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The Tanjung Lesung Beach Club in Banten

by Yoga Adi

So, we meet again on this beautiful day to talk about the attractions in our beloved country, Indonesia. As you may know from our previous articles, we talk about so many things like best holidays near Jakarta, natural attractions such as the lakes, mountains, and also the beach attractions that always inviting more and more people each year.

However, from the best luxury beach resorts in Jakarta that we mentioned earlier, you can see that there are actually some kinds of accommodation that you can pick, starting from the hotels, resorts, and also the beach clubs. In this article, we’re gonna tell you about the last one, which is the beach club. A beach club is basically a created urban environment that combining beach, seatings, and umbrella elements. Aside from that, like the addition of bar is completely optional. Aside from the international beach clubs, the people in Indonesia can also enjoy their own beach club in one of the best place called Tanjung Lesung Beach Club.

What is Tanjung Lesung Beach Club 

So after telling you about what the beach club is, now we tell you straight to the Tanjung Lesung Beach Club itself. If you ask traveler or maybe backpacker about the most famous beach club in the country, some of them would prefer Bali island. Of course with the existence of its beaches in Indonesia possible to create is completely environment that can attract people, especially foreign tourists. After enjoying all the hidden places to stay in Bali , they can rest and have some fun at the nearest beach club. 

However, for the people who want to have a good experience of a beach club in Java island, they can visit the Tanjung Lesung Beach Club. The place can offer much less expensive price both for travel and accommodation expense. The place is indeed developed very nice to be a great place for family vacation. So, people of all age can enjoy the place freely without any hesitation. So, if you’re interested enough to visit it, you need to know where’s the location of this Tanjung Lesung Beach. You can see the information right in the location section below

The Location

The most important part of this article is, of course, the location of Tanjung Lesung Beach Club. It’s located in Banten, an area that famous for its marine tourism activities in Banten. The beach itself is actually insidePandeglang, Banten, which is the western side of Java island. Tanjung Lesungwas undeveloped for about 20 years before the government made it be the special economic zone (SEZ) in tourism.

Location of this beach is actually really close to the Ujung Kulon area. To reach Banten, it’s actually very easy, even though you live in a city like Jakarta. From Jakarta, the trip is about 180 km, and you need more than 4 hours. Even though it’s a long time, but usually the road is not that crowded, even you can find less traffic jam than in Jakarta.

To gain access to the Tanjung Lesung beach, the visitors need to pay for about Rp25.000 in weekdays. At the weekend, the price is more expensive, Rp40.000,-. You also need to prepare for parking expense, which is only Rp5.000,- per vehicle. So in total, to get all the things inside the Tanjung Lesung basically the cost isRp45.000,-, very affordable, right?

If you’re departing from Jakarta, you can go through two different ways. The first one is takingEast Serang toll road, and the other one is via Cilegon. If you take the East Serang route, you need to go for the Serang city and then straight toPandeglang. For the Cilegon route, you can go to Carita and Anyer beach, then go to Lagian and finally end up in Tanjung Lesung beach.

The Benefits You Can Get in Tanjung Lesung Beach Club

People are coming to a place with the certain expectation from it. If the visitors do a little visit to the Tanjung Lesung Beach Club, they can get some benefits. First of all is the location. The location of this TanjungLesung Beach Club is not far from the capital city, and the nearest areas likeTangerang, Bogor, and also Bekasi. So, if you want to visit a particular beach club that exists in some places like Lombok or Bali, you can go to this place instead if you live in Java island.

The second benefit is the strategic location, which is not far from Tanjung Lesung Beach Hotel. People only need to take a little walk to the beach club, just a few minutes from the hotel. After spending the rest of the day, they can just walk back tot heir room without taking any transportation whatsoever.

A very nice environment of Tanjung Lesung beach is the third benefit. The situation around the beach is very similar to the one at the famous attraction, for example on the island of Bali where there’s Pandawa and Sanur beach. Tanjung Lesung is as clean as them, especially after the development.

For the last benefit, the most fun point of the beach club is the activities. A lot of interesting activities can be done here, so the visitors would never get bored. About the activities, we include them all in the section below

Interesting Things You Can Find and Do

Aside from the activities that you can do in the other beaches like things to do in Cilegon Banten such as swimming, snorkeling, and diving, in this Tanjung Lesung Beach Club you can do many other things like Banana boat (for Rp85.000,-), Slider Boat (for Rp85.000,-), Ujung Kulon Excursion (for Rp8,5 million), Jetski (Rp320.000,-), Water Ski(Rp320.000,-), Donut Boat (Rp320.000,-), and also the Krakatao Excursion (Rp7,5million). All of them are of course worth trying, especially the banana boat and jetski. 

Aside from those, you can book a tour package, which consists of the different set of activities starting from 7 am to 9 pm. Between those times, you’ll be treated with wonderful services and things to do, for example, the cocktail games, spearing, snorkeling lessons, fire show, sunset boat trip, and many more.


So, with all the benefits you can get, the Tanjung Lesung Beach Club can be the greatest attraction that located on Java island. People in Jakarta and around it can spend their money in this place instead, saving more money than going to other islands. Expense cost can surely be lesser, while all the fun experience can be much better.

The Tanjung Lesung Beach Club

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