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25 Top Beaches in Sumatra, Indonesia #Heavenly Spots Ever!

by Yoga Adi

Sumatra is the sixth biggest Island in Indonesia. If you seeking all wonderful beaches in Indonesia, Sumatera is a first list to visit. Located in the north side of Indonesia, Sumatera has many potential beaches you can visit. In the north side of Sumatera there’s Benggala Bay, Malaka Strait in the east. Sunda Strait in the south side, and Hindian Ocean in the west. In the east side of Sumatera, there are many rivers, the big ones such as Musi and Ogan. Check those rivers if you want. However, in the west side of this Island, lies Bukit Barisan Mountains. Stretching from the northwest to the southeast with a length of approximately 1500 km.

Along the hills, there are dozens of of mountains, both inactive and active volcanoes. Those are Geureudong (Aceh), Sinabung (North Sumatra), Marapi and Talang (West Sumatra). On the island of Sumatra there are also several lakes, including Lake Laut Tawar (Aceh), and Lake Toba.

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Many many spots you can visit here in Sumatera, but this time we focusing on the absolute beauty of the beaches of Sumatera. We’re focusing on 3 main provinces here, North Sumatera, West Sumatera, and South Sumatera. Ok, lets go to the first one.

Beaches in North Sumatra

One of many provinces in Sumatera. Located between Malaka Strait and Hindian Ocean. Also, this province is famous by its Toba Lake, ever heard of it?. Its actually the most famous lake in Indonesia, beside the beautiful view there’s also a legendary myth that people in Indonesia already know about it. Okay, before taking too long, let’s go straight to the beaches :

1. Kahona Beaches

Woah, look at those coconut trees. In this beach, you can see them almost everywhere. This beach is located in Andam Dewi, North Sumatera. Actually this beach isn’t well known by many people, but its’s still really good beach to visit. Beside enjoying the view of coconut tress, you can also relaxing by sitting under a coconut tree and look at the calm wave this beach provided. Sadly, the facilities ain’t pretty good, because this beach ain’t oftenly crowded by people. It’s a good thing right? because the environment is still very natural. The location of Kahona  beach is about 80km from Pandan City which is the capital city of Central Tapanuli.

Well, because the place is very natural, any man hadn’t change the road. The road is isn’t really good at all, and bringing unique challenge for you, and your vehicle. Beside, the bad road access, you can still enjoy the view for some effort, the price will be pay when you finally stepping your feet in this beautiful beach.

2. Bali Lestari Beach

No, this is not Bali you already know. Well, it’s actually almost the same feels you’ll have when visiting this beach. The sand is white, such as Kuta Beach. Many people gathered here, making some activities like family holiday, or just for gathering. You’ll also find many food stalls around here, eat everything. You also can do Banana Boating or just going around the beach by fishermen boats.

Beside all the thing you’ll get in this beach, Bali Lestari also provide a “Bali Architectural Building” , so you can feel the same experience just like you actually go to Bali. You can take a picture here, and spreading hoax by making a caption, “Finally, i’m going to Bali. Yoohoo”. Still, it’s a good memory you’ll get when visiting this beach, so what are you waiting for?.

3. Romantic Beach (Romance Bay)

If you’re single, its not suggested to go to this beach by yourself, at least have a friend first to accompany you here. Why? Because, you’ll see many couples here, what a “Romantic View” isn’t it?. Like other beaches in Sumatera Indonesia, the road access to this beach isn’t good either. Beside that little problem, things you’ get in here are very nice.

This place offers two packages. Standard Package is is consist of free enter also free snack and drink. The other package is offering better stuff than the standard, but you must  go there at least by two persons (That’s why its recommended for you to bring your lover or friend). This “Special Package” offers a free entry ticket, free drink and snack, also free entry to those huts. Yes, there are also some hut you can go, to relax and chill while enjoying the view of this beach.

Better go here with you lover, and sitting together in a hut while enjoying the sunset..and then, you know what’s going to happen.

