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15 Marvelous Things To Do in Jepara Indonesia

by galuhvita

Jepara is a regency in Central Java Province, that directly head to Java Sea in the north and west. This city is well-known by the place where R.A. Kartini, the woman who struggle for the equal rights between men and women, was born. And also the regency where Karimun Jawa Islands also included in the territory. So if yo’ve done with things to do in Karimun Jawa, you must be already visit this city as well. But I’m sure not many of you know the attractions in Jepara. So, here are 15 marvelous things to do in Jepara Indonesia, check them out!

1. Karimun Jawa Islands

This beautiful islands has been famous since quite long time ago. The crystal clear water and still natural environment makes everyone want to spend their precious holidays there. You can get here by some travel services, and they also offer some packages for staying there while visiting the islands around. There are more than 90 hard reefs, 242 species of fishes, and 133 aquatic livings. And this paradise also offer some water games like diving, snorkeling, fishing, swimming, you name it. Bet your visit there will be unforgettable!

2. Panjang Island

This island is only around 19 hectares wide, but it offers so many beauties that you can enjoy. Since it’s not too far from Kartini Beach, lots of tourists coming to this island along the year. With the white sand beach, crystal clear and shallow water, with beautiful reefs beneath, it become one of the main attractions of this island.

To get here, you oly need to pay Rp 12.000 for the boat, and Rp 3.000 for the entrance ticket to the island. With such an affordable price and beautiful scenery, bet you won’t missed the chance to visit the island!

3. Bandengan Beach

This beach is quite near from the downtown, so it’s not a good choice if you come here at weekend. There will be lots of people are enjoying the beautiful view of the beach. With the wide coastline and white sand beach, it’s a magnet for the sweet-escape seekers.

Many local and foreign tourists have come to enjoy some special events like kite festivals that often held in the beach. Or you can enjoy some motocross event here as well! This beach is one of the attraction that you won’t missed if you come here!

4. Kartini Beach

This beach is the most popular spot for children and family attractions. While enjoying the beach view, you can also play with various games like ferris wheel, turtle aquarium, and more. It’s the checkpoint place when you want to visit Panjang Island. You can also enjoy some snacks and beverages available is some small shops along the shore.

To enjoy the beach you’ll have to pay for Rp 3.000 each person on weekdays and Rp 5.000 on weekend. This place will gives you and your family some unforgettable moments! Visit another spectacular beach in things to do in Riau Islands.

5. Portuguese’s Fort

This fort is one of the historical object that you must visit in Jepara. This object become one of the attraction in the regency, since the view that directly head towards the sea.

While enjoying the beach and ocean view, you can look at the artistic building around and learn some historical points there.

Back then, this fort in used in a relatively short period since the ocean around the fort has some whirlpools. This site is quite crowded when weekend and holiday season comes. So better you plan your trip here before it gets too crowded!

6. R.A. Kartini Museum

This place is dedicated to the woman who fight for the equal rights between men and women back then. She’s the famous Raden Ajeng Kartini or R.A. Kartini for short. Born and grown in Jepara, she spent most of her time to write letters to her friends across the country.

Since she had finished her elementary school, she’s quite good with Dutch, and keep sending letters to her friends. Her friends also agree with her statement about equal rights, so she keeps fighting for it even until she passed away.

To get to this museum, you only need to pay for Rp 2.000 on weekdays and Rp 3.000 on weekend. So don’t missed you visit here!

7. Songgolangit Waterfall

If you wonder if Jepara has waterfall or not, they sure have! It’s Songgolangit Waterfall that reaches up to 80 meters tall and 2 meters wide. It’s one of recommended things to do in Jepara.

It has the name because when you stand right under the waterfall and look up, it looks like the waterfall has hold up the horizon. While you can enjoy the refreshing water there, you can see many colorful butterflies are flying around. It’s a very refreshing site, so I hope you won’t missed any chance to visit the place!

8. Teluk Awur Beach

This beach is only 5 km away from downtown, and popular place to swim and spend family time. You can also enjoy some games like banana boat, flying fish boat, jet ski, and more. With the crystal clear water, it’s a great place to play around with your kids as well.

Since you don’t have to pay to get into the beach, this site becomes popular for tourists, local and foreign. Unfortunately, there’s no accommodations like hotels and restaurants so you need to plan your visit. Don’t miss your chance to spend your holiday here!

9. Pungkruk Beach

This beach is quite close with Teluk Awur Beach, arouond 7 km away from downtown. The unique view in this beach is you can enjoy resting in cottages right above the sea water.

They also provide you with great restaurants along the shore, even karaoke rooms! The best offer in this site is watching the sunset while waiting for your dinner to be served. When the sun has gone, your dinner will be ready on your table. It’s gonna be a wonderful experience to spend your holiday there!

10. Mandalika Island

This island is unique since they have a plant that only grow in the island called Nongko Celeng. It’s a jackfruit but you’ll find the fruit is grow in the root not in the branches. Beside the unique plant, you can also find some edible fishes such as grouper, snapper, and even rays.

You can get here from the Portuguese Fort by boat and spend your night a the hotel near the fort. Your visit here will be one of the best ever, so prepare your luggage and ticket to get here! Visit another beautiful islands in things to do in things to do in Tanjung Pandan.

11. Ombak Mati Beach

Ombak Mati Beach was also known as Bondo Beach, since it’s located in Bondo Village. It’s called Ombak Mati because in this beach you’ll find no waves coming.

This beach is very natural since there are no concrete buildings there, you’ll only find wooden cottages on the beach, and some small restaurants near the parking lot.

You can enjoy the water here by rent the float, and wash your body after in the shower room. It’s still managed by the locals there, and they guard the beach really well. Hope you can visit the beach soon!

12. Blingoh Lake

It’s actually a man made lake as a result of stone mining. Since it’s filled by the rain, it become a small beautiful lake. With the crystal blue water, it attract everyone to come, from the locals until foreign tourists.

With the fresh green leaves around the site, it makes the lake looks very natural.

It’s also one of the best place to capture some pictures, both amateur and professional photographers. So hope you also can take some beautiful pictures from this lake!

13. Gua Manik Beach

Even though this beach is not quite popular among the beaches in Jepara, this beach also offer its own beauty. With the lighthouse and big “Gua Manik” statue, you can snap some photos there.

And if you walk to the beach, you can also enjoy the beautiful sunset from this beach. If you missed the sunset, don’t worry! This beach also offer you its magnificent view of sunrise as well. If you want to make some memories with sunrise and sunset, Gua Manik Beach is the perfect place!

14. Grinjingan Dowo Waterfall

This waterfall is still not managed by the government, so to get here you might to walk through a steep road. But if you’re an adventurer, this place is a challenging site to visit.

Once you get here, you’ll be amazed by the freshness of the air and the water. You can play around the pool beneath the waterfall, or enjoy the sensation under the waterfall.

You don’t have to pay to get into the site, but you may need some locals directions to get there. Hope you can visit this challenging place!

15. Jepara Ocean Park

This waterpark is the biggest one in Central Java. With total area of 11 hectares, you can enjoy many water games and activities here. But you need to watch the weekends and holidays, because usually this place will become so crowded at that times.

To get here, you need to pay for Rp 60.000 on weekdays and Rp 70.000 on weekend. If you’re not a pool fan, you can enjoy some land games like ferris wheel, carousel, some outbound games, and more. Bet your holidays here will be fun! Check another waterparks in things to do in Bojonegoro.

So that’s 15 marvelous things to do in Jepara that will enchanted you, so I hope you’ll plan your visit here soon. And lastly, don’t forget to share the happiness!

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