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10 Recommendation of Exotic Waterfall in Majalengka That Cannot be Missed

by Rosyida
Waterfall in Majalengka

Indonesia has many natural tourist destination, such as beaches in West Java, forest, mountain, and also waterfall. Waterfall is attractive destinations because has amazing view. Beside that, if you visit waterfall, you will feel the fresh air and water from waterfall.

One of area that has exotic waterfall is Majalengka. Majalengka is a city in West Java that has many destinations and you can do many enchanted things to do in Majalengka.

And who knows that West Java has many waterfall that cannot be missed, especially in Majalengka. So there are some recommendation of the most visited waterfall in Majalengka.

1. Baligo Waterfall

Waterfall in Majalengka
Baligo waterfall

The first exotic waterfall in Majalengka is Baligo Waterfall. This place has a beautifull waterfall and its quite. The good access make visitors no need to go through steep roads.

Baligo waterfall is located in Bantaragung, Sindangwangi, Majalengka. And with just Rp 5000, you can see high and two level of waterfall. You can also playing at natural pool with cold and fresh water.

2. Muara Jaya Waterfall

Waterfall in Majalengka

Muara Jaya Waterfall

One of the waterfall destination in Majalengka which is still original and beautifull with natural atmosphere and also clear and fresh water is Muara Jaya. Beside that, you can feel the freshness of big shady trees. This waterfall is located at Kampung Apuy, Majalengka.

You can visit this waterfall with Rp 15.000. Beside there are 2 points of waterfall, there are also presenting a beautifull forest view. So it can has its own charm.

3. Cipeuteuy Waterfall

Waterfall in Majalengka

If you want to visit waterfall and do many things in here like outbond, swimming, cullinarry, and also selfie, you can visit Cipeuteuy Waterfall that located at Dukuh Pasir, Bantaragung-Sindangwangi, Majalengka. Cipeuteuy Waterfall has has a stream that extends like a curtain.

This waterfall is included one of favorable waterfall in Majalengka because beside provide the natural beauty of waterfall, the ticket is cheap, it just Rp 15.000.

4. Sawer Waterfall

Waterfall in Majalengka
Sawer Waterfall

Not only famous waterfall, Majalengka has hidden waterfall too, like Sawer Waterfall. The hidden watterfall make Sawer Waterfall has natural charm that still very well preserved. This waterfall is located at Argamukti, Agrapura-Majalengka.

When you visit Argamukti-Argapura, Majalengka, you can visit Sawer Waterfall. But need to know that if you want see beautifull view of Sawer Waterfall, you need the extraordinary effort. But that effort will paid off with incredible waterfall and original forestree.

There are rocks under the waterfall that can be used for relaxed. And the cliffs are covered with green plants, so this waterfall is so enchanting with its beauty. If you want to visit this waterfall, you can just pay for Rp 15.000 only.

5. Ibun Pelangi Waterfall

Waterfall in Majalengka
Ibun Pelangi Waterfall

Ibun pelangi means Embun Pelangi, that agree with circumstances offered. In waterfall that located Sukadana-Argapura, Majalengka, you can see the lasting rainbow when sunshine shines precise on the waterfall, and create a waterfall that colored due to the reflection of the light and forms a beautiful rainbow.

With only Rp 15.000 you can feel this atmosphere and also can spoil the eyes with beautiful views, spoil the ears with the waterfall sounds, and can soak longer because it has water that not as cold as other waterfalls.

6. Sempong Waterfall

Waterfall in Majalengka

Next recommendation of Waterfall in Majalengka is Sempong Waterfall that located at Cisempong, Majalengka. For enjoy the beautifullness of this waterfall, you will get charged only Rp. 5000.

Actually, you need extra energy to get to the waterfall, because you must go down the hill about 100 meters first. If you are the adventurer and wish to do one of the best things to do in Indonesia, Sempong water is the right place.

But when you arrive, all of your effort will get paid. Because this watterfall view was incredible, with a waterfall that falls in a cliff basin and creates a pool below. There are palawija and vegetable gardens too that increase the beautifullness of Sempong Waterfall.

7. Cilutung Waterfall

Waterfall in Majalengka
Cilutung waterfall

Cilutung waterfall has amazing natural beauty. Everyone that visit Cilutung waterfall, will amazed with the views and guaranteed that will stand at that place for a long time.

With rural atmosphere, and just only Rp 5000, visitor can feel the freshness and here to the roar of the waterfall. Interestingly, there are a cliff waterfall in the form of a burly rock with a height of 20 meters.

8. Tonjong Waterfall

Waterfall in Majalengka
Tonjong Waterfall

One of must visit waterfall in Majalengka is Tonjong Waterfall, that located at Teja-Rajagaluh, Majalengka. That place has cool and cold condition, and the view spoils the eye. Beside that, you can selfie with beautifull view as background, playing water, and just enjoy the view with family or friends.

The unique characteristics of this waterfall is there are bridge that crossed the stream of the waterfall. Long time ago, this bridge just made from bamboo, but now the bridge already made from wood and iron with a strong cast foundation.

9. Puntang Waterfall

Waterfall in Majalengka
Puntang waterfall

Puntang waterfall is one of beautifull waterfall that the charm is still hidden. With steep ravine and high waterfall, that reaches 15 meters of high, will amaze anyone that visit this waterfall.

This place is an area that still beautiful and protected from pollution. So its make anyone will comfort to living here.

10. Cipeureus Waterfall

Cipeureus waterfall is one of unfamiliar Waterfall in Sukamenak-Bantarujeg, Majalengka. But this waterfall has natural beauty that doesn’t mess around.

The high of this waterfall is 12 meters. And with solid cliff beside that, which is partially covered with plants, make this waterfall look very majestic. The track is not easy anymore, but for you that really want to visit there, will get satisfaction after seeing it.

So that’s the 10 recommendation of waterfall in Majalengka that can visit when you were in holiday. Each waterfall has the uniqueness that worth to explore. And also  you need to know more about the best time to visit Indonesia to maximize your time, so you can visit more than one waterfall in Majalengka.

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