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Top 10 Things to Do in Bali Safari and Marine Park Indonesia

by Yoga Adi

Welcome back to Bali again! Bali has many many interesting spots you can visit. Beside the markets and he beaches, there’s a place you must go to. That is Bali Safari and Marine Park. The kids surely love this place. Beside they can see the animals on land, they can also see the animals in the water. Bali Safari and Marine Park also known as The Third Safari Park (Safari Park 3). Anyway, the location of this place is in the Serongga Village, Gianyar, Bali.

In this place, you can find many animals from the different parts of the world. There are about 80 species and 400 animals in total which come from three different areas, Indonesia, India, and Africa. You can find deers, Himalayan bears, Nilgai, Black bucks, African hippos, zebras, camels, ostriches, baboons, blue wildebeests, and lions. The most epic display are the legendary Indian white tigers. The tourists use safari buses to travel through different areas of the park. Beside that, in this safari park you may find other games like roller coaster, even the twister. Because of that, the amount of fun you can get here is unlimited.

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Okay, that’s the general information about it. Now, this the time to tell you what else you can do in this number one most visited animal parks in Bali. Check these out :

1. Safari Journey Bus Ride

Board a not-so-big bus and join a tour of the animals from Indonesia, Africa and India. Easily spot exotic animals such as white rhino, hippo, giraffe, zebra and sumatran tigers to name a few. Experience the animals up close – instead of walking to different enclosures to peer at the animals. Board the bus and be transported into their natural habitats. Really nice experience.

Separated by just a mere glass, you can imagine when the kids squeal in delight. As they watch the animals walk by right beside them. You even get a chance to spot owls in their mini tree hole, in broad daylight. Also, you will find there is a  track that the driver takes and the animals are strategically exist in smaller areas which canals, wires and rocks divide them to allow a more up close and personal experience. This is not to say the animals are confined or tethered (maybe the owls?), some animals have larger parcels of land than others and they are free to roam in their designated areas. A sprawling reserve it is not, more of a small safari experience.

The safari journey will take a 30 minute slow loop around the themed countries. Total 45 minutes, including queuing for the bus. If you’ve never been in such close proximity with animals before, this is definitely one bus ride you’ll be running to catch!

2. Riding Elephant

Have you thought about riding this big guy?. If yes, now here’s your chance. Sit on the back of this huge animal s, while enjoying the beauty of tropical rain forest. Its absolutely great, isn’t it?. Especially if you do this elephant ride with your family. During the elephant ride, your kids definitely will love it so much, and it will be a memorable moment.

While you sit on the back of the Sumatran elephant, you will see African Themed Panorama, that looks like an actual African jungle. Also while on the back of the elephant, there will be a saddle for you which is comfortable to sit on.But, is it safe to have an elephant ride, in Bali?. Don’t worry, during elephant ride, there is an excellent elephant guide, who will control and guide the elephant and you just need to relax enjoy the scenery of Safari and Marine Park Bali Indonesia things to do.

The durations of elephant safari ride, is approximately around 10 or 30 minutes. This more than enough to end your curiosity. You also will be able to see zebras, wildebeest, and rhinoceros. Besides that, you also can enjoy the elephant bath in the Mara River.

For the tickets for elephant rides, you cannot purchase it separately. You need to upgrade your package from the general admission Jungle Hopper to the Leopard package which includes a 10 minute elephant ride. The Rhino package at $139 USD is where you get a full 30 minute ride through the safari reserve as well as a VIP safari tour, lunch buffet at the Lion restaurant and special seating at shows. Great package isn’t it (also a little bit expensive). Whatever what package is, this activity is a must do in this Bali Safari and Marine Park.

3. See The Elephants Show

Beside riding them, you can also see their wonderful act. You can head on to the show area, where you can watch the elephants display their talents. Elephant show runs twice a day at 11.45am and 4:30pm. It’s a bit of a distance with young kids between the elephant bath and the arena for the Elephant Conservation and Educational Show. You won’t miss much if you arrive a little later except for a front and center seat. You still have the time to see their great show. There is also plenty of open seat available. The arena is spectacular with seats looking out towards a large center stage complete with glass moat.

