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4 Historical Places in Tangerang to Boost Your Knowledge

by Widiya
Historical Places in Tangerang

As of late, visits to historical places have expanded hugely because of the astounding advancement of the tourism area. People of numerous nations, the eastern nations, specifically, have impacted tremendously in the travel industry over a couple of years. 

Personal, educational, and religious are the significant elements for spurring these people to visit the historical places. These places are continually bringing an incredible encounter of learning new things. 

Numerous individuals like to visit these places with their children. It is probably because it is useful to help improve their instructive abilities. You might want to know about things to do in Bandung with toddlers.

Fortunately, Tangerang city has some things to accommodate this need. The local people along with the government have worked together to open their verifiable areas for the travelers, which may have brought a tremendous measure of advantages to both vacationer and host country.

So, without further ado, check out a list of historical places in Tangerang down below.

  1. Benteng Heritage Museum 
Historical Places in Tangerang

Benteng Heritage Museum is a legacy site and historical center in Pasar Lama, the old market locale in Tangerang, Banten, Indonesia. Situated close to the stream Cisadane, it is the main Indonesian gallery that features the set of histories and legacy of ethnic Chinese in Indonesia. Speaking of Chinese, here are the best Chinese restaurants in Surabaya.

Preceding its change into a gallery, the first structure was ineffectively kept up and was involved by local Benteng Chinese. Believing that the structure had huge memorable and social worth, a neighborhood business visionary, Udaya Halim, obtained the legacy property in 2009.

All the extra enhancements were based on a careful scholarly investigation of different designs from the same period since no information existed with respect to the historical center’s original appearance. 

  1. Palagan Lengkong Monument 
Historical Places in Tangerang

Palagan Lengkong Monument is a historical place of interest in South Tangerang. Where the development of this landmark celebrates the battle of Major Elias Daniel Mogot as a prayer of a hero who passed on at the clash of Lengkong. 

Major Elias Daniel Mogot’s name is otherwise called Daan Mogot, so the name is currently a well-known road name in the capital. As of not long ago, the Palagan Lengkong landmark is still all around, saved and encompassed by trees and green grass. 

This condition makes the environment around the landmark so cool and excellent that it is great for unwinding and taking some time off. Not only landmarks, but there are also houses left by Japanese fighters who have so far kept up their originality. 

  1. Citra Raya World of Wonders Theme Park 
Historical Places in Tangerang

World of Wonders is an amusement park inside Citra Raya residence in Cikupa, Tangerang. The name alludes to the miniatures of some notorious structures around the planet, for example, Italy’s Pisa Tower, Indonesia’s Borobudur Temple, China’s Forbidden City, San Fransisco’s Golden Gate, and many others. 

There is likewise the sculpture of Nessie the Lochness beast in the lake which is completely laid close to the passageway entryway. There are numerous rides and games you could join.

In the event that you look upward, there are a few bikes on a rail high over the ground. World of Wonders also has a planetarium, though it is not at all like other planetariums since it is actually a tent-shaped dome. 

So, visitors have to remove their shoes outside then go inside the tent and set down. The projector is in the center and shoots to the roof. 

  1. Mosque of a Thousand Doors 
Historical Places in Tangerang

The area is in Bayur Village. Today, it turns into a fascinating travel destination, on account of its mysterious vibe. 

In one way or another, it gives a chilling environment for the individuals who visit and investigate the structure. As the name proposes, the mosque highlights huge loads of windows and entryways. 

In certain pieces of the mosque, you may locate the number 999. As per the attendants, the number addresses the measure of the name of God. 

When you enter the mosque, you may experience bunches of dim back streets. Every one of the rooms comprises a place to pray and it has a particular name. 

Another significant part is the underground which is actually the home of a giant rosary. It highlights 99 giant beads and every one of them addresses the name of God. Also, check out mosques in Indonesia.

So, that is a list of historical places in Tangerang. While you are at it, make sure to also read our other articles about beaches in Tangerang and the best shopping malls in Tangerang.

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