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11 Best Beaches in Jakarta, Indonesia (#Beautiful Spots Ever)

by Yoga Adi

Woah, another big city in Indonesia. But this time, is pretty big. You already know Jakarta, right? Actually, this big town is a capital city of Indonesia. This town has nearly everything though, starting from nice health department and also good economy. Jakarta also the most populated city in Indonesia. The location of this city is in the west side of Java Island. Also, this city has many areas, called Jabodetabek. The area consist of 5 areas, Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang, and Bekasi.

Jakarta also has several names, many names such as Sunda Jakarta, Jayakarta, and also Batavia. In the International world, Jakarta also has some nicknames like J- Town, and also The Big Durian. Because you can find many durians in here.  Also Jakarta has “The Big Durian’ nickname because it also considered comparable to New York City, The Big Apple.

Jakarta has an area of ​​about 661.52 km² (the oceans: 6,977.5 km²), with population around 10,187,595 inhabitants . The metropolitan area of ​​Jakarta (Jabodetabek) has a population of about 28 million people, it is the largest metropolitan in Southeast Asia or second in the world. So crowded in here. Beside a business center, politics and culture, Jakarta also is home for the headquarters of state own enterprises, private companies and foreign companies. The city is also the place of government institutions and the ASEAN secretariat office. Jakarta has two airports, Soekarno-Hatta Airport and Halim Perdanakusuma Airport. Also, three seaports in Tanjung Priok, Sunda Kelapa and Ancol.

Beside all the thing you can get in here, you maybe want to check the other attractions in Jakarta. Attractions like amusement parks, museum, or some unique place, you can visit anything you want. But, don’t ever forget o visit its beach though. There are many beaches you can choose. We’re going to some regions like Banten, North, and West Jakarta. Let us start from the first beaches in Jakarta Indonesia.

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Beaches in Banten

The sea area of ​​Banten is one of the potential sea lanes, the Sunda Strait is one of the strategic  routes because it can be large ships can pass through it, connecting Australia and New Zealand with Southeast Asia such as Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore. In addition, Banten is a connecting path between Java and Sumatra.Banten has many many beautiful beaches you must visit. Don’t worry, all of them are exotic and really beautiful to see. Check these out :

1. Anyer Beach 

Very very beautiful beach, perfect for you. Anyer Beach in Banten has a white sand with calm waves. With such coastal conditions, Anyer beach is famous as a tourist attraction in Banten. At Anyer Beach, you can do swimming , playing sand, diving, snorkeling, jetskiing, and banana boating. Alo, you can take a walk along the shore, or even just  relaxing on the beach area while chatting with friends or family. You can also camping in this area. Of course it will be an exciting beach tour experience.

The location Anyer Beach is at Anyer Road, Anyer, Banten. Travel time to this beautiful beach only takes 2-3 hours  from the capital city of Jakarta by using your own vehicles. The route that can used to get to the beach area is through Pandeglang or Cilegon area. For those who use a car , can take advantage of toll access, after the exit to the toll of West Cilegon, follow the direction to Anyer.

The entry ticket ain’t too expensive, so many tourists of course can afford it. Beside the many facilities you’ll get in here, you can also see the stunning panorama of this place. What a remarkable experience, so what are you waiting for?.

2. Carita Beach

Another beautiful beach for you. Carita Beach has a good of resources such as fish, seaweed, and other marine products. The scenery in here also very beautiful. In addition, beside enjoying the sand, you can also enjoy the rhythm of the waves that come along with fresh wind breeze, as well as the awesome landscape of Mount Krakatau.

Also, this beach is also known to have many of interesting fauna to see. If you lucky, you can find a variety of interesting local animals, such as long-tailed monkeys. There are also still other animals you can find such as lizards, pythons, alap-alap, and eagles.

Beside just walking around the beach, you can also do some activities. You can playing kites, diving, snorkeling, an also do the legendary banana boating. It’s basically a perfect place for you and your family, especially kids.

3. Bagedur Beach

Bagedur Beach in the village of Sukamanah Malingping, Lebak district of Banten province turn out to have a clean beach and no less beautiful than Sawarna. Just like the beaches in Sawarna village, the location of Bagedur beach is also in the southern part of Banten.