4. Mangrove Beach

In this beach, the other thing you can do is of course visiting those mangrove forest. This beach is actually filled with many tourist, either domestic or even international. Also, this place is oftenly visit by elementary or junior high school students, in order to study the beach and also the mangrove forest.

To go to this place, you must be patient enough because it’ll take about 1,5  until 2 hours from Medan City. But don’t worry, the road access is pretty good for your vehicle. Beside the road access, this place also provided some good facilities. Thus, you can enjoy two spots in one go, so come here quickly!

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5. Sri Mersing Beach

This beach is located in Kuala Lama, Serdang Bedagai, North Sumatera. This beach is also wonderful though, almost as beautiful as those well known beaches. It also has the advantage of clean white sand beach, and cool atmosphere provided by cypress trees neatly lined at the edge of the beach. Sri Mersing is fortunately well managed, proved by the cleanliness of this place. In addition, there are also places or cafes that will sell foods for you.

Another facility on the beach is the Mushalla to pray for Muslims. Well, for all of you who want to take a holiday and want to relax on this beach, there is no harm in trying to enjoy a holiday in Sri Mersing Beach.

6. Bosur Beach

Kahona Beach is the formerly name of this beach, but now has changed to Bosur Beach. Bosur’s own name is derived from the name of the Regent and Vice Regent of Central Tapanuli named Bonaran and Sukran. The facilities and infrastructure are pretty neat in here.Never underestimate Bosur Beach  because its as good as the well known Pandan Beach.

Bosur beach also has  a restaurant with a variety of delicious culinary you can try, there are also family playground, and souvenir sellers. Don’t forget to visit this beach, because you can miss all the enjoyment.

7. Paris Beach

This beach location has not been long developed into a tourist attraction, but directly invaded by citizens who come from many other locations such as Pematang Siantar and Simalungun. In the end of December 2015, at least 500 visitors are enjoying holiday on this beach.  The very good thing is, the entry ticket is totally free, so you can enter here without worry.

Payment will be added though if you want to take rent the bungalow or do banana boat rides. Well, this is the perfect place if you want to enjoy total happiness without even paying anything.

8. Cemara Kembar Beach

Since it opened on July 17 2015, Cemara Kembar Beach which the location is Jalan ATP no. 15, Sei Nagalawan Village, Perbaungan, Serdang Bedagai are busy discussed in social media like Facebook and Kaskus. Especially in Medan and North Sumatra communities. There are also some online media write the beauty and uniqueness of the Cemara Kembar Beach.

This beach is well known about its cleanliness, plus the relaxing atmosphere you can get here. What a great place to relax.

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9. Kuala Putri Beach

This is one of many beaches fit for you who have a low budget. Location Kuala Putri Beach itself is located in Serdang Berdagai , 2 hours drive from Medan City. The place does seem normal compared to the other beaches. But this beach has a rarely visited shore. Still then, it’s such a beautiful beach.

The absence of the usual huts provided precisely make the coast more natural, plus the mangrove trees and pines will adding to the exotic impression of this beach. A must visit beach for nature lover.

10Pandan Beach

Here come’s the most famous beach in North Sumatera. Pandan beach is located in Sibolga , precisely in Pandan Village, Central Tapanuli, North sumatera. Unlike the other beaches, the water on the beach is quite clear. The white sand beach stretches from east to west side. The waves on this beach are not too big, so it is safe for kids. While on this beach, you will see a vast expanse of the ocean, so sitting on the beach becomes a must thing to do here and also feel the cool sea breeze.

On the beach there are also many shady trees and huts for resting places. There also some food stalls here, so you can enjoy your meal while feeling the sea breeze. A perfect place, and an absolutely must visit Beach in North Sumatra.

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Yes, finally we clear the first province. Now it’s time for the second one. Prepare your body, let’s go !

