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Bunaken Diving Review – The Best Diving Spot Ever!

by Yoga Adi

Talking about the attractions, Indonesia of course has alot of them. Famous as a natural country, which kostly covered in green, Indonesia also becoming one destination for the peopl who want to hunt for the natural attractions like best things to do in Sulawesi Indonesia.

There are several choices of natural attractions in here. You can choose some from the beaches, destructive yet beautiful mountains, lakes, rivers, and many others like hidden places to stay in Bali for example. You can enjoy them by doing a tour, either with youe own vehicle, or rented one.

That’s what happen if you want to visit the attractions  that exists on the ground. But what if you want to do something else, like diving maybe. Don’t worry, Indonesia also has some spectacular spots that really suitable for diving because of their ecosystem beauty and competence view. As for example, there’s one location called Bunaken. And we’re gonna talk about the diving that an specially be done in Bunaken. So, here’s our Bunaken diving review.

Where’s Bunaken?

Before we jump into the topic, better we know about the location of Bunaken itself first. Bunaken is actually an island that located inthe Sulawesi island, the K island that is also located just beside the famous Borneo. The size of this Bunaken is much smaller than the Sulawesi island itself. Bunaken is also becoming a part of conservation area or National Park that exists in North Sulawesi province.

The thing is, this Bunaken is amazingly stunning. It hasabout 75 thousand hectares area that filled with so many beautiful sea biotas, and the environent in there is always maintained perfectly. This Bunaken National Park was built in the year of 1991, and was the first Sea Park in the world. Proudly enough, the Bunaken National Park was becoming world heritage in 2005 after registered by Indonesia to UNESCO.

Even though on the above paragraphs we mentioned briefly about this park, maybe some people still have some questions about this venue. Why Bunaken? Is it really worth it? To answer both questions, we want to tell you otherinteresing facts. Bunaken was include as one of the best places in “Top 10 Best Dives Destination” by british media. That fact is so true, because beside having its own territory, Bunaken also surrounded by five different islands. They are Manado Tua, Siladen, Mantehage, and Bunaken island itself. In total, it has for about 29 diving sites. For all those sites, you can either try them all one by one, or picking samples that can resemble those sites efficiently. With that, you can save more energy, time, and money to look for another diving site.

Bunaken Specialities

So, what makes this Bunaken island so special in the eyes of the divers and swimmers? Bunaken island feel very special because it’s actually one island that has the most sea biodiveristy and variety of natural ecosystem in the world. That’s why, the area is always being protected, becuase Bunaken is one of a kind that no one can found again in other part of the world. It has so many functionalities for the people around the world, especially for the name of education.

There are about 80 kinds of coral, added with the number of 2000 fish species that exit along the area of Bunaken island. Beside the endemic animals or the animals that can commonly be found, there are also some rare ones in this area like Coelacanths, whales, turtles, and also dolphins.

Going to Bunaken

Now, we’re talking about how to reach the Bunaken island. Starting from your area, you should take a plane to Jakarta city (if you live abroad). Then from Jakarta, you’ll take second plane to North Sulawesi in Manado city for about 3 hours. Then after arriving in Manado city, you can take your next trip with the road vehicles passing Manado Tua Mountain. After passing it, you can finally see the Bunaken island right beside you. It’s located near the other island, Siladen.

Then, you can rent a boat to be able to landing on Bunaken island. Usually there are some Eo that will offer this kind of trip. All you need to do is find one that is competence, credible, and also have a very good reputations. It’s easy to find one. Just be careful there, if you look at the price and then it looks strange like too cheap or too expensive, then you can pass on othe EOs. One travel agency that is also recommended is Minanga Divers, that has good reputations. You also can find some more in places like things to do in Bitung.

Visiting The Diving Spots

Of all the 29 diving sites or spots, we will tell you only some of them. Of course if we want to tell you about all of them, it’s gonna be a very long journey. Also if you decided to visit all those 29 sites, you ‘ll need more than a week to hang around Bunaken island. Because of that, we only took few sample from the total amount of them. Don’t worry, the samples are also representative. Le’s go to the first place as a Bunaken diving review.

Sedona Reef House

Sedona reef is one of the best spots in Bunaken island. In this location, you can find so many exotic endemic animals like eels and other colourful fishses. They live in this gigantic coras that exist in many number in this area. On the way, maybe you can find one or two unique corals that have unique forms of all the corals in there. You can also find one rare animal called Blue Ribbon Eel in here too.


Like the spots in things to Do in Palu, this Fukui is also very beautiful. The water visibility is great, everything is good, and it has a lotof fishes. Mostly they are small fishes that playing around the corals. You can also witness an animal called Kima. In here, you can have a chance to meet two gigantic Kimas.

Muka Kampung

The spot called Kampung because it’s located just in front of a village. In this location, you can see how beautiful the sea environment in Bunaken island, and also you can meet the big giant turtle recently being in the area.

Siladen island

You can also hop on Siladen Island to take a rest a bit at its soft white sand. Almost has the same atmosphere like beaches in Manado Indonesia.

So that’s is our total information about Bunaken diving review, and also other informations about the area of Bunaken itself. Hopefully you can visit this wonderful islan maybe in the next holiday.

Video of Bunaken Island

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