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Best Japanese Restaurants in Grand Indonesia

by Yoga Adi

So on the previous articles we talked a lot of things about the restaurants in some big cities like Jakarta or Surabaya. We introduced you some of the best chinese restaurants and also best restaurants in Solo Indonesia. All of them are great and wonderful, so you just need to pick one that really suit you to become your favorite.

Now, we want to tell you about some best Japanese restaurants in certain mall in Jakarta, the Grand Indonesia. Inside this fancy mall, you can find restaurants that look as great as their service. There’s too many of them actually, it’s a bit confusing to choose one from them. So we here to help you by giving the information about the restaurant beside cheap Indian restaurants in Jakarta, which is the best Japanese restaurants in Grand Indonesia.

1. Kokoro Mazesoba

The first one on the article of the best japanese restaurants in Grand Indonesia mall of Jakarta city is the Kokoro Mazesoba. This restaurant is located on the 5th floor of the mall. For anyone who would love to enjoy a bowl of Soba in such a cozy place, please come to the Kokor Mazesoba to get the beautiful experience of tasting those amazing sobas.

In this place, you can order some stuff like Zenbu Nose Maze Soba. So what’s in it? Inside a bowl of that zoba, you can get so many things like chicken meat or pork (you can pick one), and then completed with nori, and tamago or egg. The egg that added in here is the raw one, to creates the stimulating creamy taste in your soba.

  • Location : 5th floor, West Mall
  • Average Price (for two) : Rp250.000,-

2. Coco Ichibanya Curry

The next restaurant that also as great as best chinese restaurants in Surabaya is the Coco Ichibanya Curry. If the place above is suitable for everyone who loves Soba, then this place is really good one for people who want to taste a good taste of Japanese curry. The Japanese curry here is served with many toppings that you can choose.

The taste of them are making you to not stop eating them. You’ll wanted more and more of them and ended up ordering bunch of curry. There’s a special dish that you can order, which is the Chicken Cutlet Ommelette Curry, which is a curry with fried chicken meats, egg, and also a delicious and thick curry soup. It’s also added with some shrimp on the top.

  • Location : 3A floor, West Mall
  • Average Price : Rp260.000,-

3. Genki Sushi

The name of Genki Sushi is already familiar for basically everyone that loves to eat Japanese foods, especially in the area of Grand Indonesia mall Jakarta. The place is like an oasis to eat bunch of sushi. This restaurant always has an interesting concept that putted on the decorations and its beautiful meals. So visiting this Genki Sushi is very worth it.

In here, everything is automatic. You can order your own favorite sushi by using tablet on your table. Then not long after that sushi you ordered finally comes. Because of its self service system, many people would love to spend some more time in here to try some sushi it has. The size is also not that big, so you can order some more to fill your stomach.

  • Location : 2nd floor, West Mall
  • Average Price : Rp250.000,-

4. Marugame Udon

And the next best Japanese restaurants in Grand Indonesia Jakarta that look as good as best restaurants in Plaza Indonesia is Muragame Udon. If you think that Ramen is too mainstream nowadays, you can switch to the other Japanese meal called Udon.

And the best place to taste it in this mall is Marugame Udon, which located on the 3A floor. Udon in this restaurant is thick and soft, then completed with a tasteful soup that has intresting taste and smell. You should try the Carbonara Udon, one of their best Udon.

  • Location : 3A floor, West Mall
  • Average Price : Rp120.000,-

5. Itacho Sushi

Beside Genki Sushi, you can also go to the next restaurant if you want to try different atmosphere. You can visit the 3A floor of the mall and finding a restaurant named Itacho Sushi. In the city of Jakrta, there’s only one outlet of Itachi Sushi, which located only in Grand Indonesia.

Many reviews say that this restaurant still have very authentic meals. And yes, all of them are true. If you want to prove it, you should try the recommended Tuna and Crab Stick Roll. It taste will always spoil you each time you have it.

  • Location : 3A floor, Sky Bridge
  • Average Price : Rp250.000,-

6. Tokyo Belly

Is this a party or what? Tokyo Belly has a very interesting looking that maybe crowder than best restaurants in Garut with all of its decorations on the ceiling. Visiting Tokyo Belly is like visiting a certain festival in Japan like Omatsuri.

You can almost all the popular Japanese foods in this restaurant. So, you can get the stuff like ramen, sashimi, sushi, and even tempura. The price is also very affordable, especially for couples who want to enjoy great choices of Japanese foods. 

  • Location : 3A floor, West Mall
  • Average Price : Rp200.000,-

7. Shaburi Shabu Shabu

If you happen to have a big party with you like some friends or family members, you can take them to one popular that must be included inside the best Japanese restaurants in Grand Indonesia, called Shaburi Shabu Shabu.

The package of All You Can Eat will always spoil everyone who visits this restaurant. They serve a very delicious meat called Tasty Beef. Sure it’s tasty, but it also affordable. The beef is melting once you’re chewing it.

  • Location : 3A floor, West Mall
  • Average Price : Rp600.000,-

Aside from the seven best Japanese restaurants in Grand Indonesia above, here’s the other places that also great to visit :

  1. Yamatoten Abura Soba
  2. Sushi Groove
  3. Suntiang
  4. Sushi Kiosk
  5. Sushi Tei
  6. Ootoya
  7. Shabu Shabu House Grand
  8. En Japanese Dining
  9. Yoshinoya

So that’s the list of the best Japanese restaurants in Grand Indonesia Mall of Jakarta. Hope you can choose them wisely to become your favortite place to eat Japanese meals. Have a great fun !

Shaburi Shabu Shabu – All You Can Eat !

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