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What to Buy In Sumatra? Find 15 Unique Things Here!

by Yoga Adi

When travellng to some areas in the island of Sumatra, of curse we will be treated with a lot of beautiful things like the ones in things to do in Northern Sumatra. Beside that specific area, there are some areas that have a lot of hiddent things for us to discover. And all of them also included in some of our own articles in the site, so please check them out if you interested.

One of the things is the souvenir. Yep, you can get the best price possible by buying some merchandise at their own store. In previous session we talked about what to buy in Yogyakarta Indonesia. But now, remembering that we travelling to Sumatra, we want to tell you about what to buy in Sumatra, the unique and special goods to buy in the land of Sumatra. And also, we included our small list as usual, contains a lot of dishes or snacks that you can get whe visiting the land of Sumatra. So here they are :

1. Batik Bolu (Sponge Cake)

The first thing you should get upon arriving at Sumatra is the Batik Bolu. Bolu is Indonesian for Sponge Cake, that has the soft and also creamy taste when putted inside our mouth. But, this is the different type of Bolu. This Bolu os decorated with so any motives of Batik.

The motives resemble well the colour and the form of a Batik. You can get the black Batik, or maybe try the different colour of a Batik on your cake. The taste is so deliciou and yet the physical form of it is really unique.

  • Where to Buy : Cake Shop, Souvenir Shop
  • Average Price : Rp75.000,-

2. Songket

Next thing to get in here, included in what to buy in Sumatra is the Songket. Songket is the traditional clothe of Sumatra that really catching those eyes of the tourists. So many people love it and usually bring one of them as a souvenir or as a wear.

By the difficult process of making it, not some usual people can actually make it real good. The good Songkets are the ones that made from the traditional tools. And those things are not commonly found in these days.

  • Where to Buy : Souvenir Shop, Clothing Shop
  • Average Price : Rp150.000,-

3. Saluang

At the third place, we want to introduce you to the instrument of Sumatran music called Saluang. Serves as a flute, this Saluang usually used in some of the ceremonies, or maybe the dances for attraction spot.

Basically it’s operated just lke the flute, which is blow it up with some kind of easy blow. The sound of it is really unique, almost sounded like the flute instrument of Ponorogo, that played during the dances of Reog and the others.

  • Where to Buy : Souvenir Shoup, Traditional Instrument SHop
  • Average Price : Rp100.000,-

4. Ampiang Dadiah

The next one is the Ampiang Dadah, one of thetraditional snacks or foods in the Sumatra island. Many people refer this as the traditonal yogurt of Sumatra. The taste of it is a little bit sweet but has aslo has sour taste, just like the taste of togurt.

It made from the cows milk, just like the usual process of making a Yogurt. But, the things is the Sumatra people add the special igredient into this yogurt, making it more good and a little bit different from the other modern yogurt out there. You can find many of these in things to do in South Sumatra,

  • Where to Buy : Some street vendors
  • Average Price : Rp12.000,-

5. Rendang

If what to buy in Bandung Indonesia has something special that resembles Bandung, Sumatra also has something that really familiar in the people’s ears, a very traditional dish called Rendang. Who doesn’t love Rendang. This Padang food is everyone’s favorite.

Even people in the world call this as the most delicious food in all earth, in the year of 2016 and 2017. You should try this very special meal too when you visit its original area. With paying some little price, you can get the best food.

  • Where to Buy : Restaurants, small stalls near the main road
  • Average Price : Rp15.000,- 

6. Mukena Kerancang

The next one is the Mukena with unique motives of Sumatra called Mukena Kerancang. First thing first, Mukena is the thing that the women wear during praying in Islam, to cover their body (or Aurat) from the men.

Even though it has the same white colpur as the usual Mukena, this Kerancang Mukena has some different motives of flower and the other things on it. You can notice it easuly by looking how beautiful it is.

  • Where to Buy : Souvenir Shop, Clothing Store
  • Average Price : Rp25.000,-

Beside buying those otehr six things included in what to buy in Sumatra above, as usual we want to tell you some more of them in the small list below. But you can notice, the list is mainly filled with so many kinds of food and snack. So here they are :

  1. Randang Bread, the traditional bread of Sumatra
  2. Karak Kaliang, the little yellow snacks
  3. Kerupuk Jangek, Sumatran Kerupuk
  4. The Fried Egg Rendang, an egg snack completed with the Rendang spices
  5. Sanjai, the most spicy snack in here
  6. Galamai, the one that looks like a dodol
  7. Rendang Suir Ayam, same as the fried eg, but with the main ingredient of chicken meats
  8. Keripik Balado, also the spicy snack
  9. Kipas Kacang, a small meal that made from nuts

That’s our topic for today, what to buy in Sumatra. Like you lnew already, Sumatra is really perfect holiday spot if you looking for some pleasures. So you should move on from the island of Bali only, becuase Sumatra also has wonderful beaches in Sumatra. With all the things that you can explore, your journey will be much greater.

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