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11 Top Things to Do in Karimun Jawa Island Indonesia

by Yoga Adi

Ah, another heavenly island. Karimunjava is an island in Javanese Sea. It also  included inside the Jepara area, Central Java. In Karimunjava, the sea is very stunning, with the hundreds of unique species of fish, animals and plants. The ship wrecks lie patiently, waiting for you to explore the depths of their mystery. The charm of Karimunjava welcomes you in the language, home and culture of a friendly society.

Local exotic dishes of seafoods, absolutely will attract city dwellers and tourists. It is beautiful if you can imagine it.  But it’s way more wonderful if you feel the greatness of  Karimunjava yourself. Karimun Jawa is also one of the Marine National Parks in Indonesia. It also became one of the tourist destinations that wasn’t  less cool than the other tourist destinations in Indonesia. With the clear sea, many coral reefs and fish of various kinds, beautiful white sand beach. The last, you will also find a well natural conditions here.

The amazing and hospitality of the residents in Karimunjava make a lot of visitors more happy to be here. Visiting Karimunjava is the same as visiting a gigantic Aquarium in which you can swimming/sunbathing on the beach, fishing, and also snorkeling & diving. The greatness of God’s creation of Underwater World, there are many things to do in Karimun Jawa Islands Indonesia is right here:

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Beside enjoying the beauty of this island, better do some activities, right?. So, you’ll not get bored anytime soon. Okay, the activities is vary of course, you can pick whatever you want. But here, we got some recommendations for you, things to do in Karimun Jawa Indonesia check these out :

1. Visiting Tanjung Gelam Beach

One of many must visit places in Karimunjava. This beach has thousand panoramas you can enjoy. It will be nice right?, sitting down and just enjoying the beachy atmosphere with cool sea breeze. From the distance, the long white sand is clearly visible on this beach. Also, the coral reefs are also visible from the ships as we enter the coast. Tanjung Gelam Beach sand is quite smooth and clean is also quite wide. In addition, the white sand jut into the sea so you can  play here till your heat content.

Around the beach there are also palm trees lined up perfectly. Also the thing is, on the beach Tanjung Gelam there are some coconut trees that tilts to the sea as if they want to collapse or fall, so it is suitable for photo background for you who love to selfie or do photo hunting. With its excellent beach and white sand beach will compleme your holiday in Karimunjava.

If you’re still not satisfied, wait till the evening comes. Because, Tanjung Gelam Beach has a very beautiful sunset view. From here, tourists can see the golden light of the sun began to sink slowly. While waiting for the sunset to come, we also can do other activities like fishing or sitting in the stalls of residents along the coast. In this place, there are many stalls selling foods and beverages. Starting from fried to instant noodles, for drink will varies from coffee to coconut ice, all is available here. For tourists who like the air, can lie on the beach and enjoy the small waves  that move our feet.

2. Visiting The Love Hill

Aww, look at this place. You can find the love atmosphere almost everywhere. Suitable place for couple. But maybe a less suitable for non taken – person. To get here, you must go to the Jatikerep district, Karimunjava.

Also, you may ride a motorcycle from the Karimunjava Plaza. It won’t take to long though, maybe about 10 minutes. You can take pictures with a beautiful background of a very nice view of the mountains and Karimunjava sea. There’s also Karimujawa Hill, just a little bit higher from there. Plus, there is also a writing says “Karimunjava” with views of the sea and karimunjava mountains.

When the holiday comes, many tourists start to fill this place. They will capture their fun moments in here, spending times in the beauty of Karimunjava. Also, they can enjoy the sunset from this hill, if the weather if sunny, well you will get stunning views from here. Because of that, it will be a prove that Karimunjava is beautiful in almost everything, either the nature under the sea and the view of natural beauty of its mountains. Its very very worth visiting, don’t ever forget to come here.

3. Visiting Batu Topeng Beach

Things to do in Karimun Jawa Indonesia, other wonderful beach you can visit. Its one of the beautiful white sand beaches that serve as a tourist attraction both land and sea tourism. Because this beach can be accessed either by sea and land. If you want to visit Batu Topeng beach by way of accessing by land, then you only need about 15 minutes from Karimunjava square. 

