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10 Top Things to Do in Mount Rinjani Lombok, Indonesia

by Yoga Adi

You ever heard about this mountain? This mountain is the most famous mountain in Lombok, Indonesia. the beauty and the mystical story behind his mountain is so well known in Indonesia. However, the location of Mount Rinjani is on the island of Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara. This mount is the second highest volcano in Indonesia with an altitude of 3726 m above the sea level. It’s a favorite mountain for Indonesian climbers because of the beauty of the landscape. This mountain is part of Mount Rinjani National Park which has an area of ​​about 41,330 ha. Plus 76.000 hectare to the West and East side.

Climbing Mount Rinjani is one of the attractions that become a mainstay in the area of ​​Mount Rinjani National Park. Mount Rinjani is the second most active volcano in Indonesia. The peak of Mount Rinjani is the destination of most adventurers and nature lovers. They will visit this region because if they had managed to reach the peak, they’ll be proud. The interest of the community of nature lovers throughout the archipelago is quite big. Even from abroad. This is evidenced by the number of visitors who climb each year has increased.

Massive climbing activity is conducted from July to August. In August (mid) the climbing participants are generally dominated by students from all over Indonesia who want to celebrate the Independence Day of the Republic of Indonesia. There’s also activity annually held, called “Tapak Rinjani” . Every year, one of nature lovers group in Lombok Island in cooperation with Balai Gunung Rinjani National Park making this activity possible.

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Well, that’s the general information about Mount Rinjani/ The next thing we should learn, is about the History, check these out :

History of Mount Rinjani

This story is a little bit long though, so prepare your eyes. It is said that in ancient times lived a pair of king and queen named Datu Tuan and Dewi Mas. The kingdom he leads is very peaceful, safe and happy. However, the king and the empress always look sad, because until their old age , still not blessed with children. One day the king asked permission of the empress to remarry with another woman to have a descendant who could continue the throne of the kingdom. The Empress agreed, then the Majesty Datu Tuan soon proposed a girl named Sunggar Tutul, daughter of Patih Aur.

After marriage with Sunggar Tutul, the king also reduced his attention to Dewi Mas. The king is seems more often with his new wife. The infamously fair king, has now acted unfairly against his queen. Nevertheless, Dewi Mas remains patient and because of God’s miracles then Dewi Mas finally pregnant.

This news shocked Sunggar, she feared the King would turn away from her and return to Dewi Mas. Sunggar Tutul the incites the news of Dewi Mas’s pregnancy, she tells the king that the one who impregnates Dewi Mas is Lok Deos. The king believed in Sunggar Tutul’s instigation. He was angry with  Dewi Mas. Although the empress tried to explain it, the king was reluctant to listen to her and instead expelled her from the palace. Finally Dewi Mas went far away from the kingdom.

Dewi Mas decided to go to Bali island and build a small hut to live her new life. After months, her birthing time arrived. Dewi Mas gave birth to two twins each accompanied by a miracle. A baby boy was born with a kris (javanese traditional weapon), and another baby girl was born with arrows. The baby boy is named Raden Nuna Putra Janjak and baby girl named Dewi Rinjan.

After some time passed, Raden Nuna Putra became much older. Then, Raden decided to go to the Kingdom himself. But sadly, when he just arrived at the gate, some soldiers start to attack him. Because his great power, Raden wins. 

Hearing the defeat of his soldiers, the king Datu was furious. Then, he decided to fight Raden himself. They are both powerful and brave. So it is not easy to beat each other. During the middle of their fight, there was a whisper that sounded clearly in the ears of the king, who said that the one who fought him was his biological son. Instantly the fight was ended, the king immediately hug Raden Nuna Putra Janjak and apologize.

Then, The King picked Dewi Mas and his two children to return to the palace. All the surrounding people are happy, because their loved ones have returned. The king apologized to Dewi Mas and promise will not repeat his mistake again. Now, it’s Sunggar Tutul turn who about to expelled from the palace for having done an evil plan to Dewi Mas. But, what a kind woman Dewi Mas was. She prevents the king from repelling the Sunggar Tutul and even forgiving her. They finally live in peace and prosperity.

