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15 Joyful Things To Do in Bima Indonesia

by galuhvita

Bima is a city in West Nusa Tenggara, that not much people know about the potential in tourism sector. Since when you heard about West Nusa Tenggara, you’ll find the famous things to do in Lombok. But once you get into the city, you’ll explore many things that will make your holiday awesome. So here are 15 joyful things to do in Bima, check them out!

1. Tambora Mountain

This mountain is a very famous one for the massive eruption in 1815. The power of the eruption is 7 times more powerful than atomic bomb. Because of that eruption, three kingdoms has vanished, killing more than 92.000 people only in Sumbawa Island only. The effect itself is one of the most devastating in human history. On that year, there’s no summer in Europe since the whole sky is blanketed by the ash and volcanic dusts.

And you still can see the effect of the eruption at the top of the mountain, which has a 9 square km wide caldera and with 1.000 meters deep. But if you can reach the peak of the mountain, you can see the beauty of the Calabai wooden forest, Sori Panihi Waterfall, and Sanggar Beach. It’s surely the best place to capture your holiday moment!

2. Lambu Beach

This beach is on Lambu District, Bima. This beach is famous for the color of the sand beach, since the color is pink. It’s a very interesting view when the bubbly white waves hitting the pink sand beach. You can enjoy the atmosphere by sitting on the small cottages on the shore.

To get here you can get into a boat from Sape Harbour, but maybe you need to pay a bit more than normal boat fee. And this beach doesn’t have any accommodations like hotels or other public facilities, so you better prepare your luggage before coming into this beach. Also, you need to check the boat schedule, since you may missed it since it’s not so often. But this beach is really worth to visit, so I hope you’ll prepare extra battery for you camera as well!

3. Horse Racing

This attractive activities located around 7 km away from Bima, in Panda Village. This horse riding is very attractive because you’ll find a difference in the rider. It’s not the adults who ride it, bu children between 5 until 8 years old! This unusual event really attracts both local and foreign tourists to come and see the event.

Since it’s one of the main attraction in Bima, Department of Culture and Tourism has scheduled this attraction for 4 times in a year. Usually it will be held in April, July, August, and December. And don’t worry about the access to get to this village, since there are lots of public transportation that will be ready to drive you to the village. This attraction must get into your holiday list in Bima! Watch another unique performances at things to do in Bojonegoro.

4. Snake Island

Like its name, this island is full with snake. And not just a snake, it’s the venomous sea snake with Latin name laticauda colubrina. It’s one of the most dangerous snake in the world because of it’s venom. But this snakes are actually really calm and cool-headed.

You can even touch the snake, with the guard of the locals, of course. The myth said that to touch this snake, it has to be touched by the locals first before the tourists can touch them.

But it doesn’t mean that this snake is really tame, you still have to be extra careful with this snake. Especially this island has lots of them living around the shore and also beneath the rocks. Hope you’ll catch some extreme moments here!

5. Kalaki Beach

This beach is located near the Palibelo Airport. It’s a great spot for splashing some water with your children, or making some sandcastles. This beach has lots of sand and making this beach is not quite good for swimming. To be able to swim, you need to get a bit further from the coastline.

Since it’s quite risky, it’s not recommended for you to swim or dive in this area. But you can enjoy beautiful scenery at the site both in sunrise or in sunset. And it’s very safe for your children to play around the coastline, since this beach rarely has waves coming. Sometimes, locals also held some exciting competitions around the shore. So don’t missed your chance to get into the site!

6. Amahami Beach

Visiting Bima means visiting endless beaches. Like this Amahami Beach. It’s one of the main refreshing spot in Bima. Almost every weekend or holidays, this site is full by locals and tourists. Since it’s very accessible from the downtown, this place is often full by people and some snacks sellers.

You can enjoy some family time or chit-chatting with your friends while watching the sunset and enjoying the snacks available there. There are some spots on the coastline that are great for relaxing your body, or some nice circumstance for capturing some beautiful moments. Hope you’ll be able to visit this beach soon!

7. Oi Fanda Beach

When you want to enjoy some fascinating time beneath the water surface, Bima has lots of hidden treasure that you can explore. One of them is Oi Fanda Beach. It’s around one and a half drive from Bima, but once you get there all of the long trip is totally worth it.

The crystal clear water plus beautiful shore will make your trip all paid off. Especially when you decide to set your tent here, then you’ll be able to enjoy the sunset after you’ve done with diving or snorkeling, while cooking your meals for dinner. It’s an experience that you should try at least once in your life.