Beaches in West Sumatra

West Province of Sumatera also has some of wonderful beaches, maybe your favorite will be in this province. The famous beaches are mostly exist in West Sumatera, so it’s a perfect location to visit, for you who really like to enjoy the beach. Without further notice, these are beaches in Sumatra Indonesia you can visit in this province:

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[toggle title=”1. Pasir Jambak Beach” state=”opened”]

Many beautiful beaches are located not far from Padang City and because of that the beaches in the area is often  be a destination for tourists who are in West Sumatra. One of them is Pasir Jambak Beach. Pasir Jambak Beach is known for its natural beauty that makes the beach visitors really enjoy and comfortable while being here. Pasir Jambak Beach is also a coastal tourist destination that is a prima donna for pedestrians.

The beach is just 17 km from downtown Padang. So the journey is short enough to be able to enjoy the beauty of Pasir Jambak beach. Many activities that visitors can do while in the Pasir Jambak Beach such as,  swimming activities, sunbathing, playing ball with colleagues on white sand, and rent a boat to sail the ocean.

By late afternoon, visitors can also enjoy the beauty of sunset from Pasir Jambak beach. The sky-blue sights fade with the sun’s lights begin to drown by refracting orange colour in the clouds that blocks the light making the scene very exotic and romantic enough to enjoy both with your partner. Enjoying the view of the coast of will also be completed with a dish that is available in this beach.

Many  restaurant serve seafood dishes in here. Likewise, restaurants in Pasir Jambak beach area offer seafood dishes with typical Padang Bukit Tinggi seasoning so it’ll makes the taste to be quite unique and feels different from the usual restaurants that are widely available in other areas. The attractions of Pasir Jambak Beach can be a very good recommendation for you to visit in your holiday with your family or colleagues.

[toggle title=”2. Batu Kalang Beach“]

Batu Kalang Beach can be a greati holiday destination in West Sumatra. Not only because this one beach has beautiful scenery. But also because this beach could be an alternative to the beach-style Laskar Pelangi that can be found in Bangka Belitung. Many travelers call Batu Kalang Beach as Bangka Belitung from West Sumatra. Moreover, this beach has large rocks on the beach that is very similar to the atmosphere of the beach in the movie Laskar Pelangi.

In addition, the location is in the South Pesisir District, you can also visiting this place to be used as a stopover while traveling to Padang. This beach is also a beach that entered the area of ​​the National Maritime Tourism Area (KWBTN) Mandeh. Because the beach is within the tourist area, the traveler must pay a ticket for 5 thousand rupiah per person to get there. Cheap enough isn’t it?. What a great experience you’ll have when visiting this beach.

[toggle title=”3. Caroline Beach“]

Caroline Beach Padang or also known as Teluk Bungus Beach is another proof of natural beauty in West Sumatra. This beach was once known as a private beach. But now Caroline Beach has turned into a tourist destination oftenly visited by tourists. In addition to having a unique coastline, Caroline Beach also has an attractive charm for tourists.

The white sand on the beach is interspersed with the presence of  trees surround it . Not only that, if you come to this place in a sunny weather, the traveler will be able to watch the waves which interesting to look at. This is the first must visit beach in West Sumatera.

[toggle title=”4. Sako Beach“]

Padang City turned out to have a beautiful place that people rarely know, Sako Beach. Perfect for a picnic destination during the weekend. This beach is not managed by the Padang City Government and is privately managed. Local resident found this beach. Sako Beach opened on May 11, 2011 and has an official business license.

However, Sako beach is indeed suitable for family tourism destinations while doing picnics because it is very quiet and comfortable to play for children


[toggle title=”5. Gandoriah Beach“]

This beach is famous for the beauty of the beach, so no wonder this beach is always crowded by the tourists who visit it every day. Especially during holidays, the area of ​​Gandoriah Beach attraction is almost full with visitors. Another attraction of Gandoriah Beach is you can freely enjoy the coastline, either by using two-wheeled vehicles, four wheels, or on foot.

