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List of The Best Restaurants in Plaza Indonesia

by Yoga Adi

Like you may know already, the capital city of Indonesia is Jakarta city. The city has so many things to offer like parks, modern attractions, and of course some malls like things to do in Mall of Indonesia to support its people. And if we talking about the malls in this city, there’s actually so many of them. Remembering that Jakarta city is included as a  metropolitan city, it’s a usual thing to find lines of mall along the road.

In those malls, you can see some interesting things in the forms of restaurants, cafes, and also the other hangout spots. In this article, we want to tell you about the second one, the restaurant. We’re going to one fanciest mall in Jakarta city beside list of largest shopping malls in Indonesia called Plaza Indonesia. In this particular spot, we include some of the best restaurants in Plaza Indonesia, such as :

1. Taste Paradise

Do you want to feel a little paradise at this Plaza Indonesia ? Surely you can get one by visiting the Taste Paradise. This place is indeed filled with all the heavenly taste you can try. It’s located on the 4th floor of Plaza Indonesia, in the Southern Gate area. This one is a great chinese restaurant, even though it looks a little bit small from the outside, it’s actually quite wide on the inside.

Beside having a fairly large space, the Taste Paradise restaurant is also having elegant interior. Some menus in here are also pretty exclusive. You can’t even find them in the other restaurants in the Plaza, even in the city. You can choose the meals like the Shark Fins Soup, that served with a thick brownish soup.

  • Location : South Gate, 4th floor
  • Average Price (for two) :Rp200.000,-

2. KHUNG Restaurant

The next restaurant in the best restaurant in Plaza Indonesia is KHUNG restaurant. Like in the other malls located in other areas like best rooftop bars and sky lounges in Jakarta, Plaza Indonesia also has some of best Asian restaurants, like this one. KHUNG is like the specialist of Asian meals. In here, you can choose some of its best foods like Hong Kong Duck Noodles.

That particular noodle is the signature dish of this restaurant. The noodles are chewy, easy to swallow, and the duck meats are also  very tender. Eating all the Asian foods inside a beautifully decorated restaurant is a wonderful experience. They also have variants of cocktail available to pick. What a truly gem of Plaza Indonesia.

  • Location : Level I West Lobby
  • Average Price (for two) :Rp450.000,-

3. Bam ! Tapas Sake Bar

Moving from tha Asian restaurant named KHUNG, we’re going to the next one called Bam! Tapas Sake Bar. With its name, you can already guess what kind of foods this restaurant will offer to you. The combination between Japanese and Spanish culinary is the thing that you can find inside this unique restaurant located in Plaza Indonesia. It also looks as great as the restaurants in romantic garden restaurants in Jakarta.

There’s one dish called Black Paeall of Squid Link, which is surprisingly amazing. Beside the fresh taste because of prawns inside it, the servings of basically any food in here are quite instagrammable. So, you can fill your feeds with wonderful meals this place has. Beside that, there’s also Banana Rum with anglaise cream sauce.

  • Location : 3rd floor of Plaza Indonesia
  • Average Price (for two) :Rp500.000,-

4. House of Grill et cetera

Nothing as good as Indonesian foods. And in the Plaza Indonesia, you can one place that perfect for that, House of Grill et cetera. This house is like the king of Indonesian restaurant in the plaza. As the name says, if you really like the grills, this place is suitable for you.

In this restaurants, you can find the meat platter that has some kinds of meat you can choose starting from Wagyu Sirloin, Beef Sausage, to the boneles grilled chicken. There’s also some different types of sambal for them.

  • Location : 5th floor of Plaza Indonesia
  • Average Price (for two) :Rp400.000,-

5. Bistro Baron

Looking at the size of foods that served in this restaurant, you can expect that your tummy can be filled in no time. Let’s come to the Bistro Baron, a place where you can hangout with your friends, family, even love one to enjoy its delicious foods.

If you come with your party, then there’s a menu called Cote De Beouf. With its gigantic size, all your friends can treat themself with a wonderful taste of meats. There’s also a 1kg of Black Angus Beef Rib that served with three kinds of side dish. You can also choose some sauces for it.

  • Location : 1st floor of Plaza Indonesia
  • Average Price (for two) :Rp500.000,-

6. La Moda Restaurant

We entering the month of September now. There’s some rains going on several days in a week. To prevent yourself from sickness, you need to give yourself a little healer in a form of tea or coffee which can warm your body.

You can come to a restaurant called La Moda Restaurant, a place where you can restore your boyd with its large collections of tea, coffee, and cakes. There’s some packages in here that you can pick, especially  the all you can eat one. The size of meals in here are made smaller, so they can eat all of them if you able to do it. 

  • Location : 1st floor of Plaza Indonesia
  • Average Price (for two) :Rp480.000,-

7. The Immigrant Dining Room

Beside the interesting things in Jakarta restaurants with outdoor seating, inside Plaza Indonesia you can also find another good restaurant called The Immigrant Dining room. So what’s inside this Immigrant restaurant? The answer is some refreshment like beer and whiskey.

Although the restaurant was designed to be a bar, but you can also order the big meals like Grilled Italian Veal Sausage.  If you prefer something different from that food, you can order one beautiful meal called Shallot Dressing.

  • Location : 6th floor
  • Average Price (for two) :Rp450.000,-

Beside the place mentioned above, of course there’s some other best restaurants in Plaza Indonesia that you could try. All of them are included in the list we prepared below :

  1. Haagen Dazs
  2. Publik Matkette
  3. The Grand Duck King
  4. Benedict
  5. Seribu Rasa
  6. Eight Treasures
  7. OKU
  8. Signatures Restaurant
  9. Altitude Grill

So that’s our topic about the best restaurants in Plaza Indonesia. With all of their specialities, they are always worth visiting. Plaza Indonesia prove itself once again to be one of the best malls in Jakarta with all the stuff contained within.

Taste Paradise Restaurant

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