8. Oi Caba Beach

This beach is located in Wera District, Bima. It’s one of the favorite places for children when it’s weekend or holidays, because this place has it’s own uniqueness. When the tide is low, there are lots of freshwater coming out between the rocks on the shore. This place is become a favorite place to wash your body after playing in the sea water.

When the tide is high, this fresh water will be disappeared. It’s a great place to play water with your family. If you want to explore more, maybe you’ll find another hidden beauty in this site. It maybe a tiring trip for to if you start from Bima, but once you get there it will be an awesome holiday!

9. Tanjung Meriam

If you ever watch Superman, you’ll know the name of Kripton Planet. And Tanjung Meriam has that hexagonal stones stacked right on the beach. Even it’s quite hard to get to this site, you’ll find amazing scenery to be captured with your camera. This stones is stacked naturally with hexagonal shape and it’s called columnar joint.

If you ever go to Padang Mountain, you can also find some stones like here as well but rumor said it’s man made. To get to this site, you need to take a boat for two hours from Sape Harbour. And tell to the locals that you want to go to Toro Maria, the local name of the site. Once you get there, you’ll find amazing spot to capture some moments!

10. Rontu Beach

Another hidden treasure in Bima is Rontu Beach, about 17 km away from downtown. Not much people know this site, so when you get here you can feel as if the beach is yours. The beach is not as wide as other beach in Bima, but the white sand beach and calm sea water will mesmerize you immediately.

This spot is one of the best in Bima for fishing and snorkeling, since the water is warm and quite shallow. If you walk around this site, you’ll also discover a farming site that occurs every once a year when it’s rain season in Bima. It’s a must things to do in Bima!

11. Traditional Cloth

If you visit the base of Tambora Mountain, you’ll find some villages that still making the traditional cloth from Bima. It’s Rabadompu District, where the villagers making the Muna Ro Medi or the traditional cloth. You can see the samples of the traditional cloth every Monday until Thrusday, since the government people are wearing them when they’re working. The pattern are very unique and you only can find them in Bima. For a cloth with 3 meters long and 60 centimeters wide is sold around Rp 350.000 until Rp 500.000. Hope you can visit the village and buy some iconic things from Bima! Check another beautiful traditional cloth at things to do in Ende.

12. Waworada Bay

At the southern part of Bima, there’s a small yet beautiful bay called Waworada Bay. This bay is the backbone of the locals’ economy lives. There, you can see many fishermen catching lots of fishes, prawns, squids, crabs, and more. Sometimes you can also see some people farming around the site, even though it’s only for their daily lives and not for sale.

You can immediately enjoy the circumstance since the locals are very kind and warm-hearted. They’ll happily accompany you to explore the site while telling lots of stories behind each places. And the beautiful scenery in front of you will make you never wanted to leave the site for sure.

13. Lariti Beach

This beach is unique because it divided the sea into two parts. When the tide is low, this beach popped out from the water surface, make everyone can feel the sensation of walking through the sea. This spot is very crowded when the holiday season come. This place is also famous for the sunset scenery, where you can take some beautiful pictures as well.

To get here, you can drive from Bima about one hour. Or if you don’t bring your own car, you can rent them at Bima. This beach is also not too far from Sape Harbour, so it’s very easy to get access to this beach. Hope you can visit this beach soon! See another beautiful beaches too in things to do in Kuta.

14. Bombo Roi Waterfall

This waterfall is one of the famous holiday spot in Bima. Located in Roi Village, it’s not really hard to find this site since almost everyone know this place. To get here you can ride either car or motorcycle. The cost that you have to prepare is only parking fee for Rp 5.000.

Immediately after you park you vehicle, you can already feel the mild breeze around you and the sound of the waterfall that will refresh your stress mind. And when you arrived at the waterfall, don’t be hesitate to get into the water! Bet it will be very refreshing and release your stress right away. Hope you can visit this site soon!

15. Bombo Ncera

This waterfall is also unique for the pool beneath the waterfall. There are three pools that has it’s own characteristic, but three of them is formed naturally with the big rocks as the walls. There are pools for kids, pools for beginner swimmers, and pools for intermediate and advance swimmers.

Back then, this site is famous for a place to find a girlfriend. They usually debating with pantun or rhythmic poem above the waterfall. But when it’s done, all of the boys are playing together at the pool to avoid something bad that might happened. This place is obviously one of the site you must see and enjoy!

So that’s are 15 joyful things to do in Bima, hope you can visit this beautiful city and don’t forget to share the happiness!

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