The king handed over his throne to his brave son Raden Nuna Putra Janjak. Under his command, the kingdom grew more victorious. After surrendering the throne to his son, King Datu Tuan prefers to go to the mountain accompanied by his daughter Dewi Rinjani. At the top of the mountain the king and his daughter do a meditation. The spirits there finally pick Dewi Rinjani to be the Queen of the mountain. Since then, this second highest mountain in Indonesia located in Lombok is called Mount Rinjani.

Phew, that’s the history of Mount Rinjani. We still have a long way to go though. Beside that amazing history Mount Rinjani has, now there’s some unusual ceremony, Pekelan. What’s that ? Check it out these things to do in Mount Rinjani Lombok Indonesia:

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Visit Pekelan

Mount Rinjani is believed to be the holder of a famous fire ring area that has a function to deals with the spiritual aspects of Hindu religion. Not only in the local community, but also including adherents of Hindu religion in other areas. For example, the island of Bali is famous for the thickness of Hindu religious values. They come the island of Lombok, especially the area where mount Rinjani lies, every year to hold a ceremony called Pekelan.

At this ceremony, they usually put jewelry on the lake with the purpose as an offer to the spirit of the mountain. They believe that in the Segara Anak lake there are many spirits inhabit it. The lake is famous for its mystical. According to their belief, if someone who came there and saw the lake stretched wide, then the age of the person is still long. And conversely, if someone who saw the lake felt the lake was narrow then that person’s age also short.

For that, a self-clean ritual is performed with the purpose to calm the heart and clear the mind so they can see the vastness of the lake. Not only the Balinese but also the Sasak Wetu Telu community also regard the lake as a sacred place and they come here to pray on the full moon night.

More Attractions Near Mount Rinjani Lombok

There several activity and things to do in Mount Rinjani Lombok Indonesia you can do here, such as :

  1. Month Rinjani Trekking

The trekking terrain on Mount Rinjani is the most challenging. But don’t worry, it will be paying off with a very exotic view from the summit of Mount Rinjani. Also you can find the refreshing lake of Segara Anak. Beside Segara Anak lake, you can also find a waterfall that will adding your passion. A waterfall that has a beautiful view, flowing through a steep cliff. It is amazing and can hypnotize anyone who sees it.

One more thing, the stunning flora and fauna will complete the real nature atmosphere and they will not be encountered elsewhere.  Well, in Mount Rinjani there are some flora and tropical fauna of Southeast Asia meets the flora and fauna of Australia. Very impressive if you can explore the beauty of it in there. Thus, beside enjoying the beauty of Mount Rinjani, you also can see how rich the flora and fauna in Indonesia. So, its a must to do thing in here.

2. Visiting Segara Anak

In Segara Anak, you will find a collection of fish such as Carp and Mujair. Here, you can fish as much as you like. Very suitable for a fishing mania. The other thing is, on the south side of Segara Anak lake there is also a lake called Segara Endut. Not until there, you are also presented with a view of Mount Baru or local people call it Mountain Barujari located on the east of the caldera.

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3. Visiting Caves

You will not be able to miss to explore the caves along the trekking  route in Mount Rinjani. Because, to go to the top of Mount Rinjani you will pass 3 caves, which is quite famous. There are Manik Cave, Milk (Susu) Cave, and Umbrella (Payung) Cave. The most interesting cave is the Milk cave, which is known to be a media of self-reflection, often used as a place to meditate. According to local belief, the spiteful people will find it difficult to enter the cave. The hole is narrow. On the contrary, those who are noble, and celan will be able to enter there. Inside the Milk Cave there is a hot water source which belief can be used to cure all kinds of diseases in the body.

This place really suited for resting, just to stretch those muscles. In addition, usually these caves serve as a place of meditation. Also please, don’t be so careless visiting those sacred place. You better ask permission first to the tour guide for visiting any sacred place in Mount Rinjani.

4. Visiting Kokok Putih

On the Trekking route we can also see the hot water spring of Koko Putih that can refresh your body. The natural atmosphere of Putih Putih still looks beautifully maintained because its forest is under government protection.

Along the Kokok Putih, there are many large trees, bushes and medicinal plants. Besides, Kokok Putih also keeps a mystery of nature that makes people wonder for those who have encountered the mystical experience and even many people who believe that Kokok Putih is a transit place for the guardians (Wali). That’s what  makes Kokok Putih serve as a resting place for tourists who want to go to Lake Segara Anak through Sembalun or Torean and Senaru lines. 

