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7 Magnificent Lakes in Sumatra Worth Visiting

by Widiya

Sumatra may appear to be otherworldly for those who have just been to Indonesia’s huge touristy spots and certainly, there are many reasons why you should visit Sumatra. As one of the archipelago’s biggest islands, Sumatra’s travel industry scene covers everything from world-class surfing to historical highlands. 

Its charms are saved for the most wandering spirits who would not fret of a special case in their itinerary lists. Be that as it may, this wonderful island holds places and experiences you cannot discover anywhere else, and those attractions are absolutely worth amending your agenda for. 

Sumatra also has various huge amazing lakes including Lake Toba perhaps the biggest lake in SouthEast Asia. Various lakes in Sumatra were shaped by means of volcanic emissions making craters loaded up with water.

So, here are 7 lakes in Sumatra worth visiting.

  1. Toba Lake
Toba Lake

Toba Lake is not just Indonesia’s greatest lake, but it is also one of its loveliest. Additionally, the biggest volcanic lake on the planet, Toba is encompassed by stunning slopes, precipices, and wildernesses, making each side worth exploring.

There are numerous views around the lake to appreciate, regardless of whether it is the superb stone formation or all-encompassing mountain view. You can likewise dare to Samosir, the beguiling yet historically vivacious island in the lake. 

On the main island of Samosir, you can visit a historical town to find out about customary painstaking work like weaving and see some tremendous good old Batak houses made of wood.

You can explore the Lake Toba district via vehicle or motorbike and on the off chance that you travel up into the mountains, you will discover natural aquifers and dainty towns specked around the beautiful open country.

  1. Gunung Tujuh Lake 
Gunung Tujuh Lake

Gunung Tujuh Lake, situated in Central Sumatra in the area of Jambi, is the most noteworthy lake in SouthEast Asia. It goes for 3.5 hours to stroll up to the lake from the town of Pelompek.

Situated in the Kerinci Seblat National Park, it spreads over a territory of 9.6 km2 and is 40 meters at its most profound. Also, there are wonderful things you can find in Kerinci Seblat National Park

  1. Kerinci Lake 
Kerinci Lake

Kerinci Lake is situated in Central Sumatra in the region of Jambi is 20 kilometers south of Sungai Penuh. Close to the lake, there are stone carvings that are believed to have been cut around 2000 years prior.

The Batu Gong (Gong Stone) is the most known one among the carvings, situated in the town of Muak, 25 kilometers from Sungai Penuh. Kerinci Lake covers a zone of 46 km2 and is 97 meters at its most profound. 

  1. Ranau Lake 
Ranau Lake

It is another case of a lake made by the blast of a spring of gushing lava, making a tremendous caldera. It is situated in the Bukit Barisan mountains in the south-western corner of South Sumatra.

It is about 300 kilometers or eight hours from Palembang. The lake covers 125.9 km2 and is 229 meters at its most profound. 

  1. Di Atas Lake and Di Bawah Lake 
Di Atas Lake and Di Bawah Lake

Di Atas Lake and Di Bawah Lake are two little lakes not a long way from Singkarak Lake and Maninjau Lake. They are known as the Twin Lakes.

Di Bawah Lake in Indonesian actually implies the Lower Lake. It covers and has a zone of 11.2 km2 and goes to a profundity of 309 meters.

Meanwhile, Di Atas Lake, which means Upper Lake, covers and has a territory of 12.3 km2 and 44 meters at its most profound. 

  1. Singkarak Lake
Singkarak Lake

It said that this lake is the greatest lake in Sumatra and the second deepest lake on the island, after Lake Toba. A universe of quiet, stunning vistas and fabulous views wait there.

There, you can grasp the remote natural beauty that Indonesia is so well-known for. Besides, Singkarak Lake is additionally acclaimed for its Bilih fish which is a type of fish that only lives in the lake.

This fish is particularly remarkable as it cannot endure anywhere but Singkarak Lake, not even in an aquarium. At the edge of the lake, there are a couple of eateries and boat rentals to explore the lake.

If you plan to visit this lake, remember to try the local nourishment that is accessible in Singkarak Lake which is Bilih fish. You can appreciate eating Bilih fish while taking a look at the blue water of the lake.

It would be a wonderful experience, especially when you also know what to buy in Sumatra for your friends and family at home.

  1. Marpunga Lake 
Marpunga Lake

It is situated in the Gunung Leuser National Park North Sumatra. It is around a multi-day trek to get to Marpunga Lake, however, there are acceptable odds of seeing a wide range of kinds of natural life including elephants who come to feed at the lake.

So, that is a list of lakes in Sumatra worth visiting. While you are it, check out top beaches in Sumatra, too.

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