Which means,  the waves in the typical  southern coast is big and strong. The beach in the southern part of Banten is famous for its beauty because it is not so much touch by humans. The access also not easy as most beach in the western part of Banten.

The attractiveness of this beach is a sloping beach with a wide white sand. Can you imagine? Yes, the beach is certainly very beautiful and spacious so you can freely perform any activities on Bagedur. The white sand, the clear blue sea, and the natural scenery around this place will indulge your vision. Due to its sloping beaches with no coral, you can swim and play sand here freely. But, you have to be careful because this beach has big waves of south coast.

Not like many beaches, on this beach you will not find a speedboat, banana boat rental or other water sports. The atmosphere on the beach is very calm and peaceful. Suitable for calming your mind. Perfect place to calming yourself after all day visiting other tourist attractions.

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4. Pulo Manuk Beach

This beach  in Pulo Manuk became one of the favorite tourist destinations in Banten besides Sawarna beach. The beach is jutting into the sea with the waves are not too big. Perfect for you who want to relax while enjoying the beautiful beach view. Pulo Manuk Beach also has clean white sand as well as the beaches in Sawarna. Children can play the with beach sand with much satisfaction. Sunbathing can also be a fun alternative activities you can do on this island.

Entrance to the Pulau Manuk Beach was fairly cheap too.  You only need to pay Rp 2,000 to play around the beach. Its necessary to maintain the beauty of the beach and also to keep it clean and comfortable.

5. Karang Taraje Beach

The beach is about 137 KM from Rangkasbitung City and 38 Km from Malimping City. It also 4 KM from Bayah and Pulo Manuk Beach. Taraje Beach has an area of ​​approximately 40 hectares with the character of a dense white sand and big waves that make your mind blown by a stunning natural scenery.

The name of Karang Taraje Beach is from a coral (Karang) which resembling a taraje. In Sundanese taraje means ‘ladder’. One of the reefs on the beach is then used as an icon of this Karang Taraje Beach because it is considered very iconic and exotic. The iconic coral is shaped like a staircase. This uniqueness is different from the other beaches, which are in the South Java beaches.

Therefore, the tourist attraction Kara Taraje Banten Beach has its own charm that makes many foreign and local tourists coming to see it. In addition to the unrivaled natural beauty, this beach is also very promising for tourists who are fond with photography. Because a variety of landscape and natural objects can be a beautiful object and perfect to captured. Its an absolutely must visit beach.

6. Karang Bolong Beach

One of the beaches that quite unique in the area around the Anyer beach is Karang Bolong beach. This place was originally call  Karang Suraga, which is taken from a high-knowledged man and imprisoned in this place until the end of his life. Along the development, this beach began to be known by the name of Karang Bolong. As the name implies, on this beach there is indeed a large coral that have a big hole (Bolong in Sundanese means hole).

Geologists estimate this hole comes from seawater erosion for a long time. There is also a claim that the hole was formed by the eruption of Krakatoa mountain. Until now, the cause of the coral hole is not known with certainty. However, there are many activities you can do here, you can put a mat and picnic on the beach while enjoying the sea breeze and the sound of waves. There are also some big rocks that you can take as a seat while enjoying the beautiful sea view.

This beach entry ticket is quite cheap, but if you bring your vehicle, usually it will be charge with parking fees as well. Do not be afraid of your belly, you can buy food that available in the area around ​​Karang Bolong. Such a perfect beach to be a refresher for your mind.

7. Karang Songsong Beach

Karang Songsong Beach or also known as Cibobos Beach is located in Cibobos Village, Panggarangan District, about 2 hours from Rangkasbitung City. One of the charms on this beach offers small rocks and also large rocks that stretched into the sea. This also makes the name of this beach is called Songsong. Because the corals that face toward the sea directly faced with the fast wave of the Southern Java Sea.

Coral is the first object crush by the waves. This splashing sea water is the main attraction in Karang Songsong Beach. This beach also has a curved coastline. Although it only has a little coastline, but the sand looks white brownish. Very fitting to do the activities like sitting while relaxing, enjoying the view of the waves that hit the reef. On the back side of the beach, there are teak and mahogany trees. With an area of ​​about 3 hectares, making the Songsong Karang Beach so wonderful to visit. So, what are you waiting for then?.