Batu Topeng Beach is not only visited by tourists who take vacation to Karimunjava in the afternoon just before sunset or when sunset occurs. But also Batu Topeng beach is also fill by the tourists during the day as well. Batu Topeng beach  is often visited by tourists who follow the sea tour event during lunch break. When the lunch event, the guide will prepare a barbeque dish of  squid combined with the typical ingredients of Karimunjava. It’s very very delicious.

At Batu Topeng beach, there are also some stalls from the locals who provide food and beverage menu such as instant noodles, snacks, coconut ice, coffee, tea, etc. So, after you eat a lunch with fish barbeque that has been provided by the guide, you can also enjoy  drinking coconut ice while feeling the cool breeze and coconut trees view that this beach provided. It’s a nice tourist attraction, and its a must visit place for you too. So check it out.

4. Visiting Menjangan Besar Island

Yeah, this is the big brother of Menjangan Kecil. Menjangan Besar Island  is the second largest island after Karimunjava Island. This island is also the nearest island from the port and Karimunjava pier. Also, if you see the sunset around the pier you can clearly see it from this enormous island. However, you can visit this big island by using tours boat or fishing boats with a time of approximately 5 to 10 minutes.

This big island is also a favorite destination for tourists who come in here, both local tourists and foreign tourists. Because,in this big island there is a very famous shark breeding. Very interesting thing to see eh?. Your journey is not satisfying yet if you’re not doing this activity. In here, you can take a picture of them.

Saying hi to other person is ok, but to this. Is it a big no no ?, or maybe it’s a big fat yes?. Well, sometimes you’ll do crazy stuff right?, now its a perfect chance for you. With all the risks, you may take a picture with the pretty faces, of sharks. Their white teeth, maybe will blow you away.

With all the angles, take a picture with the best one. The picture that can represent the bravery of you, just to be close to these vicious creatures. Plus add those special effects to make that photo majestic as possible. Beside taking pictures, you can also swimming with them. Yes swimming, with them. 

Beside those sharks, there are also some other sea creatures such as turtles, starfish, and some other unique fish species. Of course, you are also allowed to hold and take pictures with these beautiful marine biota. If you visit the islands of karimunjava, you absolutely must visit this great island.

5. Visiting Menjangan Kecil Island

Another beautiful island to visit. This is the little brother. If you want to visit Menjangan Kecil Island in Karimunjava, then you should be a little patient. This is because of the limited transportation. The tourists can depart from the port in Jepara using Muria Ferry. But sadly, this one ship only departs at certain times only. So you must know the ship schedule info in advance if you want to visit this island. The time it takes you to get to Menjangan Kecil Island is about 5 hours. But along the way, you will see the beautiful scenery around you.

Menjangan Kecil Island offers stunning underwater scenery, where the beauty of coral reefs is remarkable and the life of small fishes will welcome the tourists while swimming there. In addition, in this island there are nemo fish that will accompany you while diving the underwater beauty of this island. In addition to swimming and diving, other tourism activities that can searchers do on the island of Menjangan Kecil is snorkeling. Because of that, this island is also called ‘The Heaven” to do snorkeling and diving.

Menjangan Kecil Island  is still very clean and free of waste and also the air pollution. So this one place is perfect for tourists who want to clear their mind from the density of daily activities. Because, the place is still very clean and also free of air pollution, therefore when the tourists visit this island, they must maintain the cleanliness of the environment by not littering and  damaging the facilities.  Well, what are you waiting for?. It’s perfect place for your holiday, for your family and friends. Get the experiences yourself!

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6. Visiting Cemara Kecil Island

Cemara means Pine Tree, so you can find many of them in this island. Cemara Kecil Island usually perfect for a lunch break while doing BBQ . Also, while waiting to roasted fish, you can take pictures around the beach of this island. On the west side, you can see the beauty of the mountains on the Karimunjava Island, which is still very green and also shady.

Besides that activity, the white sand around the island is a fun place for you who want to play with sand and sea water an the shores of Cemara Kecil Island. You can visit this small island in East Wind season, because in West Wind season, the waves around the island is very big and not safe.

It is not difficult to get here. You can use a small boat (fishing boat) with travelling time around 20-30 minutes from the Karimunjava Island. This island is one of the islands in Karimunjava islands with a great view of coral around the coast that surrounds the island itself. Here, you will find the clear sea water along the coastline. Interested?. Well, go here immediately!

