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The Top 11 Best Diving Sites in Bunaken (With Pictures)

by Yoga Adi

Earlier on the site, we gave you the information about best National Parks in North Sulawesi, which can tell you the different parks you can find all around Sulawesi Island. In one of them, you might remember the name Bunaken. The Bunaken National Park is always known for its underwater beauty.

Do you know that around Bunaken island you can find several diving sites that fortunately you can explore? In fact, we’re gonna tell you about all of them in this list of best diving sites in Bunaken. So let’s start with the first one.

1 – Muka Kampung

The first one on the list of best diving sites in Bunaken is Muka Kampung. This diving site is the most safe one, located near Bunaken village. So, you can expect the hospitality from the community who gladly help you if you face any problem regarding your diving activity, including the culinary.

Location: Around the village in Bunaken

Routes: You can take a walk or using a vehicle to reach the southern part of Bunaken island

Tips:  You can always ask the people around the resort for the exact location

What’s Interesting: The sea turtle groups, giant corals

Diving difficulty: Fairly Easy

2 – Mike’s Points

The second one on the list is Mike’s Point, a site that found by a popular photographer, Mike Severns. Taking some pictures from this location would be ideal, because the sight of giant colorful corals and fishes that live in them is worth taking.

Location: North West Side of Bunaken Island

Routes: You can have a trip from the center of the island to the North West Side of the island, it’s located near Benny’s Point

Tips: You can always bring a special camera to capture those nice images

What’s Interesting: The tropical reef fishes, and the colorful corals.

Diving difficulty: Moderate

3 – Muka Gereja

This one is most suitable for anyone who would try the diving activity for the first time. The site was named the Muka Gereja (Church Front) because it’s located right in front of a church named Manado Tua Church.

Location: Manado Tua Island

Routes: Rent a boat from Bunaken to Manado Tua Island, and then take a walk to Manado Tua Church

Tips: You can also explore the volcano nearby

What’s Interesting: The sight of a volcano, underwater beauty

Diving difficulty: Easy

4 – The Ship Ruin

The shipwreck can be an exploreable place for diving. The name of the ship is Molas, a Japanese Cargo Ship. The ship was destroyed due to the war back in 1942, a torpedo was the cause of it. But now it can be seen clearly.

Location: Manado Coast

Routes: Take a boat to the south east side of Bunaken Island.

Tips: Always dive lightly, it’s most safe to explore the exterior of the ship

What’s Interesting: A scenery of Molas Ship wreck

Diving difficulty: Advanced

5 – Fukui Point


This next point in best diving sites in Bunaken is also found by a Japanese diving instructor. You can see the view of clams and also the soft corals located nearby. You can also see the butterflyfishes here.

Location: Southwest Side of Bunaken Island

Routes: Rent a vehicle to the southwest side of the island

Tips: Dive down for about 15 meters only

What’s Interesting: The butterfly fishes, view of corals without the deep wall reef.

Diving difficulty: Easy

6 – Likuan 1

So, many people would like to include these three locations, Likuan I, Likuan II, and also Likuan III as the best diving sites in Bunaken, maybe even surpassing best spot for scuba diving in Indonesia. Even though they look similar, but there’s a difference you can find on each spot.

Location: Southern Bunaken Island

Routes: Take a walk from Muka Kampung site, to the west

Tips: Always be careful because you can also have a chance to face-to-face with larger species

What’s Interesting: The special animals like turtles, blacktip sharks, and pyramid butterflyfish

Diving difficulty: Moderate – Advanced

7 – Likuan II

The Likuan II and the III is the next point of a long reef located in the south side of Bunaken Island. Aside from seeing the animals, you can also witness the small caves with some small corals in it. As beautiful as things to doin West Papua.

Location: Southern Bunaken Island

Routes: Continue your way from Likuan I

Tips: Don’t forget to bring your camera

What’s Interesting: Big green turtles and the small caves

Diving difficulty: Moderate

8 – Likuan III

The Likuan III has a way downward for about 200 meters long. You can guess what kind of animal you can find in the depth, including the barracuda. Even though it seems scary, but it hides a magnificent beauty.

Location: Southern Bunaken Island

Routes: Continue your way from Likuan II

Tips:  Always be careful when exploring this third area of Likuan

What’s Interesting: The exotic animals including Nudibranchs and also flayworms

Diving difficulty: Advanced

9 – Celah-Celah

For the photographers who want to have a beautiful lunar pictures, then they could dive to one of the spot called Celah-celah. Like said on the name, on the walls you can find cracks everywhere. It’s beautiful during the sunlight.

Location: Bunaken Island

Routes: Celah-celah is near Likuan areas mentioned above

Tips: Visit it during the morning to afternoon

What’s Interesting: The cracks that can give you a glimpse of lunar landscape

Diving difficulty: Easy

10 – Alung Banua 

As good as Waigeo island, the Alung Banua can also give you a memorable diving moment. This is is the one to look for the exotic yet dangerous animals that often resting in the caves nearby.

Location: Bunaken Island

Routes: On the southwest side of Celah-Celah diving site

Tips: Don’t be too close to the caves

What’s Interesting: Eagle rays, green sea turtles, and the reef sharks in those caves

Diving difficulty: Advanced

11 – Siladen Point

The Siladen Point is a diving site that located around the island called Siladen on the east side of Bunaken. The area is known for having large varieties of hard and soft corals. But you need to be careful, as the white tip reef sharks often seem to wonder around.

Location: East side of Bunaken

Routes: Take a boat to the Siladen Island, it’s totally easy to cross

Tips: Always snorkel not far from the boat

What’s Interesting: The view of different corals with rich of color

Diving difficulty: Advanced

Diving in Bunaken

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