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5 Recommended Waterfalls in Bima, West Nusa Tenggara

by Ivonne Puspakencana
waterfall in bima

Who doesn’t know West Nusa Tenggara? West Nusa Tenggara is one of the provinces in Indonesia which has a lot of beautiful and amazing tourist attractions. There are various tourist attractions this province serves to its tourists, starting from the natural attractions to cultural attractions.

You might be familiar with Lombok, the most famous place in West Nusa Tenggara. Get to know more about Lombok in things to do in Lombok with family. However, West Nusa Tenggara also has the other regions that are recommended for tourists to visit.

Bima is a particular district located in West Nusa Tenggara. This district is located at the east of Sumbawa. 15 things to do in Bima, Indonesia will surely make your stay there amazing!

This district has some exotic waterfalls that tourists can visit, especially the adventure lovers. Let’s see the 5 recommended waterfalls in Bima, West Nusa Tenggara.

  • Sambu Wawo Waterfall
Waterfalls in Bima
The tallest waterfall in Bima, Sambu Wawo Waterfall

Sambu Wawo Waterfall is known to be the tallest waterfall in Bima. The sound of the strong discharge of this waterfall will greet everyone coming to this place.

Moreover, the view of the surrounding is still fresh and green, giving the tourists the pleasant sight for them. While you’re still in West Nusa Tenggara, make sure to have include things to do in West Nusa Tenggara in your itinerary.

Just like the name suggests, this waterfall is located in Wawo Sub-district. The location may be quite far from the city, however, distance will not be an issue once you arrive there.

After a long journey with the vehicle, visitors still need to continue the journey by feet. After arriving at the waterfall, all the hard work and long journey will be paid off by the beauty of the waterfall.

One of the best thing to visit this waterfall is it is managed and taken care well. This is because there aren’t many people visiting this place yet, so all the beauty is still well-preserved.

If you wish to have a peaceful vacation with fresh and cool air, then you should definitely visit this place. You can bring your family or friends too!

  • Tarlawi Waterfall
Waterfalls in Bima

Tarlawi Waterfall is a not-so-tall waterfall you can find in Bima, West Nusa Tenggara. This waterfall is only 15 meters high. Despite the height, don’t ever underestimate it. This waterfall serves a very exotic view that every tourist would surely enjoy.

Located in other city, waterfall in Majalengka are also good to explore at least once in your life.

This waterfall is considered as the natural waterfall as there aren’t many people visiting this place yet. So, you will still be able to see the clear and clean water. The water discharge is not too strong, so it will be safe for you to play with the water.

Tarlawi Waterfall is located in Wawo, and to reach Wawo, visitors can take motorcycle. Then to reach the waterfall, visitors need to continue the journey by feet.

  • Busu Waterfall
Waterfalls in Bima
The small waterfall, Busu Waterfall

The next recommended waterfall to visit in Bima is Busu Waterfall. This waterfall is not that big but it has strong water discharge, especially during rainy season.

One interesting thing visitors can do while visiting this waterfall is enjoying the view of rice fields surrounding it. The best place to enjoy the view of the rice field is during the harvest time.

Visitors can also enjoy looking at the activity of people living nearby. After visiting the waterfall, the visitors can spend their time shopping for some souvenirs, such as the beautiful local woven clothes. This waterfall is not only famous for its beauty, but also for its people’s activities.

  • Kalemba Waterfall
Waterfalls in Bima
Kalemba Waterfall, a peaceful waterfall

Kalemba Waterfall can be a perfect place for people wish to have peaceful vacation in a peaceful place. This waterfall is very calm along with the green view of the trees, fresh air and the beauty of the waterfall itself.

To reach this waterfall, visitors must do trekking. While visitors are trekking, they will go through a forest and the journey will take quite a long time. However, don’t worry as all the tiredness will be paid off once arriving at the spot.

This waterfall is located in Kawuwu Village, Langgudu, Bima, West Nusa Tenggara. It may take around 1.5 hour from Bima. Then, it may take another 45 minutes to reach the waterfall. If you wish to visit this waterfall, don’t forget to bring some extra clothes and food as this place doesn’t have many food stalls or sellers yet.

  • Sandudu Pidu Waterfall
Waterfalls in Bima
Sandudu Pidu Waterfall which is also called as Rora Waterfall

Sadundu Pidu Waterfall is located at Rora Village, Donggo District, Bima Regency, West Nusa Tenggara. Some people also call this waterfall as Rora Waterfall.

It will take around 1 hour drive from Bima City and half an hour from Dompu City. Once you arrive at Rora Village, visitors need to park their vehicle at the village then spend time 15 minutes walking to reach the waterfall. Don’t worry as the trek is not that difficult.

What makes this waterfall famous is it has seven tiers. Visitors will be enjoy the view of seven levels of magnificent waterfalls because of the water stream on a rocky hill.

The water also creates a small pond which is great for swimming or just soaking, just like staying inside a jacuzzi.

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