Hospitality, laughter and greetings from food traders around Gandoriah also increasing  the atmosphere of the crowd around Gandoriah Beach tourist attraction. This is a perfect tourists attractions to enjoy with your whole family.

[toggle title=”6. Sumedang Indah Beach“]

Sumedang Beach is in the location of  Ranah Pesisir sub-district, South Pesisir regency, West Sumatera. Located 71 km from Painan City, this beach is very beautiful. Many overgrown trees and this beach has been equipped with  games for children.

Sumedang Beach also becoming one of the tourist destinations for many people from a number of areas around. You can enjoy the view and also the funny laughter of the children here, so what are you waiting for?.

[toggle title=”7. Nirvana Beach“]

This beach is very special because you’ll get some unique views from this beach. From Nirvana Beach you can see the ships, either passenger ships or merchant ships that will leaning on the Bayur Bay port. At dusk, the beauty of Nirwana Beach is no less fascinating as during the day.

The lights that light up in Bayur Bay port look very beautiful and make the atmosphere in the beach area to be very romantic. What a perfect place for you and your lover.

[toggle title=”8. Tiku Beach“]

Agam regency in West Sumatra has Tiku Beach which is somewhat missed from the attention of tourists. Yet the scenery is okay with all the activities of fishermen. At Tiku Beach, grew a row of sea pine trees. Under the tall pine trees, the street vendors opened their stalls. Unfortunately,  Tiku Beach looks untouched neatly as a tourist attraction. Shrubs are seen there.

There are no facilities on the island, also no water sports rides. Beside of that, you can see the unique view of the people of Agam and the beach itself, it’ll be unforgettable experience.

[toggle title=”9. Kasai Beach“]

This white sandy beach and its calm waves is well known in western Sumatra, but most people only know the name, without knowing where the location is. This beautiful  beach is perfect for water play, its clean and has small waves which is an unbearable natural beauty that is second to none. This is truly the hidden diamond in West Sumatera, ready to visit it?.

[toggle title=”10. Carocok Beach“]

The location of Carocok Beach is in the West of Painan City, approximately 2 km from Painan Market. This beach is very famous in West Sumatra and in Indonesia. According to some people, Carocok Beach is no less than the Coast of Kra Peninsula in Malaysia or Sanur Beach in Bali. 

With the beautiful view of the scenery and the cool air, makes you and your family never get bored to visit any tourist attractions in Padang, despite having visited for several times to the same place. Well, Carocok Beach is very beautiful for you and your family, really nice spot.


Well, that’s 2nd region we have finished. Now, last but not least is the last region we’re got to check,  South Sumatera.

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Beaches in South Sumatra

Sadly, there aren’t many beaches you can visit here. But don;t worry, there are several beaches you can also check here. They are beautiful as many beaches in Sumatera, so check these out :

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1. Soulmate Beach (Jodoh Beach)

Jodoh means mate or soulmate. For you who still single, better pray a lot before visiting this beach. Because miracle will come to anybody who lucky enough. In this beach, many many teenagers became a couple. Maybe because the beautiful view to enjoy and also the cool sea breeze that will make you and your partner comfortable. Still, this beach is still a good looking one to visit.

Indeed, the best thing about this Soulmate beach in South Sumatra is you can always get a perfect secen of the sunsets. During evening time, people love to come here to enjoy the sunsets, taking pictures, and also get blow by the beautiful view. Indeed, just like all the best top and beautiful beaches in Sumatra, Indonesia.

2. Supi Beach

The location of this beach is in Ogan ilir, South Sumatra. This place is very cozy and also beautiful. Then, its’s a recommendation for you who visiting South Sumatra, don’t you dare to forget to come here.

That’s it, wonderful and beautiful beaches in Sumatera. Actually, there’s more thing you can explore, and I want you to find it yourself, and make a great experience of it. Careful not to get lost though. Sumatera has many great memories that you’ll find, many of them are maybe beautiful and fun memories. Enjoy your holiday, have a great day!

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