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Exploring The Best Holidays Near Jakarta

by Yoga Adi

Well, as you can you on your calendar, the year-end holiday is finally coming. After a full year working, gaining income every month, we can finally spend it wisely to the traveling activity that you’ll do in some beautiful places like Indonesia, for example, exploring the wonderful locations such as things to do in Baturiti Lombok and the others. Surely they can give you the exact experience of vacationing in such a tropical country like Indonesia.

However, for some people, doing journey to a place that located far away from their location is considered bothersome. Of course, when taking a vacation to some places far, they need to do some serious preparation first, like ordering the hotels or accommodation which is the most important one, booking the attractions, and thinking about the transportation. Fortunately, even in some places, the big cities like Surabaya and Jakarta, they could find the attractions that can really fit them. Some places already mentioned in the best luxury beach resorts in Jakarta, but here’s the rest of them :

1. Kepulauan Seribu / Thousand Islands Jakarta

Aside from the things to do in Cengkareng, you can also find the other best holidays near Jakarta such as the natural attractions that really suitable as a stress reliever, especially if you’re a worker that usually work overtime. Visiting places like them is always so refreshing, especially one of the best natural attractions around Jakarta, the Kepulauan Seribu.

In the island area of Thousand Islands Jakarta, you can find some beautiful islands such as Kelor Island, Onrust Island, Rambut Island, Untung Jawa Island, Cipir Island, and many more. Usually, the tourists would do this thing called Island jumping, hop from one island to another in a short period of time in order to fully explore them within a day or two only.

Location: Sunda Strait, Jakarta

Tips: Many people will tell you that vacationing in this place is very expensive, but nowadays, it’s actually one of the affordable locations around the city.

2. Ocean Dream Sutra

Well, if you ever visited this capital city of Indonesia, you might be told that in the city there’s a famous location called Taman Impian Jaya Ancol. The area is known for having a large variety of family attractions. For example, you can your family can come to the Ocean Dream Sutra just inside the tourism area of Ancol.

The visitors will be amazed by the dolphin performance in the Ocean Dream Samudra. Aside from that, the services can also be enjoyed, such as the culinary spots, praying location, drink kiosk, and even the ice cream seller that placed in some spots around the Ocean Dream Samudra. With all the benefits, it’s indeed one of the best holidays near Jakarta. The entrance ticket is about Rp70.000,-

Location: Taman Impian Jaya Ancol

Tips: You should come early to enjoy all the things in comfortable weather

3. Taman Mini Indonesia Indah

Seeing the things to do in China Town Jakarta you may realize that some places in the city are actually very suitable for family vacation. Almost all of them has this educational aspect that is very useful for the growth of the kids. So they could learn one or more things while playing.

The example of that kind of attraction is this Taman Mini Indonesia Indah. The park brings a very interesting concept in Indonesia. There is even the smaller version of islands in Indonesia such as the Sumatra, Java, Borneo, and the others. As one of the best holidays near Jakarta, the park also has the iconic red castle that usually used for the photo. The entrance ticket is about Rp10.000,-.

Location: Taman Mini Indonesia Indah street, East Jakarta

Tips: If you want to see the castle clearly, you can get in the cable car

4. Dunia Fantasy / Dufan

Still, in the area of Ancol, you can find another theme park that also popular as the family-friendly attraction. For the people of Jakarta or even Indonesia, the name of this place is very familiar because it actually exists from a long time ago.

The name is Dunia Fantasy, or as people call it, Dufan. Visitors can enjoy the different rides that specially provided for the people at all age. For example, the teenagers can try the Tornado, Halilintar, and also Hysteria. The entrance ticket is about Rp110.000,-.

Location: Lodan Timur street number 7, Kota Tua, Ancol

Tips: The family can try different rides like Dufan Glow, Magic of Dufan, and many more.

5. Allianz Geopark

Then, after providing you with the things to do in Kuningan Jakarta, we also want to introduce you to one of the best parks around Jakarta named, Allianz Geopark. As you can see, the busy, pollution-filled city like Jakarta, the people are desperately in need of the green areas. The parks like this Allianz Park finally comes as a solution for them.

The Allianz Geopark should be included inside the best holidays near Jakarta because it has some things to offer, that really useful for the people who live around it. In the park, they can surely find the jogging track, playground, gazebo, canoe, and also the lake that usually used for fishing. You don’t need to pay any entrance ticket though. 

Location: Taman Impian Jaya Ancol, Kota Tua, Ancol

Tips: If you want to have less crowd, come here early in the morning

6. Ancol Art Market / Pasar Seni Ancol

It should be great if you’re also learning a thing about the culture in Jakarta. The Jakarta city is thick with the Betawinese culture that people still have till this very day. You can even see the traditional buildings around the city if you look for them closely.

However, the Ancol Art Market is the place for all the artists not from Jakarta city only but from the other cities as well to display their creations. The visitors can also buy their creations for house decorations and gifts. There’s a show that held routinely, the Jazz Night, on Friday from 7.30 pm to 10.30 pm. The entrance ticket is totally free for everyone.

Location: Taman Impian Jaya Ancol, Lodan Timur street number 7

Tips: Hunting for house decorations is always a good thing to do here

So, aside from providing you with the seven different locations above, as usual, we’ll tell you about the other ones that contain inside the other list right on below to show you that the city of Jakarta actually has some interesting locations for all the tourists.

  1. National Monument / Monas
  2. Ragunan Zoo
  3. Tidung Island
  4. Atlantis Water Adventure
  5. Ocean Ecopark
  6. Bidadari Island
  7. Marina Port
  8. Fatahillah Museum Jakarta
  9. Alive Museum

That’s the article of the best holidays near Jakarta, the capital city of Jakarta. As you can see above, inside the city area you still can find that many attractions, all with different concept, theme, and experience. For all the best experience of vacationing, you can always invite some friends, family members, or the loved one.

The Castle in TMII

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