7. Visiting Karimunjava Square

Last but not least is visiting Karimunjava Square. After all day picnicking, touring, boating, water sporting, or any -ing you can do in here, now it’s time to fill those belly. You can get almost any sea food in here, starting from fishes, shrimps, and other sea creatures you can eat. The foods are always very tasty and the price is tastier. Your belly is smiling and either your wallet.

You can get great foods with cheap prices, not so expensive like in restaurants. We have some recommendation for you to try. First, is Pindang Serani Soup. The combination of spicy, sweet and sour will blow you away. Second is Karimunjava Siomay.

This is not ordinary siomay like you’ve found in many areas in Indonesia. This siomay is added with Karimunjava special recipe, which is very unique and also tasteful, really worth to try. Beside that, you can choose everything in here. Look at your wallet first though. Interested?

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Alright there are some other activity you can do here, fun activities. Check these out :

8. Island Hopping

Nah, you’re not going to jump over on one island to another. Hopping in here means, you go to many islands at once, even in one day. This is a must do activities for you who love travelling too. The Island Hopping actitivy is actually the main activity in here. The captain will take you to many exotic places or islands in Karimunjava. Many islands you may visit, such as Menjangan Besar Island, island for the sharks breeding. Also Menjangan Kecil Island, which is very perfect to do snorkeling.

Beside those Menjangan Islands, there are much more location you can visit, such as Cemara Besar Island (an island that has a wide stretch of white sand when the sea recedes), Cemara Kecil Island (perfect place for lunch), Gosong Seloka Island (an island that only has white sand), Cilik Island (an island that has Snorkeling spots and you can take pictures with many cute fish). There’s also Central Island (an island commonly used for lunch when visiting the eastern islands of Karimunjava) and many others.

So many islands you want to visit, eh?. Well, take your time, prepare your soul. You’ll doing a wonderful journey through those island, and that experience is really memorable. Most of all, don’t forget to apply some sunblock if you really worry about your white baby skin. That’s ok though, beside the inner, the outer self of you is also important. However, enjoy the trip!

More Tourist Attractions in Karimunjava Island

Meanwhile, there are many things to do in Karimunjava islands Indonesia

9. Romantic Dinner in Karimunjava Island

You do romantic travels huh?, better also do this activity. You will do this activity not in mainstream areas like restaurant or something. Well, you’ll do romantic dinner in the middle of Gosong. Gosong is a terrestrial formation that jutting into the waters, usually formed from sand, gum, and or gravel. Well, what a perfect place for you isn’t it?.

For those of you who want to express your love for lover  or for those of you who want to propose, this is the best place. You can do it while having dinner, accompanied by some light in the middle of Gosong. But this romantic activity can only be done when the wind is small, usually during the turning of  rainy season into the dry season . In Karimunjava at the turn of the season, there will be very little wind.

10. Spearfishing

Fish shooting activities with spearfishing technique is quite exciting to in Karimunjava. This activity is legal and environmentally friendly, but still with the portion and ethics that exist like shooting fish only with the usual size that can be consumed.

When you want to shoot those poor fish with this spearfishing technique, make sure you have swimming and also free dive skills. If you want to do it while you’re in Karimunjava, we suggest you to find a professional companion or find someone who has enough experience in this field so you will be be safe and comfortable and not damage the coral habitat in Karimunjava.

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11. Camping Nearby the Beach 

Other exciting activity you can do while in the Karimunjava is camping. For those of you who have often done camping activities on the mountain, please try to do camping activities on the island. Feel the different sensations.

If camping on the mountain you need to bring a thick jacket and sleeping bag, then camping in the middle of the island or on the beach is  the opposite. Forget thick clothing or sleeping bed, but bring thin clothes. If your belly start babbling,  you can fish in the sea or collect shellfish on the beach to cook. Maybe you can also try playing survival thingies like in the movie Cast Away, starring Tom Hanks as the main character. Surely this will be an exciting experience.

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That’s it, wonderful attractions and things to do in Karimun Jawa Indonesia. Actually, there’s more thing you can explore, and I want you to find it yourself, and make a great experience of it. Careful not to get lost though. Karimunjava has many great memories that you’ll find, many of them are maybe beautiful and exciting memories. Enjoy your holiday, have a great day!

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