This is a theatrical show based on the theme of elephant conservation. The vibe of the show is much like any slightly cheesy Sea World act you already see, but this time featuring lots of beautiful elephants. The story is the struggle between resident farmers and wild elephants and how eventually they learn to live in harmony where instead of the elephants being hunted they are rehabilitated to places such as Bali Safari Marine Park to be worker elephants. As happy an ending as you can get in Indonesia. You’ll learn more about the history of the conflict between elephants and humans, and better understand the importance of saving the homes of these beautiful creatures.

However, once the show ends, any member of the audience can go on the stage to get pictures with the elephant stars, all neatly line up in a row.The elephant show is take about 20 minutes in duration, allow at least 15-20 minutes to queue for a photo opportunity after the show. You must see this epic show and there are many things to do in Bali safari and marine park Indonesia.

4. Visiting Waterpark

Now, this is the favourite play for kids. You can imagine, your kids will wanders of somewhere in here, so please keep your attention at your children. Meanwhile, it’s the best spots for family holiday. By then, you can enjoy with your kids and couple.

Here is great water park with a variety of water slides for all ages, a great toddler friendly water playground, water tipping contraptions,  fountains, a whirl pool, a swimming pool, a wet merry go round with spray guns and an adults pool retreat with bar. Free lockers, showers and change facilities are provided but you need to bring your own towels.

The point plus here is the pools are well maintained and the water clean. It’s quite refreshing to have a dip in the pool after walking around in the heat. Be warned though, kids will not want to move on, so it’s best to leave this to last. We missed out on a a few attractions due to the time spent here. Your kids will be happy, undoubtedly!

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5. Playing at The Fun Zone

Right after visiting the waterpark, you can go with your family to The Fun Zone. Your children will be very very happy. This is more than enough for younger kids, however for older children or kids that love rides, the unlimited rides are only available on the Leopard and Rhino packages.

There are age restrictions on some rides such as the roller coaster, but there are enough rides suitable for young kids (age 8 and under). There are a multi level car ride, a carousel that is more practical than whimsical (an all metal painted contraption without lights or music and spins quite fast), there is also a water flume ride for the braver kids, trampolines and roller coasters.

As well as the amusement rides, there are dinosaur structures to run around in and nearby is the Jungle Cruise boat ride, though closed for maintenance at the time. However, this place is very suitable for you, you can relax while your children till they tired.

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6. Dine With The Tigers

After all day walking and exploring this place, now its time for you to fill your hungry tummy. However, there’s interesting restaurant you may visit. Join the lions  at Tsavo Lion Restaurant, where you can watch these majestic creatures practise their catwalk right beside you. The restaurant serves up delectable meals ranging from western favourites such as Tasmanian Salmon ( 150,000 rupiahs) to Balinese favourites such as Crispy Duck Leg ( 180,000 rupiahs). All of them are worth to try.

They even have a spectacular dessert, The Banana Flambé which is prepared by a chef right before your eyes. You might be expecting a mushy banana after watching the fire erupt from the pan, but the pleasing texture of the banana is actually adequately soft and not overdone. This is made complete with a scoop of vanilla ice cream – bound to delight your tastebuds!

A kid’s menu is also available, with a range of options including soup, mains, sides and even dessert that’s almost as good as the ‘adult’ menu. But be warned though, there’s a lion in the restroom that will watch you groom and freshen up after your meal!

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7. Watching The Legendary Agung Show

Things to do in Bali safari and marine park Indonesia, a clever fusion between traditional storytelling methods of puppetry and modern day theatre, Bali Agung showcases the most popular folktale in Bali. The story tells of the 12th century King Jaya Pangus and his marriage to a wealthy Chinese merchant’s daughter, Kang Ching Wie. The glorious display of dance and beautiful stage set-up showcase the integration of both cultures, as well as village life in the old Balinese days. But careful now, every story has a plot twist.

On a voyage one day, the King is shipwrecked, and ends up on an island. He fell in love with the beautiful goddess of the lake, Dewi Danu, who’s dressed in a majestic gown 10 meters long. You’ll watch their love affair play out, accompanied with the severe consequences of the King’s mistake. But, this is not just a show about humans. Naturally, with the theatre located in Bali Safari & Marine Park, the animals have a role to play too!

