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6 Best Sunset View Spots in Lombok

by Ivonne Puspakencana
sunset view spots in lombok

Lombok never runs out of amazing spots to visit with your loved ones. It is also considered as the least populated island located at the east of Bali. Many people visit Lombok as it is perfect for a beach getaway.

Besides, it is also far from the maddening crowd and the noisy unison of motorbikes in traffic. Get to know more about Lombok, you can read surfing spots in Lombok and white sand beaches in Lombok.

Besides, Lombok has also some romantic spots to visit with your loved ones. They are perfect for viewing sunset. Let’s continue reading the list of these best romantic spots to view sunset in Lombok.

  • Mount Rinjani
sunset view spots in lombok
Sunset from Mount Rinjani

Mount Rijani, the second highest volcano in Indonesia, is one of the best romantic spots to view sunset in Lombok. You can view the sunset from the peak of the mountain, which is around 1,500 meters and covered in an 8 kilometers trek.

It will be quite a climb that will take you more than 4 hours to get to the peak. However, you will surely be rewarded by the spectacular and amazing sunset viewpoint. The view overlooks a volcano crater that creates a surreal landscape with two mountains: Mount Agung and Tambora in the background.

At night, you will find yourself being surrounded by stars. That may be one of the perfect moments in your life to sleep under the stars. Then, in the morning, you will be greeted by the sunrise.

Before you visit Mount Rinjani, make sure you know these things to do in Mount Rinjani.

  • Gili Trawangan
Sunset View Spots in Lombok

Gili Trawangan is the biggest island in Gili islands. It is a tourist attraction with a small island and is popular among foreign and local tourists in Lombok.

Located north of the island of Lombok, Gili Trawangan offers very natural atmosphere with fresh air because of the regulations that prohibit motorized vehicles from operating there. If you wish to go surfing here, you must proceed to the list of diving sites in Gili Islands Lombok Indonesia.

One point of attraction of Gili Trawangan is the beautiful white sand. You can view both sunset and sunrise here and both of them can be seen from one place. The best part of this beach is its location of the island which has beaches facing east and west.

You can head to Villa Ombak Sunset, which is the biggest hotel on the island. Then, find a comfortable perch on one of their lounge chairs while taking a sip of their delicious cocktails. Take a perfect Instagram shot by taking a seat on one of the swings and have your friend take a photo of you while the sun is setting.

  • Batu Bolong
sunset view spots in lombok
The “hole” of Pura Batu Bolong, the best spot for viewing sunset

Head to the west of Lombok and you will catch a magical and exotic sunset at Pura Batu Bolong. The name means “hole within the stones” in Indonesia and the pool of water bordered by the dark rocks gives you a mesmerizing reflection of the sunset.

You will see the dark shape of the temple in the background which will surely add an exotic element to your sunset view.

  • Malimbu Hill
sunset view spots in lombok
Viewing sunset between the coconut trees in Malimbu Hill

Located at the edge of Sengiggi Beach, Malimbu Hill is considered as a best spot to enjoy the sunrise and sunset views. From the top of the hill, you can view the expanse of blue ocean and white sand.

It will need a little effort to climb Malimbu Hill because the path is quite steep. However, all the hard effort will be paid off by the beautiful view and a swarm of monkeys roaming the hill.

  • Tanjung Aan Beach
sunset view spots in lombok
Beautiful sunset at Tanjung Aan Beach

Being another beautiful beach located in Central Lombok, Tanjung Aan Beach is about 2 kilometers in length and has beautiful white sand. From this beach, both the visitors can enjoy both the sunrise and sunset panoramas. They can be seen clearly from the hills around the coast. You will see a combination of the view of the hill and sunlight with a vast expanse of sea.

  • Labuhan Haji
sunset view spots in lombok
Beautiful sunset from Labuhan Haji

Labuhan Haji is a famous and legendary regional name in East Lombok. This city is rich with the history of Islamic development. This old city also has several attractive and interesting tourist attractions.

The best view in this place is when the sun rises and sets. There is a small dock that people usually use as the spot to enjoy the beautiful sunrise and sunset.

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