After Banten, now we’re going to North Jakarta. It’s just a few thought to worth mention. Here we go:

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Beaches in North Jakarta

Meanwhile, here are the best beautiful beaches in Jakarta Indonesia:

1. Marunda Beach

Marunda Beach Jakarta is also very close to Al-Alam Marunda Mosque, one of the oldest mosques in Jakarta. From the parking lot, to the left is the location of the mosque then if the straight forward road will lead to the edge of Marunda Beach. This tourist area is still very simple, although the effort of structuring already exist. Just not up to the maximum. The north coast of Jakarta has this heat of the sun that feels sting, because of the unavailability of adequate trees.

there are Bamboo and wooden arrangements that jutted into the sea at some point locations along the beach. Besides being used as a dock, its also used for fishing. Also as a place to sit, and place to go down for those who want to bathe in the sea water which less clear. The clarity of the water at this cheap tourist spot seems to be a rare item.

However you’ll got some unique experience when visiting this beach. Especially the view of Indonesia that you’ve not seen before. Get that experience now!

2. Ancol Beaches

For citizens of Jakarta who want to enjoy the atmosphere of the beach with a fairly close distance seems to have only one option. That is the beach in Ancol, North Jakarta. Realizing the great desire of Jakarta citizens of a clean beach tourism, the manager of  Ancol Dreamland also continue to clean up to provide the best facilities and services for its visitors.

Currently there are several beaches that we can enjoy in Ancol, and some of them are quite fun if we bring the kids along. Although the quality of sea water is less clean for us to swim, but there are many other facilities that we can enjoy during a tour on the beaches in Ancol. Try to visit all of those beautiful beaches if you dare!

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Those are some beaches you can visit in North Jakarta. After that, comes the time for the East. But sadly, the East Jakarta and South  Jakarta hadn’t provided any beach spots so we’ll go straight to the West Jakarta. These are beaches you can visit in South Jakarta:

Beaches in West Jakarta

Indeed, as a capital city and a never sleep city, there are also many beautiful beaches in Jakarta Indonesia.

1. Beach in Pramuka Island

Pramuka island is located in the middle of the sea cluster of the Thousand Islands (Kepulauan Seribu). This white sand beach in Jakarta has clean and clear blue water which is tourists favorite to stay while enjoying its natural beauty. You can choose a tour package to enjoy the beauty of the beach at Pramuka Island while trying the beach sports that have been provided. In order to get a great holiday, don’t forget to take your family.

Some of the water sports on this beach are snorkeling fishing, canoeing and diving. A very interesting game to try while enjoying the beautiful panorama of the blue beach. Is it totally awesome place o visit, either with your friends or family. On this island there are exist the conservation of hawksbill turtle (Eretmochelys imbricata) which is now a little bit rare. In addition, there is also mangroves as an effort to improve coastal defense. Its a must visit place for you who want to enjoy either the knowledge or the beauty of the beach itself.

2. Beach in Pari (Stingray) Island

This name Pari comes because the island has a form of the land that is similar to stingrays. Many visitors are interested to come to Pari island with the purpose of getting back the spirit after busy with activities they have. Until now, this island of Pari is becoming research site for the development of seaweed and coral reefs by LIPI. Many students also had the opportunity to research the coastal habitat through the existing marine research institute on Pari Island. Visitors are also allowed to see the results of existing research in this place. 

However, on the island of Pari there is a very popular tourist attraction, it’s the beach with the calm waves. The water was blue and very clear. Sand that decorate the coast also looks very clean and white. You can take advantage of the coastal area to play ball, jog or just take a leisurely stroll while breathing the cool air and enjoying the breeze around the beach.

You can do various games such as banana boat, jetski, sofa boat and canoe. The rent price is very affordable. For some of the games it will cost you around 35 thousand rupiah per trip. Interesting isn’t it?

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That’s it, wonderful and beautiful beaches in Jakarta Indonesia. Actually, there’s more thing you can explore, and I want you to find it yourself, and make a great experience of it. Careful not to get lost though, its a big city. Jakarta has many great memories that you’ll find, many of them are maybe beautiful and fun memories. Enjoy your holiday, have a great day!

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