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Build your Tent in these 4 Campsites in Central Java

by Ivonne Puspakencana
campsites in central java

If you plan to have a holiday in Central Java, and want to have an exciting and new experience, you can try camping. Camping is perfect for you who want to stay with nature.

Besides, camping also teaches you some lessons, such as cooking, team work and some other skills. You may also read these 6 Recommended Campsites in Yogyakarta and Don’t Miss These 4 Comfortable Campsites in Bogor! for your reference of campsites.

There are some interesting and recommended campsites located in Central Java. If you want to have an amazing camping experience, you can bookmark these sites. Let’s build your tent in these 4 campsites in Central Java.

  • Wana Wisata Nglimut
Campsites in Central Java

Wana Wisata Nglimut is the first campsite you can consider once you want to go camping in Central Java. This campsite is located in Gonoharjo, Kendal District. It is also located at the foot of Unggaran Mountain.

Kendal District is known as the place with a lot of amazing natural attractions, either mountains or beaches. That’s why, Wana Wisata Nglimut offers you some complete packaging to enjoy. The package includes the hot spring, waterfall and along with camping.

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The outbound area is usually used as the campsites for students around Kendal District. However, not only students who enjoy camping here, there are some other people too.

This spot is surrounded by tall and shady trees that release fresh and cool air. If you plan to go camping here, don’t worry about the equipment as there is a rent for it. Just with IDR 70,000, you can rent a tent for one night.

  • Sunrise Camp Gunung Prau
Campsites in Central Java
Perfect place for camping on top of Mount Prau

Gunung or Mount Prau is famous for its beautiful landscape and panorama. Mount Prau is also a perfect place for hiking practice as the area is not that difficult. Mount Prau also becomes the border between three districts, Kendal, Batang and Wonosobo.

The best time to spend your holiday in Prau is during the peak of dry season, between August and September. During this dry season, the scenery in Prau is the best. The sky will be clear blue, and the grass field will stretch out from the east to the west.

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Camping in Mount Prau will give you the unforgettable experience to view the best golden sunrise in Indonesia. The trek is not that hard so that it can be done by people from all ages. You can enjoy the view of the mountain while camping together with your family.

  • Camp Area Umbul Bengkok
Campsites in Central Java
Camp Area Umbul Bengkok, located 500 to 600 above the sea level

Camp Area Umbul Bengkok is a brand new campsite located in Banyumas District. To reach the campsite, you will need around 20 to 25 minutes from Purwokerto city.

The way to the campsite is quite challenging, so make sure your vehicle is in the good condition. It is located at the foot of Mount Slamet, so you will be able to enjoy the beautiful view from the height of 500 to 600 above the sea level. This campsite is perfect for you to spend your holiday with your family and friends.

You don’t have to be bothered by the camping equipment as everything can be rented here. The camping equipment, such as tent, matrass and blanket can be rented with affordable price.

With only IDR 100,000, you will be able to sleep inside a tent which can hold 4 people along with matrass. At night, you can also enjoy campfire at night.

  • Mawar Camp Gunung Ungaran
Campsites in Central Java
The best experience of camping with the view of Mount Ungaran

If you feel bored or fed up with your hectic routines, then spend some time to have a refreshing time in Mawar Camp Gunung Ungaran. This camp is located in Mount Ungaran, Semarang, Central Java.

The access to this campsite is also easy and comfortable. You don’t have to be worried of traffic jam and along the way, there are some street signs so it will be safe to drive.

If you wish to go camping here and are worried about the equipment, don’t worry. There is a rental of equipment you need during the camping, such as tent, blanket or matrass.

The camping area is also wide so it will be suitable for family gathering as well. If you get bored inside the tent all the time, you can walk around and enjoy the view of the mini park.

Those are the best campsites in Central Java where you can build your tent. You can go camping both with your family or friends. Remember, camping is fun, as it is not only staying inside the tent, but you can also stay and get to know nature better.

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