However, this hot water springs is what the local community believes as a healer of all diseases. So, take yourself to take a bath or just washing your face to refresh your body.

5. Visiting Edelweiss Field

In Mount Rinjani, we will also find Edelweiss field or also called Eternal flower which is a rare and valuable plant. However, visitors can’t picking and bringing this flower, because the local people believe this flower is part of the mystery of Spirit Kingdom in Mount Rinjani. Edelweiss flowers are also called dying flower, because in ancient times, it tooks a courage to risk a life to get that beautiful flower. So, please enjoy seeing those flower, but don’t do anything you forbid to do though. 

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6. Visiting Tetebatu

In addition, on the slopes of Mount Rinjani there is also a village of Tetebatu that has views of rice fields and tobacco plantations that stretch and make your eyes soothing . As far as your eyes can see, you will only see the beauty of mountainous nuances in Tetebatu. From this place, lies the landscape of the south of Lombok, Mount Rinjani in the north and the sea view when turning to the east. Tetebatu is the perfect retreat for the weary traveler and for those who want a temporary stopover to continue their adventure in the Central Lombok area. Its cold temperature makes Tetebatu always a cold place.

The sky is often cloud-covered, the sun never gushing strongly. Dim and quiet. With a natural feel like this, the rice fields in Tetebatu are suitable for farming tobacco and rice. Well from the village, you can hire a guide to take us to Tetebatu Tourist Park (Monkey Forest). There you will find many black monkeys and also beautiful waterfalls. Bes sure to check that out !

After doing things to do list, it’s time for Route to Mount Rinjani. Of course, you’ll get guidance about the route to go to this magnificent mountain so you’ll not be confuse anymore about the way to go to Mount Rinjani. So please, read it carefully.

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How to Get to Month Rinjani Lombok Indonesia

For land transportation, you can either use your private transportation, or by train. From the island of Java, in Banyuwangi in particular you have to go to the Ketapang Port, then cross by ferry boat with travel time about 1 hour. After arriving at Gilimanuk – Bali continue again towards Ubung terminal, Bali. You can also use public transportation services such as buses. This takes about 3 hours, so be patient. From terminal Ubung, you can continue again to the port of Padangbai. 

The Route – Mount Rinjani Lombok

From here, you will make another crossing to Lembar port on the island of Lombok. The time it takes to cross is about 4 hours. Then, proceed to Mandalika terminal in Mataram, it’ll take about 2 hours. After arriving at Mandalika, the journey continues to the Aikmel market. If you have not brought trekking equipment, here is he place you can shop for trekking needs later. Anyway, to arrive at Aikmel market it’ll take about 1 hour. From Aikmel continue again to Sembalun Lawang. Travel time for 2 hours. Then, finally you arrive at Mount Rinjani.

However, if you use air transportation, just transit at Sembalun airport. From there you can rent a car to get to Aikmel market. Then proceed to Sembalun Lawang. You can choose whatever transportation you like, and of course adjust it based on your budget and needs.

Here are also some tips that worth to check out, it may help you.

Tips for Travelling in Mount Rinjani Lombok

Indeed, there are many things to do in Mount Rinjani Lombok Indonesia, and here we’re giving you some tips:

  1. When do trekking, you should use boots for easy to walk at the  route to Mount Rinjani.
  2. Warm clothing is also very necessary, because the air there is quite windy and very cold of course.
  3. It is not recommended also to come in rainy season because the route must be slippery and landslides oftenly occur.
  4. Prepare enough personal needs such as food and beverage supplies. No need to think so much of it, near the entrance lined the merchants who will sell you all the stuff you need, especially food. So you do not have to bring them from home, except your medicine.
  5. Remember, the most important thing is your energy. Because you will really feel the sensation of climbing to get to the top of Mount Rinjani.
  6. Use guide services to not getting lost in the trek route.
  7. Visit during dry season, because in the rainy season the route is very slippery and often landslide happens.

That’s it, the magnificent Mount Rinjani . Actually, there’s more thing you can explore, and I want you to find it yourself, and make a great experience of it. Careful not to get lost though. Mount Rinjani has many great memories that you’ll find, there are many things to do near mount Rinjani Lombok Indonesia, one of them are maybe beautiful and unforgettable memories. Enjoy your holiday, have a great day!

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