Performed in the biggest theatre in Bali, Bali Agung has passed it’s 1,000th show in June 2014 with a cast of over 180. Including musicians that are masters of traditional balinese instruments that help adding the  atmosphere to the show. With handmade costumes and props including the giant ones such as the dragons and even a ship, the show is indeed a unique theatre production that’s worth every penny!

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More Things to Do in Safari and Marine Park Bali

Meanwhile, here are more attractions in Safari and Marine Park Bali Indonesia:

8. Visiting The Aquarium

Even though it wasn’t as impressive as an Underwater World, it’s still worth a look is the fresh water aquariums, right by the lobby and exit. This area is small and also understated. But, the tanks are clean and beautiful with interesting variety of fresh water fish from goldfish, colourful domestic fish of all sizes and even a tank of piranha. You can see these carnivorous fish feast on a whole chicken during feeding time.

You can witness them devour a whole chicken in less than five minutes. Also, if these carnivorous creatures get too hungry, they even attack and consume their friends. What an unique experience right?, so come in and enjoy things to do in Bali safari and marine park Indonesia!

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9. Petting Zoo

Your kids (if you have any) will love to have a touch-and-feel of these furry little domestic creatures. They can do it at the Petting Zoo. They’ll be delighted to watch these cute critters just an arm’s length away. Unlike Bali Zoo, where the petting zoo was mainly with deer and rabbits. This Safari and Marine Park Bali Indonesia things to do petting zoo has a large collection of  birds, goats, ducks, hamsters, snakes and iguana. There are also pony rides available in this area.

You can watch adorable guinea pigs and toy poodles run across the stage, and cats running up a levitated pole. After that, remember to head nearby to snap a picture with the playful Orangutan from the show. However, its only take 30 minutes to get to all the cute animals. So what are you waiting for?

10. Enter The Tiger’s Den

Are you afraid of this cute little cat?. This activity is maybe can pumps your adrenaline level to the roof. In the Night Safari Journey, you’ll get to feel the most thrilling experience at the safari park. You step into a cage-bus equipped with snacks (not for you, for the animals) and it sets off into the dark jungle surroundings.

The bus stops by at various pitch stops where the clever animals advance towards the cage to the aroma of carrots (or perhaps humans?). You can feed the friendly animals like elephants and zebras, which will gnaw on their little treats happily. This activity is a must do though, especially for you who looking for unusual experiences in here.

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How to Get to Safari and Marine Park Bali

Anyway, a visit to the Bali Safari and Marine Park will take up a full day. Full day to enjoy all that things the park has to offer. It is very good to get there at opening time. Because, there is so much to see and do in Safari and Marine Park Bali Indonesia . Best have your own transport instead of public transport, or at least a return transfer back to your hotel. It can save more money you know. The climate here can be rather hot so you maybe can bring drinks as refresher.

Also, get the opportunities of the free attractions and photo opportunities throughout the park and have a free map of the park handy to explore all corners of site. The location is quite far-flung, so it’s a good idea to plan some stopovers on the way , or from the park. Bring a change of clothes, towel and swimwear if you want to take a dip and have fun with the kids at the nearby water park. Anyway, this place opens at 9 am till 5 pm. The entry ticket is vary though, ranging from 135 thousand until 450 thousand rupiahs. The packages offered also vary, so please check it on the official website of Safari and Marine Park Bali Indonesia things to do.

To go to Bali Safari and Marine Park tourist attractions with kids is half the experience, hire a driver and the kids will love riding in the back without car seats whilst checking out the organised chaos that is Bali traffic. Bali is so cheap, we only pay $55 AUD for an  8 seater van complete with chauffeur and AC for the entire day. By hiring a driver, it allowed us to set our own pace and stop as we pleased. We combined our trip to Bali Safari and Marine Park with a beach play in nearby Sanur as part of a full day out. If we were running late, we could call or text the driver on the mobile to let him know. They were happy to wait for us.

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That’s it, wonderful and beautiful things in Bali Safari and Marine Park. Actually, there’s more thing you can explore. But, I want you to find it yourself, and make a great experience of it. Careful not to get lost though, its a big venue. Safari and Marine Park Bali Indonesia attractions has many great memories that you’ll find, many of them are maybe beautiful and fun memories. Enjoy your holiday, have a great day!

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