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List of Best Diving Sites in Gili Islands Lombok Indonesia

by Yoga Adi

For anyone would love to refresh for a while and also doing sport at the same time, you can always try to do diving for once. Diving is not a hard kind of sport, anyone who wants to learn, can actually have it, and finally test their skill or prove it at the best diving sites in Bunaken.

Aside from those locations, there are also some best spot for scuba diving in Indonesia, which may include the name of Gili islands in Indonesia. This group of island is also famous for diving because they can provide the best underwater view for them. So what are those best diving sites in Gili Islands Lombok Indonesia? Let’s see them below:

1 – Gili Kondo

The first one on the list of best Diving Sites in Gili Islands Lombok Indonesia is an area called Gili Kondo. Gili Kondo is a neighbor to Gili Trawangan. Both of them located close to each other. But the huge difference is the situation. In Gili Kondo, there are only some people only, way less than Gili Trawangan. This is nice, especially for people who love the quiet atmosphere.

Location: Sambelia, East Lombok

Routes: Near Gili Trawangan and Mount Rinjani

Tips: You can always ask the route from the locals around Sambelia

Highlights: Huge corals, white soft sand, some underwater biota

Diving Difficulty: Moderate

2 – Gili Bidara

The next place is Gili Bidara. You only need to take some minutes from Gili Kondo spot, because it’s actually located in one same area. Even though the capacity of the wide of the spot is smaller, but it actually has something way better.

Location: Around Gili Kondo

Routes: 15 Minutes from Gili Kondo

Tips: You can also visit the two nearby spots

Highlights: Many colorful corals, high variety of fish

Diving Difficulty: Moderate

3 – Gili Petelu

Aside from the beautiful things to do in Gili Air, you can also visit the Gili Petelu. This location is a bit far from those two, that why you need to rent a boat that can cost you “nicely” for crossing only. Gili Petelu has a total of three islands in the area and all of them are also explorable.

Location: Jeruwaru, East Lombok

Routes: 2,5 hours from Mataram

Tips: You can use a boat to cross for Rp450.000,-

Highlights: Corals with unique contours, colorful small fishes

Diving Difficulty: Moderate to Advanced

4 – Gili Asahan

Next one in best Diving Sites in Gili Islands Lombok Indonesia is Gili Asahan. For a more challenging trip, Gili Asahan can be put on the first place on the list. There’s no rest area or a hotel nearby. And the way there can be really challenging.

Location: East Nusa Tenggara

Routes: Visit the Batu Putih village, and ask the locals about it

Tips: Make sure to be well prepared first

Highlights: Challenging dive spot, the unique dive spots like Sanking Point, Belongan, and others

Diving Difficulty: Advanced to Expert

5 – The Meno Wall

Besides the famous Gili Trawangan that is always known as a true place to dive, you can also visit the location with equal uniqueness called Gili Meno. Many people would like to call it as Meno Wall because, under the ocean, you can meet the coral walls with some turtles who live nearby.

Location: Gili Islands, West Nusa Tenggara

Routes: You can use a boat from either Gili Trawangan or Gili Air

Tips: Make sure to be careful when doing a spike position

Highlights: The coral walls, turtles, and some endemic fishes

Diving Difficulty: Moderate to Advanced

6 – Deep Turbo

After enjoying Pink beach Komodo Island, which also a good location of vacation around Lombok, you can also try to dive in a spot called Deep Turbo. This place required an advanced diving certificate, so make sure you are prepared before enjoying its beauty.

Location: Gili Trawangan, West Nusa Tenggara

Routes: Go North side from Gili Trawangan

Tips: Make sure to bring your underwater camera

Highlights: Glimpse of exotic creatures like Baracuda, Snapper, and more

Diving Difficulty: Advanced

7 – Shark Point

In this 7th place, we want to include the dangerous one in best Diving Sites in Gili Islands Lombok Indonesia called Shark Point. About 10 meters deep, you can see the turtles and sometimes humpback whale. The deeper you go, the animals will be way dangerous

Location: Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara

Routes: Use a smaller boat to go to Shark Point

Tips: Always have an experinced guide with you

Highlights: Turtles, Humpback whale, Black-tailed shark, white-tailed shark

Diving Difficulty: Expert

8 – Simon’s Reef

Simon’s reef is a famous place for seeing the true colors of coral around Gili Trawangan. Here you can see the rare ones like the star coral and the others. You can also witness the Nemo fishes living in those corals

Location: Gili Trawangan, West Nusa Tenggara

Routes: Go to North side of Gili Trawangan

Tips: You can go deeper with an advanced diving certificate

Highlights: Colorful corals, nemo fishes, and the giant-size Baracua (rare)

Diving Difficulty: Advanced to Expert

9 – Japanese Ship Wreck

One of the best Diving Sites in the Gili Islands Lombok Indonesia is The Japanese Wreck. Well, reaching the ship itself would be challenging because you need to dive about 40 meters dive. But you can see the true beauty of it afterward.

Location: Gili Trawangan, West Nusa Tenggara

Routes: Visit it by a boat from Gili Trawangan

Tips: You need an Enriched Air Diver sertificate

Highlights: View of the old Japanese Ship Wreck, some exotic fishes like lionfish and frogfish

Diving Difficulty: Expert

10 – Turtle Heaven

The calmer place than things to do in Lombok with family is the Turtle Heaven. As the name implies, this spot is the home of many turtles. All diver can basically visit it and actually interact with all those cute-looking turtles.

Location: Gili Meno, West Nusa Tenggara

Routes: Go to East side of Gili Meno

Tips: Be careful when passing the shallow entry

Highlights: Kinds of turtle and some clown fishes

Diving Difficulty: Moderate

11 – Hans Reef

And finally, the last one in the best Diving Sites in Gili Islands Lombok Indonesia is the Hans Reef. This one is the place for taking pictures of small and rare creatures of the sea. Many types of fish can be found here including the lionfish and sea horses.

Location: Gili Air, West Nusa Tenggara

Routes: Go to North-East side of Gili Air

Tips: Be careful to bring a proper lense

Highlights: Those small and exotic rare fishes

Diving Difficulty: Moderate

The Diving Spots in Gili Islands

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