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Where to Buy Fresh Pork in Jakarta – Meat Stores and Restaurants

by Yoga Adi

So, during a time like this, usually, the price of basically anything is lower. That’s why many people would consider this opportunity as a chance to go shopping for their favorite things. For example, many malls around Indonesia like largest shopping malls in Indonesiaare selling some stuff at a very low price. Of course, because of this, places like malls and fashion outlets are very crowded this time of year.

However, we want to tell you where to buy some things that maybe you need in this month of December. Starting from now on, we’re going to tell you about the locations of those interesting things. For now, we want to tell you about where to buy fresh pork in Jakarta. As you may know already, you can find this nonhalal food in some restaurants in your city, for example in some places inside the list of restaurants in Grand Indonesia. But, if you want to cook the meats yourself, you can go to the traditional markets around the city of Jakarta to by one. That’s why we’ll tell you about the meat stores and also the restaurants in the second section in where to find pork in Jakarta in this article. So, if you want to find them, here are the places for you :

1 – Indoguna Meatshop

Of course, the best places to buy fresh park meat are at the malls and traditional markets. But in this article, we’re gonna provide you with both places that can sell you the fresh pork meat and also serve you the foods made out of pork. They are delicious and really practical, especially for the people who live in such a busy city like Jakarta.

As the first place to answer where to buy fresh pork in Jakarta, we want to introduce you to a place named Indoguna Meat Shop. As you may know already, this shop sells the customers with all kinds of meat such as chicken, fish, pork, and many others. Aside from ordering the fresh meat, you can also order the meals.

Location : Cipaku street number 11, Senopati, Jakarta

2 – Goodwins Butchery

Aside from the best japanese restaurants in Grand Indonesia, you can find a place for pork hunting, like Goodwins Butchery for example. The store is located at Pribadi street 3 number 95, Cinere, Depok city. It’s a house of meats that first established back in 2008. Until now, this place has very good reviews from many customers.

Even though it’s not as big as the other meat stores, remembering that this is a family businesss, the store surprisingly has the best quality in service and products. The GoodwinsButchery can sell you the sausages, the raw meats, and also the processed meats. It also has very good pork meats such as smoked ham and pork chops.

Location : Pribadi 3 street number 95, Andara Raya, Pangkalan Jati Baru

3 – Kapuk Butchery

For more cheaper price, you can always visit the butchery that usually located inside traditional markets. They can sell you with various meats, including the pork, with much less expensive price as possible.

For example, you can visit a place named Kapuk Butcher in Cengkareng. This meat cutting house is actually the supplier for most areas in Jakarta city. Usually during special times a New Year, Christmas, and Year End the order is always greatly increasing.

Location : Peternakan Raya street number 118, Kapuk, Cengkareng

4 – Senen Market

Other than best restaurants in Plaza Indonesia, you can visit the famous Pasar Senen that also included inside where to buy fresh pork in Jakarta. As one of many popular markets in Jakarta, it’s very easy to find the meat sellers that can sell you fresh pork.

In the Senen Market, you should find the meat seller that has the pork right in the middle of the market. Of course, the price would be much lower than the price in many restaurants around Jakarta. Aside from the fresh meat, you can also buy the baked pork.

Location : Senen Raya street, Jakarta

5 – Bendungan Hilir Market

The next market aside from the Senen Market above is Bendungan Hilir Market. The market has about 10thousand square meters. During the day, the market usually becomes usual market where you can find a lot of things.

But in the night, you can find only vegetable sellers hanging around in the market. For the pork, it’s best to come here early in the morning because it’s still very fresh. And usually, the meats will be sold shortly. 

Location : Bendungan Hilir number 1, Tanah Abang, Central Jakarta

6 – Raja Boga Online Store

After seeing the what to eat in Jakarta, the next place you should see in “where to buy fresh pork in Jakarta” is Raja Boga. Because this is an online store, you don’t need to go out of your house. You just need to lay down and see the store directly right from your phone.

Aside from serving the fresh meats in Jakarta city, Raja Boga can also distribute the meats to other cities such as Bandung, Surabaya, Solo, and basically all areas in Java island plusBali. You can order by contacting 0812-4686-1251.

Location : Jakarta city

After telling you about the locations in this article of where to buy fresh pork in Jakarta, we can agree that finding pork in a city like Jakarta is actually not that hard. On the section below, we prepared numbers of restaurant that can serve you with the best meals of pork. For example, you can also find the pork foods in some places such as :

1. Johan Restaurant

2. Krekot Restaurant

3. Buana 94 Pork Satay

4. The Fat Pig

5. Pig Hunter

6. Pork Bowl

7. Ko Made Grilled Pork

8. Pokenbir

9. Porky Brothers

So that’s the article about where to buy fresh pork. Remember that this is not a halal ingredient, so for all Muslims out there, they are actually forbidden to eat. Aside from them, the people who eat the pork can getsome useful benefits from it such as highprotein, phosphor, calcium, preventinganemia, and also maintain healthy skin. The fat is also used for vaccines, like polio vaccine for example.

Hunting Pork in Pasar Senen

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