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10 Special Things to Do In Bali In December

by galuhvita

Bali is a paradise island for both local and foreign tourists. But when season change, of course there will be changes in some popular sites. For example, when it’s rainy season of course you can’t enjoy the sunshine at the beach or ride the waves. But don’t worry, Bali has everything you need in both wet and dry season. And when the end of the year is coming, surely you want to pack the whole year with some unforgettable memories. So here are 10 best things to do in Bali in December, check them out!

1. Bali Beach Run

This event is held since 2013 in Bali. To pack up your beautiful moment in the end of the year, Bali Beach Run divided the race into three categories, it’s 2.5 km family run, 5 km fun run, and full 10 km run. When it was held in 2013, there were 1.500 people participated in the race. And now, Bali Beach Run is expecting to have more than 5.000 people to participate.

As it’s name, this race is held in Petitenget Beach, Seminyak. All of the start and finish line will be on this beach. This race will also gives you nice merchandise that you can save later at home. Especially if you’re participate in family run, it will be an unforgettable experience with your family. Since it’s a very nice experience to try, hope you won’t miss the chance to pack up the year by participating in this rare event!

2. Denpasar Festival

This annual festival is always held at the end of the year to cherish the school day offs. Beside, the amount of tourists who wants to spend their end-of-the-year holidays are increasing significantly. Rather than spending some cash in malls, it’s better to spend some in this festival. Since the prices of the stuffs sold here is way cheaper than in malls. Also, you’ll discover some Bali iconic decorations such as statues, traditional cloth, and more.

This event is held in Denpasar City, next to Puputan Field. And when this festival is held, some of the road at the city center is being closed due to the amount of the stands and performances in this festival. It’s a great place to knowing more about Bali and all of the potentials it has for every sectors. So if you don’t have any plan to wrap up your year yet, this festival is one of the best things to do in Bali in December! Check another attractions in things to do in Bedugul.

3. Kecak Dance

Bet this dance is already familiar for you, since this dance is very popular with it’s rhythmic male voices with their hands are up creating a circle. And when the end of the year is coming, this dance is being performed in Uluwatu Temple. While this dance is being performed for religion purpose, it’s also for tourism purpose. Since this dance is very unique, there are lots of tourists coming to record the iconic dance.

While enjoying the dance, you can also enjoy the sunset panorama that will immediately mesmerize you. The reddish sun rays will makes all of your captured pictures and videos have a spectacular natural lighting. After some sightseeing, you need to soothe your growling tummy. Be sure to stop by Jimbaran Bay, where you can enjoy many seafood dishes that cooked by the professionals. It’s a very perfect way to close your magnificent year!

4. Tumpek Krulut

If you’re looking for unique culture in Bali, December is a very good time. Since there is Tumpek Krulut, which almost similar to Valentine Day. In this day, people are playing the traditional instruments, and also making lots of foods as a symbol of gratitude to the God.

You can see lots of people are gathering in temples and celebrating the day by hitting gong, the iconic traditional instrument that made from metal with flat and round shape. To play it, you have to hit the center of the gong. There are various notes depending on its size. It’s gonna be a very unique tradition, so I hope you won’t missed it! Check another beautiful attraction in things to do in Amlapura.

5. Music Festival

When the countdown for New Year is tickling, there are lots of attractions that you can enjoy in Bali. One of them is music festival. Almost every year, this festival is cherishing the countdown moment. And the most famous venue is in Garuda Wisnu Kencana Monument. You can directly noticed the place by the huge size of statue.

This site is a huge statue of Hindu God, Visnu and it’s mount Garuda. To get here from Ngurah Rai Airport is only need to drive for 10 until 15 minutes. It’s a very famous site for celebrating big ceremonies or concerts as well. It will wrap up your year perfectly so hope you can spend the end of the year in this place!

6. Turtle Island Tour

If you bring your kids as well, this tour is the one that you can’t missed. Turtle Island Tour will take you to Tanjung Benoa, where you can directly see the turtles there and knowing how to take care of them. It’s a perfect things to do when the weather is clear, since you have to ride the boat to get to Tanjung Benoa.

Your kids can enjoy looking at the colorful fishes as well in the boat, since it’s bottom is made from glass. So you can see what’s beneath the boat, and will be mesmerized when you take a look at it.

There are also facilities for snorkeling and diving in this spot as well. Get your tickets and pack here soon! Visit another turtle conservation in things to do in Riau Islands.

7. Bali Safari and Marine Park

This zoo is located around one hour drive from Ngurah Rai Airport. With a very various collection of animal, this place is a perfect spot to wrap up your year with your family. You can see lots of animals from Indonesia, India, and Africa. From owls, warthog, tiger, until wildebeest. It’s one of the zoo with most complete animal collections in Indonesia.

This zoo is opened from 09.00 AM until 05.00 PM. And for the entrance fee, adults have to pay for Rp 150.000, children from age 3 until 12 have to pay for Rp 135.000, and free for under 3 years old. Beside watching the animals from its natural habitat, you can see some unique animal performances as well. It’s a place that you can’t missed!

8. New Kuta Green Park

Searching for a water adventure beside the beach? Don’t worry because Bali has prepared everything you need to wrap up your year. It’s New Kuta Green Park, near with Garuda Wisnu Kencana. This water attraction is a real deal to pack up your beautiful year.

You can refresh yourself with many water games and challenging slides available there. Or if you don’t want to spend your time with water, you can play with another attractions such as trampoline, flying fox, and more land attractions are available. It’s a very nice place to go, so set up your ticket and get here soon! Splash some fresh water games in things to do in Jepara.

9. Bali Bird Park

This natural attraction is also one of the site you have to visit. It has more than 1000 birds collections, and you can touch or even take a picture with them.  If you’re not brave enough to take a picture together with them, you can enjoy the bird show available there. But you have to check on the schedule first.

The best show available there is Bali Rainforest Show, where lots of birds are freely flying around the site. Or you can enjoy the feeding show as well. This place is opened 09.00 AM until 05.30 PM. The entrance fee is Rp 385.000 for each adults, and kids under 2 years are free of charge. So don’t missed your chance to visit this awesome place!

10. New Year Eve Celebration

This is the main attraction to perfectly wrap up your year in Bali. In almost every places in Bali, there will be lots of people gathering and preparing for the fireworks festival. When the countdown is ticking, there are lots of performances to celebrate the end of the year as well. From concerts, dance performances, and more beautiful attractions.

If you want to enjoy this attraction, you only need to get into public places in Bali. Since there are lots of public places such as beach, monuments, and fields, it’s not hard to find the crowds that want to celebrate the end of the year. There will be lots of performances, and of course you can’t missed them! Plan your visit here at the end of the year and celebrate the end of the year with your families as well!

So it’s 15 best things to do in Bali in December, where you can spend the end of the year happily. Hope this will help you to wrap up your year perfectly with people you loved, and gives you new energy to start the new year with new resolutions as well. Lastly, don’t forget to share the happiness!

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