is also a perfect place for surfing due to the big waves and strong wind of the sea.

However, swimming is not recommended as the waves could be dangerous. Instead, tourists can spend time fishing here. Nambung Beach is famous for having abundant fishes, including various types of sea creatures too.

  • Gili Sudak
Tourist Attractions in West Lombok
Beautiful Gili Sudak from top

Besides Gili Gede, West Lombok also has Gili Sudak. Gili Sudak is smaller in size, but it gives the best things nature can give. The pristine beach, amazing scenery and comfy wind of the sea.

This Gili is also special due to the presence of resort which comes along the beach. So, visitors are able to enjoy the day in such beautiful site while enjoying the comfortable facilities.

Relaxing at this Gili is the most recommended thing to do. It is very relaxing to enjoy the serene atmosphere of the island. The wind of the beach is also soothing! If you need to get away from your daily routines and seek for peaceful holiday, then you should definitely visit Gili Sudak!

Lombok has many gilis (islands). One of which is Gili Trawangan and it is a perfect place for couples. Look at the complete list of 16 Romantic Things to Do in Gili Trawangan.

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